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Export Availability - How does it work?

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Sorry if its obvious, but I just couldn't find the answer... (



Please explain me how the availabilty dates, and store types work exactly? Especially export-wise.


For an aircraft, I guess it is obvious,




and if exported, then the dates under exported will apply to the rest of nations (designated in userlist??)




But how does weapon availability work? The same?


If the user nation is =/= with NationName ( country of origin?) then the export dates which do apply?


AND,  how the StoreType comes into picture... Does it have any connection if at all, to the availabilty, nationality or it's just a tool that helps configure weapon stations?


WP or NATO storetype has nothing to do with which countries are or aren't in those groups or these are just "generic" red or blue entries?



At the moment, my sponge-like brain thinks, that this works something like this...

- Weapon (soviet), available from 1970-80, exported from 75-85, StoreType WP

- Aircraft (soviet), available from 1972-92, exported from 75-95, WeaponStation 1-2 set to load WP, SOVIET, Station 3-4 set to SOVIET only

- Aircraft is available to nation Nigeria from 75-95, weapon can be loaded onto Plane from 75-85 but only on Weap Station 1-2...


But what if I change the nation of Aircraft to EastGermany? It will be available to EastGermany from 72-92, and to USSR (and everyone else) from 75-95?

According to this,  Aircraft is available from 72, but without Weapon, because it remained Soviet, and exported only from 75.... right?


OMG, I should drink more...

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