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Red Side Standard Weapons Pack - Full Beta

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Red Side Standard Weapons Pack - Full Beta




While this pack is still considered Beta, it is a full version. Only 3D graphics and texture improvements are in progress.




Red Side Standard Weapons Pack (RSSW) is a standardized, simplified weapons pack for eastern bloc aircraft ordnance. The pack includes weaponry from a time frame from 1950 to 2000.

The main effort was to provide both users and modders with a stable and well organized collection of on-board weapons. With standardized references, station-specific entries and names there is no need for modders to include weapon files for the aircraft they have made and it is also more easy to construct proper stations and loadout arrangements.

Using multiple reference materials (both english an russian) we tried to fine tune the effectiveness of all the weaponry for satisfactory red-side player game experience while keeping

as much realism as possible. This also provides more challenge playing on the blue side. We did not yet apply general changes to blue side weaponry (like the Rear60 IRM fix) some weapons may appear more capable than their blue side counterparts. Even though RSSW was designed to improve red side player experience and flyable aircraft, we will of course apply these changes to blue side to keep a balance challenge level.

Effectiveness for guided weapons have been tuned to provide realistic hit rate within the proper launch requirements. Because of game limitations, this means some technical parameters and values may be different from real world data.

We kept as much stock reference as we could to provide compatibility with original game standard (Naming, Types, Loadout ID, etc)





- Simplified (reduced) version of Lindr2's SovietBombPack

- The latest 3D models of all Air-to-Air missiles with thoroughly revised characteristics (FM, Guidance, etc)

- Latest and updated 3D models of Air-to-Ground missiles with revised characteristics (FM, Guidance, etc)

- Weapon (and folder) names use common standard for convenience, clarity and simplified looks

- New racks for more realistic loadouts


Important changes:


- IRMs with Rear60 aspect has been reworked with higher Turn G and/or higher Track Rate, to compensate the faulty tracking game logic related to Rear60 seekers.

- R-3/R-13 series missiles has been classified to WP (Warsaw Pact) Attachment type. This was done to help 4th generation aircraft loadouts done for the 80's and 90's.


Future improvements:


- Specific weapons for problematic aircraft loadouts (eg. racks holding rocket pods)

- Revised and standardized guns for on-board and gunpod use

- Patch loadout files for existing non-RSSW compatible planes




Weapon LODs: Lindr2, Krizis, Snailman - Please contact me if I left out someone.






- ru.wikipedia.org

- russian-ships.info

- militaryrussia.ru

- www.airwar.ru

- rbase.new-factoria.ru

- worldweapon.ru

- various forums


- ????????? ??????????? ?????? - ??????-??????

- ????????? ??????????? ?????? - ??????-?????

- ?????????????? ????????? ?????????? ???

- ??????????? ??????????? ??????

- Aviatsionniye Takticheskiye Raketi (Karpenko - Bastion)

- Aviatsionniye Raketi Bolshiye Dalnosti (Karpenko - Bastion)

- Soviet Russian Aircraft Weapons (Yefim Gordon)

- Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft Armaments and Avionics (Bilingual)


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