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World War 2 Battle Ships. PTO.

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methinks you might have missed this:







albeit post 1970s reftit, one just has to ignore the harpoon/tomahawk box launchers, the radio mast on the bow, and open the data ini and REMOVE said ASMs


works fine for me.


Yamato, while nice to have, really didn't to jackshit during the war (much the same as Bismarck and Tirpitz). The other/older classes would be much more handy to have. The DAT has a Kongo in their PTO Mod, along with several cruisers and destroyers. All the others (readily) available are stand-ins; that while "close" aren't exact replicas


Hinchbrook's old semi-functional ships have been updated as much as is possible, given their animation limitations, and are around someplace (read: stand ins??? irrc) in some of the terrain mods.


it all goes back to the few 3d guys having the desire to build WW2 ships ... they're just exceedingly busy with more modern vessels.


we work with what we have

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I'd love to do a Yamato and WW2 Iowa someday. But...


 ... they're just exceedingly busy with more modern vessels.


Wrench took the words outta my mouth. So, maybe someday is all I can tell you.

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