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  1. A moving shadow is a shadow that moves. You see a shadow in the cockpit and as you turn the aircraft the shadow moves across the cockpit. It's pretty basic stuff.
  2. And the cockpit issue? Making cockpits is really time consuming, and involves a lot of numbers according to the experts.
  3. I can't get the Bombardier view. It says press the H /Hook key, but it's no joy. So has anyone actually got the Bombardier view to work?
  4. Okay well, let madvad post it, or you can post it. I'm not interested in being credited
  5. There you go TAPES_F-105D.7z
  6. So that's the next aircraft to be built for this site? The AIDC F-CK-1 Ching -Kuo.
  7. The original F-105D series has an error in the AOA tape. The discrete reads "STALL", and is incorrect. As you can see in this picture from the Flight Manual, it should read "FINAL" As mine now does. It is important to recognise that this triangle is not a stall warning, because if you believe it is, you will be flying incorrectly. The MIN SAFE SPD warning and the diagonal hatch above are the stall warnings. The FINAL is the area that should be placed on the marker when you come in to land at the correct speed, altitude and fuel state in order to achieve a perfect landing. It is the FINAL APPROACH MARKER. If you think it's a STALL warning and try to avoid it, you'll come in badly. It is also useful when taking off, as once you reach 130 Kts rotate speed, you can pull the nose up until the marker is in the "FINAL" triangle, and the aircraft smoothly lifts off at the correct speed.
  8. Okay, good to know. I can't remember whether SF1 or SF2, but the Crusader F-8E would go straight through the carrier deck on landing. Odd things do happen, but you just shrug them off and move on, so I can't quote which carrier or any other details. Maybe that was back when I wasn't flying hard fuel usage, and used to zap to the final waypoint. In the above situation, I think one needs to look at the carrier catapult settings. On a real carrier, you adjust the catapult tension for the weight of each individual aircraft. You can't do that in SF2. But sometimes it's too strong and you leave the deck at 180 kts, and sometimes it's too weak, and well, perhaps you roll into a weak part of the deck.
  9. Sorry to bring this up again, but the original release of Super Hornet BlkI and II had the fuel loads in the Data file erroneously written in pounds, when it should have been kilograms. If this hasn't been patched, then the Super Hornet in SF2 is an extremely heavy aircraft, and maybe the deck can't handle the weight. These are the fuel amounts in Kilograms that should be in the data file. [FuselageFuelCell1] MaxFuelAmount=1080 [FuselageFuelCell2] MaxFuelAmount=1180 [FuselageFuelCell3] MaxFuelAmount=1188 [FuselageFuelCell4] MaxFuelAmount=1715 [RightWingFuelCell1] MaxFuelAmount=753 [LeftWingFuelCell1] MaxFuelAmount=753
  10. I don't know what that means. I can post the AOA figures that I've fixed. I can post the correct fuel loadouts and corrected fuel gauges that I've done over time. The Lightning F6 was the last fuel gauge correction I did, but I've done so many that I can't remember. And when I post any information, people tell me it's old news, and I should stop whining. Sorry for the whining I just did.
  11. It's not an issue. I just wondered what would happen if I put a paratrooper on a B-26 wing station. I thought it was funny. Naturally, I won't make a habit of doing this. However, you are absolutely correct about SpecificStationCodes. YAP needs a bit of work here and there. Nothing serious. There's no A-7E, so I'll just put one in. And some of the cockpits of existing aircraft, where I've enhanced the graphics and generally cleaned up, I am putting in the YAP aircraft. There's going to be a lot of fun ahead.
  12. A thousand thanks. I bit the bullet and downloaded the free Yankee Air Pirate mod. Such a plethora of really cool feature to play with. All the appropriate aircraft have animated brake chutes, canopies, and refuel probes. There is even one where the ammunition loading panel opens up to reveal the gun. Not important to flying a mission, but cool nonetheless. It has Vietcong troops ready to be cluster-bombed, and paratroopers and other friendly ground troops are available to go into transport aircraft. You can actually load soldiers onto underwing racks in bombers, which looks really stupid, but I had to try. It's what you call a cornucopia
  13. Well, I have the visual models of brake chutes installed now. I realise this may be old news, but the Yankee Air Pirate Mod has brake chute animations which are triggered by the Bay-door command. Ctrl+O. They are installed on all the Vietnam aircraft that should have them. There's a lot of other cool stuff that the modders have come up with in that free-to-download package. This is why I've always whined about the general modder community not working together to share discoveries that every modder could use.
  14. That's interesting. Thank you Gepard and Wrench. So the follow up question is what effect does it have on airbrakes? Would it blow the airbrake back to its retracted position? And if the airbrake is a fake chute, then would it figuratively release the chute and return the aircraft to a no brake chute situation? I think I'll investigate this further.
  15. Indeed. We might have what we have, but a few quick flicks of the pen and we can introduce a feature that he did not implement. Wonder what else is in there? We can also fix his failures, like badly calibrated AOA indexers. The information is in the Flight Manuals that are out there on websites, available to buy as CD downloads, or professionally published. When I come in to land in my A-6A, the indexers and gauge are on the money for speed and altitude. It is actually not rocket science.

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