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So, since February I've been trying to traduce this game to Catalan, and after a 9 month stop due to RL, I decided to start from scratch. But English and Catalan are quite different, and I'm no programmer, so all I can traduce are the most basic files, such as ACTIVITYLEVEL, etc. So, first, does this game have a official Spanish translation? It would make life much easier. Second, is it legal to do this, actually? I just don't want to traduce half the game and then realise it won't be of any use.

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Catalan? Use english is a more international language.




It is Translating not traducing


Traducing means..... 


"To cause humiliation or disgrace to by making malicious and false statements. See Synonyms at malign"   :bad: 

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Actually, I think that Catalan should be a oficial EU language; it's quite important and is one of the original languages that came from Latin. It's something that I'd love to see and I think that doing it myself could help. Also, I have the Spanish version of SFP1, but most of the necessary lines are missing. Finally, thanks a lot for telling me FRPignon... In Catalan it's "traduïr" so... Guess being all day in front of a PC has taught me yet another thing.

EDIT: Damn, I can't edit my first post. I hope other people understand what I mean.

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