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In-game screens for a WW2 SF install

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You may have noticed the RAF pilot image in my posts.


I have made many such gouache portraits and what I can do is work with them in Photoshop, make them brighter and give them an oil-painting look and then use them to make all new in-game screens.


Long ago, I had made some. I remember one where I had a group of RAF pilots in shorts sitting by a tent in the Malayan Emergency era, summer clothes, outside, with a couple of the chaps standing, all looking at you and smiling.


I can do load-out screens or most other types.


I can also use your requests. If, for example, you tell me “I would like a Pilot standing next to a Beaufighter for such-a-type of screen, I can try and do it for you. Endless combinations of composition are possible here—seeing all the theaters of operations.


I have made my own screens for CFS2 as well and used them in my installs of that….


Let me know what you would like, or give me suggestions.


I can start right away,


By the way, the Malayan Emergency RAF operations merit a stand-alone “SF RAF MALAYA” game. It may exist for all I know.. Vampires, Beverleys, S.A. Twin Pioneers, Venoms, Bristol Sycamores, Hunters, Meteors, Douglas Dakotas, Westland Whirlwinds, Avro Lincolns, Mosquitoes, etc..  






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