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Carrier in Korean Air War Mod

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I have the Korean Air War Mod installed in Strike Fighters Gold patched to 2008. I added the Korean Air war update to get the terrain, and then added the ReTexKorea.

All the Air Force campaigns work fine, but if I choose to fly the Panther, there is no aircraft carrier, and the aircraft is just shown sitting on the water, slightly merged with another Panther.

Has anyone here flown the Panther from a carrier? Because if you have, please tell me how you got the carrier to show.

I did follow all the instructions exactly.

At least I think I did.

The Air Force campaign is lovely: all sh**s and giggles. :biggrin:

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I have carriers working with all naval aircraft.  You need to get copy a carrier object from WOV etc or download one from here.

Note, although you will see your own carrier during flight, you will NEVER see other carriers that AI is using.  Also AI carrier

take-offs sometimes get stuck silimar to the problem you are seeing yourself.  No solution to this yet.

Here is some text from a sfp1 document I downloaded long time ago.  Its meant dor WOV but you can easily adapt the instructions for

Korea as I have.  I only play the Korea mod and have done extensive modding to the campain, terrain objects, and ground objects and aircraft.  Mainly because Oct2008 patch messed up existing aircraft etc.  So I have to do a lot od modding to get them to work properly.






Adding the aircraft carriers from Wings Over Vietnam to the standard Burning Sands campaign is easy and adds a new dimension to the campaign we have become familiar with over the past two years. This article will explain how to extract the Kitty Hawk-class carrier and add it to SFP1, allowing you to fly from it during campaign missions. You will need the following:

Legal copy of SFP1 with SP3 installed
Legal copy of WoV with Patch 1 installed
SFP1E Extract Utility
Kreelin's Mission Editor (Optional)
A text editor

Step 1: Extract the Carrier From WoV

Open the SFP1E Extract utility and browse to your Wings Over Vietnam installation. Locate and open the ObjectData.CAT file, which should be located in "C:\Program Files\Wings Over Vietnam\Objects" if you have installed using the default path.

Once you have opened ObjectData.CAT with the Extract Utility, you need to browse to the bottom portion of the file and extract all files whose names begin with either CV63, CV-63 or CVA-63. There are a total of 27 files that need to be extracted. When done, all of the files will appear in your WoV Objects folder.

Step 2: Copy the Aircraft Carrier Files From WoV to SFP1

Copy the 27 files you extracted in step 1 from your WoV objects folder to your SFP1 objects folder.

Step 3: Extract INI Files From SFP1

You will need to edit several INI files to add the new carrier to SFP1. These files are:


Check to see if Campaign1_Data.INI already exists in the Campaigns\Campaign1 folder. If it is already there, you do not need to extract it. If it is not present, use the SFP1E utility to open MissionData.Cat located in the Flight folder. Extract Campaign1_Data.INI and copy it to Campaigns\Campaign1.

Next, open the Terrain\Desert folder and look for Desert_Nations.INI and Desert_Targets.INI. If they are already present, you can move on to the next step, otherwise, use the SFP1E utility to open the Desert.CAT file and extract them.

Caution: If any of the above files already exist in the target folders, DO NOT extract them. This probably means you have installed some other mod using these file, and if you overwrite them with files from the CATs, those mods will stop working.

Step 4: Modify INI Files

Browse to your Campaign1 folder and open Campaign1_Data.INI. You need to add a carrier unit to the campaign. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the file and add the following:

UnitName=CVA-63 USS Kitty Hawk
BaseArea=Echo Station

Note that the CarrierType must remain CVA-63, but the CarrierNumber and UnitName can be changed to whatever you want, so you could use the CVA-63 model to represent any Kitty Hawk class carrier.

While your are editing the Campaign1_Data.INI file, you must make one of the player air units carrier based. To do this, scroll up towards the top of the file and find [AirUnit004]. This is VA-36, an A-4 squadron and a good unit for our purpose. Change "BaseArea=D1 Airfield" to "BaseArea=Echo Station" then insert the following lines:


If you are using a carrier number other than 63, be sure to make the change.
Now browse to the Desert folder in your Terrain folder. Open Desert_Nations.INI and under [Theater] add the following line:

Location003=Straits of Dhimar

Finally, open Desert_Targets.INI and scroll to the bottom of the file. Add the following lines

Name=Echo Station

Make sure that the number in [TargetAreaXXX] is actually the next number in sequence. Note that I have set the position of the carrier station to "700000,700000". This puts the carrier in a good position off the Parani coast. You can use Kreelin's Mission Editor to select any position you like though. Just open the Desert map with the editor and locate the coordinates you prefer. Enter them on the "Position=" line.

The procedure above may seem a little complex but if you walk through it step by step you should have no problem. You can then use the same methods to extract and add the small-deck carrier to your SFP1 game as well. With a little work, you can add carriers to any SFP1 map and campaign that you want to!



The Carrier Take-Off problem

I was able to figure out the fix for the Carrier Takeoff problem with the Albion, Bulwark and others.

The problem seems to be the catapult length

Here's the current values of the cat1, the fix is applicable to cat 2 also








The StartPosition is the cat launch pad, the EndPosition is the end of the "runway"


Within the numbers, you have the x,y,z coordinates

The EndPosition y value minus the StartPosition y value gives you the cat length.

For the Albion in this case, the cat length is about 40 meters. You need to increase the EndPosition y value to be able to takeoff. I did not narrow down the exact value, but this values work








It gives you about 90 meters, I tried 80 meters and it launches ok.




Also, make sure the Panther has the following statements under the    [MissionData]   section in its _DATA.INI file.  This will probably be called   F9F-5_DATA.INI



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I found the 27 CV63 objects and extracted them to the SFG (patched to 2008) OBJECTS folder. SUCCESS.

I don't have a DESERT Carrier Campaign, so if I put the Carrier in the Desert Terrain, I wondered how I could find it.


However, I do have a Korea Carrier Campaign (allegedly) so I decide to follow the instructions using Korea instead of Desert.

The Korea Data ini already has a CarrierUnit001, so I changed it to be a CV-63 carrier as per instructions. However, I left the base station as TaskForce 77, because he already has that in Korea.

There were several PLAYER UNITS in that file, supposedly carrier based, and I picked an F9F-5 Panther AirUnit which was already at  BaseArea=TaskForce 77, and made sure CarrierNumber was 63.

I then opened Korea_Nations.ini and under [Theatre], after the other two entries, I added Location003=TaskForce 77

I then went to Korea targets ini, where there was already an entry for TaskForce 77, and I changed its location to 3


So, if in Korea Data, I have a Carrier CV-63 at Base Station=TaskForce77; a Panther Air unit assigned to BaseArea=TaskForce 77, Carrier 63; a notation in Korea Nations that Location003=TaskForce 77;

and an entry in Korea Targets ini that says TaskForce 77 is at location 3; then I surely have all my ducks in a row.


Unfortunately, when I go into the Korea Campaign, choose Navy, and try any of the F9F-5 squadrons, I do not see a Carrier.


I am wondering if the weak link is the 27 CV63 files that should be somewhere other than in OBJECTS. 

Should they for instance be in a folder marked CV-63, in GroundObjects, or somewhere else.

If it's not impertiment to ask, where do you keep yours?


Thanks for helping me

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because the CV-63 series carriers began their service AFTER the Korean War


and yes, you'll need to put ALL the CV-63 bits into it's own sub-folder within the /GroundObjects folder.


you'd be better off using the Essex class (correct type), even though it's the SCB-125 upgraded versions, that also have a start date after Korea. That can be fixed by a simple data ini edit.



in truth, the best, easiest and most simple way is to not mess around with this in 1stGens -- they do not, by default, support carriers OUTSIDE of campaigns or user-built missions for carriers.


SF2, especially with SF2NA as part of the merged install, is the way to go. You want to fly off the boat in single mission, you certainly can.

With all the SF2 KAW stuff available, especially a terrain that was BUILT for CV ops (and is FAR more accurate than that 1stGen terrain); well you get the picture.

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I changed the start date of the Kitty Hawk to 1950 and saved it. Should that not allow it to begin service in the Korean War?

What I did was to put the CV-63 bits in the Objects folder.

I then put them all in the GroundObjects folder too.

And I put them in a folder in Ground objects named CV-63, and also in another called CVA-63.

I thought it best to cover all bases.


I think using Essex Class would be a splendid idea. I suppose the simple data ini edit is to change the start date to 1950 is it?

However, if I can't get a 1950 start date Kitty Hawk to show up in Korea, then I'm not going to get a 1950 start date Essex in either.


I could go the SF2 route, but Andy says he's got carriers in Korea in SF1, so I really need to find out how he did it.


In any case, does SF2 work on WinXP?


Thank you.

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Okay, problem solved: I went onto SimHQ and (girly-giggle) they are currently discussing getting the Korean Air War to work in SF1.

The answer is to just download the KoreaCampaignAndGroundOobject file by Malibu43 from CombatAce (That's here, isn't it?) and it fixes the carriers.


Thank you all

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Now that I have the Korean War successfully modded into my Strike Fighters Gold install, along with the correct weapons and Aircraft Carrier Campaigns,

I feel that I should share the process with the forum, for those who follow us:


1. Install Strike Fighters Gold

2. Patch with SFG_Update_Oct2008b

3. Install Korean Air War Mod as per its readme

4. Make a folder called "Weapons" in Objects and add the contents of Weapons Pack_2.5.2

5. Install Korea air war update as per its read me

6. Install KoreaCampaignAndGroundobject as per it's read me

7. Install f4u4b_pak

8. Install reTexKorea


Number 3 doesn't actually have a Korean Terrain folder in the pack, but that's okay because it comes with 5.


Number 6 converts the way in which ground objects are handled after the 2008 patch. There was once a tutorial about it somewhere here at CombatAce.

Effectively, you no longer need a Groundobjects.ini. (That's why the boats weren't showing)

It was this update that made the Aircraft Carriers visible in Campaign mode. And they are straight decks. So thanks for the massive input there, Malibu43


Number 7 is optional. Install it if you want a new Corsair.

Number 8 is optional. It replaces the 256 tiles with 512 tiles. You may run a little slower after that, but it'll look more beautiful.


All the above files are available at CombatAce.


Do I get a Junior G-Man badge now?

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Not sure if that Korean campaign is the same as the one I got (it was so long ago), but the one I had was a bit sparse on targets

so I've spent the last few years adding lots of goodies to blow up.  I also only play campaign which I have greatly expanded to

cover the whole map and oceans.


Funny but I never got a kick out of single missions.  I just love trying to bang aheads against a beefed-up opponent across a map lol.

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 a bit sparse on targets



because that map is pure junk.


you do know that the KAW map is down-convertible to 1st Gens, right?

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You know what, Andy, you really should upload all those improvements onto CombatAce for others to use.


I don't know that the KAW map is down-convertible, Wrench, but I will try and read-up on it.

I suppose it's in the SF2 section where everybody has gone.

Must admit it feels a bit like Bridlington in December over here in SF1

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because that map is pure junk.


you do know that the KAW map is down-convertible to 1st Gens, right?


Hi Wrench.  I didn't know you could do that until I read your reply so thanks.

I am so tempted to do that.....    The only thing that puts me off is the number of years work I have put into the existing

terrain and campaign.  It was sort of a long term project to take the basic work done by Edward to a whole new level.  The

thought of throwing it all away gives might bring on a stroke!!!  lol.

I have thought of moving to SFP2 but I keep reading reports that its not so easy to mod and tweak as SFP1... maybe I'm wrong.


Alexis99, I have had to tweak so much that I would need to get lots of people's permission to upload modded versions

of their stuff.  Never needed to worry before as it was always intended for my own use only.  However if you need help

on anything or I have something you need that I can share feel free to ask.


Unlike the flight/history purists that want an absolute true simulation, I have preferred to opt for making the game more enjoyable

for myself.  So for example, the campaign starts with mostly prop/WWII planes, and gradually moves onto more advanced jets

as the campaign progresses.  In the later stages of the war, to make it harder for player, Chinese makes use of the Soviets lead

on missile techs for basic early SAM and long range ground-to-ground.  Developement aircraft (that never made it to Korea) are

rushed into service by both sides to be tested in the conflict.  Early nukes become available in limited numbers which forces the

player to change tactics and go on the hunt for them before they can swing the balance.  So, it's not a purist approach but I find

it makes the games much more enjoyable for me at least.

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tell ya what, download my terrain, install it.

It will not conflict, as it has a different name, fly over it and see.

That terrain is 98.6% accurate to the Real World. There is NO comparison to that original crap. I used period specific maps and charts to build it; like I do with all my terrains.


I know what you mean about spending time -- I personally spent 2 years on THAT terrain. The whole SF2 KAW mod was 4 years in the making, and was still never done or finished properly


As to moving to SF2, there is NO DIFFERENCE IN HOW THE FILE SYSTEM WORKS from SF/Wo*. It's just located in a different place on the HD.

And the fact that 1stGens are deader than the proverbial door nail ...

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