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A Couple Noob Questions

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Hello all


I've just bought WOFF and there's a couple things I need to ask about that I haven't seen in the FAQ.


1. Is there any way to change the FOV in the game? Perhaps I've been spoiled by ROF but I find it to be much too narrow for me.


2. Is there any alternative to the snap view camera, such as mouse look or arrow keys look?


3. Is there any way to set a "default" view. What I mean is if I move the cockpit camera back is there a key or something I could do to keep it there whenever I look back?

Thanks in advance!

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1. No, the WOFF dev's removed the personal FOV settings because it was causing memory crashes in the game.


2. Use your arrow keys on the number pad and it will move your view like your joystick POV.


3. Not that I know of, but some one else may know.

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Thank you for your speedy response! I've done a little experimenting and found that simply zooming out in the cockpit view really helps the FOV issue. Plus I've found a good (if awkward) mouse look mod. I just have a one more question about graphics settings before I get out of your hair. I've been playing a bit and I notice that the anti-aliasing diminishes pretty quickly at not too far distances. I'm using SweetFX with SMAA turned on. Is there anything I have to tweak in there or in game to solve that problem?

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