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[Fictional] MiG-29KR Argentine Fulcrum for SF 2

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[Fictional] MiG-29KR Argentine Fulcrum for SF 2

Fictional mod of the MiG-29C; converted to MiG29K by Russouk2004; from The Mirage Factory to make it look like a fictional fighter plane for the Argentine Navy.




1. Drop the folders into your MODS Folder. If asked to overwrite, click yes.





First of all, thanks to TMF for the creation of the MiG-29C; a great model produced there!

Furthermore big thanks to Russouk2004 for the creation of the naval Fulcrum. Really great work on this aircraft.

Also thanks to him for allowing me to upload this mod.


To Spinners for some of the decals I used.


Special credit goes to Oliver Anguille for his effort and hard work. May he rest in peace.




Original readme from Russos MiG-29K is also included.




Mirage Factory..(goes without saying)

FastCargo for the loadouts and help with the folding wing issues I had.and testing.

Fubar is doing an FM...and testing.

thnx to others for advice and references.

Hope this mod will do until we get new models.

Thnx for downloading and enjoy.



Below.....original readme.




SFP1 model


Took part in this project :



3D : Flying Toaster mapping : BPAo

Skins : Sundowner

FM : Kreelin


Cockpit : Mago


Pilot : The Trooper


Effets : BPAo


Test team


Manetsim, Gaston, Sony Tuckson, Actarus, Column5, DamWaar, _Thomas_, Camouflage, USAFMTL, Moonjumper, UF Josse, Typhoid, Jimbib, Crab_02




For any further questions don't hesitate to contact me. Same goes if I forgot something or somebody. In that case I'll change that ASAP.



Have fun!




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