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Is there a bullet counter in the cockpit?

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Hi all,


Long time lurker, first time .......


Just got back into the SF2 series and noticed that I can't see a ammunition counter for the aircrafts cannon. How did pilots know the remaining ammunition in real life? is there a mod out there that places an ammunition counter in all the stock aeroplane cockpits?


My second question may ignite a few "use the search function" etc responses, but I've been searching and reading the proceedure for a few days and can't nail it; I've been able to get a few mods to work so know my way around the mods folder and file structure for a windows 7 install. I have a merged install for all of the SF2 titles and when I go into one of them and start a campaign it lists all the campaigns throughout all the titles. Is there a way to have the titles merged but play one of the titles as a standalone? i.e. when playing the Vietnam exe can I have the install so that it only shows the vietnam campaign and aircraft pertaining to that title only?



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Only models that had an ammo counter in real life, will have one in this series.  If the aircraft that you're flying doesn't sport one in-game, chances are that type was not equipped with an ammo counter in real life.


As to your second question, the answer a tentative "yes", tentative in that to achieve what you're asking, it will still require you to edit out those bits that do not belong to that particular title, and may require setting certain folders to "read only", to prevent the game engine from adding aircraft and objects that do not belong in that theater (which it seems to do on its own, with no prompting on the user's part!).

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