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  1. Yes, it's the cockpit I'm talking about. I've always used the Third Wire A-6 aircraft, because it flies better; doesn't pitch up so much off carrier, lands comfortably. But the Diane emulation in the Razbam cockpit is good to look at.
  2. Did anyone ask the Razbam crew if we could distribute their stuff on here? I have their stuff. I improved it a bit to my own liking. It works in SF2. Seems a shame not to share it if they aren't interested any more.
  3. Thank you, gentlemen, I can leave my safe space now. Wrench: If you aren't on Win 10, you may have misunderstood my point. Every time I switch on, Microsoft is insisting I download the latest massive update. It's like they are issuing a Windows 11, not a little fix. Massive changes worry me. The reason I have migrated to SF2 is that I was on XP with SF1 and my XP graphics card went AWOL. SF2 is designed for Win7, the fact that it works on Win 10 is nothing short of a miracle. I'm in constant fear of it not doing any more. It wouldn't be the first time that Bill Gates has torpedoed my favourite flight sim by upgrading.
  4. Has anybody dared to update to the new Win 10 yet, and if so, does it screw SF2 up?
  5. Well, if you need me again, just whistle.
  6. Gosh, spanking the donkey has a different connotation in the UK. My dad says I've just received the equivalent of Sam Spade being hit over the head with a chair, thrown outside and been told "Stay off the case." Moose Malloy came up in conversation.
  7. Head bob. I thought that referred to the way the cockpit vibrates up and down when you reach certain speeds. I find that annoying. The vibration is nearly always there in small or large amounts. The cockpit moves up and down on the scenery view. The problem is that when it does this, those beautiful fine details in the cockpit start to flash. So where there are single lines, like in the Attitude Indicator, they move up to where the next line is, and then back down again, rapidly. The result is that you get jiggling lines are unpleasant to look at. It's worse when the contrast between the line and the background is high. Like in the Attitude Indicator. It's particularly bad in a cockpit like the EF 2000 Typhoon, which is a beautifully detailed piece of art. Unfortunately, the head bob causes those fine lines and superimposed button discretes to jiggle annoyingly. I'm at unlimited cockpit on a 27" screen, and it's like the whole cockpit is flashing. All planes do this to different degrees. The closer you zoom in, the less it happens, but you have to zoom in to a ridiculous degree. Now I've mentioned this, you'll not be able to avoid seeing it, so my apologies. But if we want to enjoy fine detail in cockpits, we need cockpits that are locked to the background image. So how can that be done. If we crowdfund TK for his next opus, can we persuade him to tell us how to stop the cockpit moving?
  8. Thanks too, Wrench, you just popped in as I was thanking Eric. I can see the advantage of dumping specific aircraft from Israel or Vietnam. I go for SF2NA on account of the carriers in single missions. So I can fly your Libya and Desert 4 from carriers. That's good enough for me to stay that course. Okay, I'm good to go.
  9. Thanks, Eric, I was hoping this would be the answer.
  10. So, merging. What's the protocol? What's the SP? What's the word on the street? Hypothetical set-up: You have SF2 and SF2NA. So now you can fly the F-100 Super Sabre in either version. Because all your scenery and all your aircraft can be accessed from either SF2 or SF2NA. So which version do you choose to fly in? Is there any issue that would make a player choose one over the other? The question arises, because if hypothetically I mod the Super Sabre in "user/etc/etc/ SF2/etc" with some furry dice in the cockpit window, then that mod only shows up in SF2; it does not show up in SF2NA. So presumably, you would have to put every mod in every version of the game you have merged. Unless of course, the insider info from you vets suggests otherwise. Grazie
  11. Think I'll be fine now. Thanks
  12. And decals??? Just noticed that. They're in the wrong place too.
  13. Okay, great, well-spotted. Thank you. In SF2 Pilot folder goes in Objects folder. Right. I'll fix that. The only things I have in Objects folder are Aircraft, Ground Objects, Weapons, Guns. Now I add Pilots. Does anything else go in there?
  14. The EF-2000_RAF was an interesting one. I am only flying the RAF version, I dropped the others to save space. In the crew section of the EF-2000_RAF_DATA it had [Pilot] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PilotModelName=EF2000Pilot2 etc and also [Pirate_RAF] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PilotModelName=fakepilot etc Under these conditions, I had a second pilot's legs hanging underneath the fuselage, which the centre tank covered when installed. By removing the [Pirate_RAF] entry in the above mentioned DATA file, I got rid of the hanging legs. So all is well. I have spent countless hours in the SF1 series, usually flying Intruders in Vietnam. I have also flown the Harrier and EF2000. I have never seen double pilot's before. Although in the EF-2000, you had to make sure the Typhoon pilot files were in the right place, otherwise his legs were hanging outside, below the pilot seat (i.e the default pilot sat too low). I have only just got SF2 and I am being careful to ask on here if I feel I have done something wrong, because it is a little different to SF1. However, there is a lot of similarity, so my experience has allowed me to fix most issues. The only one going unanswered is the issue of the black tanks that are permanently on the A-6E_TRAM. I fixed that by not flying the A-6E_TRAM
  15. Data folder is AV-8B-Plus_DATA. I was using shorthand. My apologies if I confused you. The pilot that is in the cockpit is SystemName[001]=Pilot-seat. [Pilot-seat] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PilotModelName=Pilot_USMC etc The pilot that is not in the cockpit any more is SystemName[015]=pilot. [pilot] PilotModelName= ParentComponentName=Nose DetachWhenDestroyed=TRUE SystemType=GUNNER_STATION TargetType=AIR_AND_GROUND SeatID=4 GunnerID=2 PitchModelNodeName=headpitch YawModelNodeName=head GunRange=6500 PitchAngleRate=90 MaxPitch=20 MinPitch=-10 DefaultPitchAngle=-5.0 YawLimited=TRUE YawAngleRate=80 MaxYaw=70 MinYaw=-70 DefaultYawAngle=0 He's gone. I also removed this stuff: ****Manual parking animation**** /[Parking] /SystemType=ANIMATION /InputName=ANIMATION_2 /DeploymentMethod=MANUAL /AnimationTime=0.5 /AnimationID=2 **** Automatic on board/flightline animation **** [Parking] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PilotModelName=FakePilot SeatID= Position=-0.0,4.0,0.83 CanopyNodeName= CanopyAnimationID=2 I removed it because it was another pilot entry and I figured it best to just have one pilot. My fake pilot mod folder is just fine. It's only got three entries, and it's in users\ etc etc \StrikeFighters2 North Atlantic\Pilots Anyway, the point is that I removed the second pilot from the aircraft by deleting the word "pilot" from SystemName[015]=pilot.

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