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Something interesting I discovered about simHQ

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I was at HardOCP one day and they had a news story regarding canvas fingerprinting. Here is the article they were referencing. Basically it is a way to "track" whom is using your site without using cookies. It is a sort of  a spying technique and I don't like it.




This brings me to simHQ. Last week I was tring out Tails Live DVD https://tails.boum.org/

and used it to got to simHQ website, well, Tails blocks canvas fingerprinting by sending back a blank canvas to the server that made the request and when I connected to simHQ the browser informed me that it was sending a blank canvas back to simHQ because it tried to use canvas fingerprinting.


I no longer have a membeship at simHQ and is why I posted it here instead of there. Maybe simHQ is not aware they are using addthis' or perhaps it is being used by one of their advertisers.

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Our forum software comes with this as an addon option. I specifically made sure it wasn't even capable of being installed by blocking it. I had read up on it awhile back and didn't like the premise it was built on. They might not even know over there what they've unleashed on their readers.

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