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Hi; I've been a casual player of WoE/Nato Fighters for several years.....I have a few questions and would like if someone can point me in the right directions...


I just upgraded to windows 8.1; anything special I need to do when I install?


I'd like to try the Desert Storm mod but can't seem to make the download link work.....Any special requirements to download it?....


I also have a question about modification of loadout on A-6.....Is it possible to allow the SUU-16 gun pod to be carried on the underwing hard points? I realize this is not a common configuration but when I was a kid-a friend of a friend who served as a mechanic on a carrier in vietnam spoke of a project to mount 2 gun pods along with a pair of Sidewinders next to them for a special mission that may or may not have been flown during the opening stages of linebacker II.....


Also is there anyone who has created a 'downtown' mission based on the movie 'Flight of the Intrudrer'?




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For WOE you'll need DX9, installing it should be enough.


There's a maximum number of downloads for members that don't have the subscription. I don't really know the number, but it resets everyday... I think, anyway. Other than that, there may be a problem with the file, I've never encountered such problems so someone else should come into the rescue.


You can go to Objects/Aircraft, go to the A-6, and edit it's data.ini file. If you've never done it, open it with any text editor, and scroll down until you see "WeaponStation". Someone with the same A-6 you have could provide the exact details, but it's largely the same for every plane. Anyway, once you get to WeaponStation, go to the station you want to edit. Again, I don't know which one, I'd recommend trying it one by one. Add GP to AllowedWeaponClass=, and you should be able to use the SUU-16. You should go to Objects/Weapons to make sure you have it.


I've been in here for 3 years, and I've not seen any mission based on Flight of the Intruder. You can use the Le Misioneur mission editor to make it yourself, or you can simply try to recreate it the best you can with the Single Mission option.


I hope I helped you!

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