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texture file lookup order

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Ok, I need your help.
To get the texture file handling in the next version of the LODViewer right I need information about how and in which order the game engine is looking up texture files.

This is what I think to know:

First the game searches in the texture directory specified by "Directory" under [TextureSetXXX] in <LOD>.ini. It searches for the texture file specified in the lod file (eg. fuselage.bmp).
If it's not there then its looking for texture files with the same name but different extensions/types (eg. fuselage.jpg, fuselage.tga, ...). Does anybody knows which file formats the engine supports?
If a matching file is still not found then the game searches the directory in which the *.lod and *.ini files reside.
If there is also no matching file then the game is searching in the *.cat files.

Can someone please confirm this or correct me otherwise? Thanks!

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As far I know this is correct


File formats supported : BMP, JPG , TGA, DDS


And thank you for your tool it saved my time





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