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[Fictional] MDD AV-8J Harrier II

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[Fictional] MDD AV-8J Harrier II

This is a mod of Bobrocks Av-8B+ to make it look like a plane from the japanese air self defense force.


A skin for the 8th Hikotai is included sporting the two-tone blue scheme.




Simply drop the Folders into your Strike Fighters Mods Folder.


You will need WhiteBoySamurai's JASDF Weapon Pack which you get here:




for some of the loadouts.

To enable the plane to take off vertically, you have to adjust the thrust of the four engines by changing the SLThrustDry value from 25000 to at least 33000. But then, the plane will be able to fly more than Mach 1.




Many thanks to bobrock and all the others involved in this great model!

Also special thanks to Brain32 for adapting it to SF2-Standards.






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