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down in the core files, in the MenuData.cat


when you make and install new ones, you'll have to Create a "/Menu folder within your mods folder



if one does a 'generic' loading screen to replace the original, THAT goes in the /Flight folder (don't know why, it has since 2003 in SFP1 !!)

For a specific aircraft's loading screen, that goes into that particular aircraft's folder, and the main ini (example, F-4E.ini) gets edited.

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remember, you'll need the extractor for whatever patch level you're at.

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Thanks again. 


I have made a pilot record screen using your templates and my painting of a real RAF pilot.

I  put it in a folder I made here:


C:\Users\TANIA\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\Menu

and it showed.


Try it and let me know if it is good enough to upload.

I can also change it--I am open t suggestions. I can move the images around, resize them, delete them and add other ones perhaps, etc--all the Photoshop changes\tools can be used.


Thanks for your templates.




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