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  1. It works really well, but I've put my RWR at lower right, just above the enemy text panel, and resized to make it the correct aspect ratio. Plus it is solid. My figures: [Display006] DisplayType=RWR PosX=0.87 PosY=0.65 Width=0.12 Height=0.19 Alpha=1.0 InitTime=2.0 I will experiment more. This has made my day.
  2. When you have a TV weapon selected like a Bullpup, you have a TV display on the Radar, and when you fire the weapon, you see it heading for the target on the display. However when you fire your last Bullpup, the TV screen switches off. Is there a fix to keep the TV screen on, until the weapon hits? I noted that in the F-117, with EO type GBUs, the Screen stays on, even after you have fired your last GBU. But I cannot find anything in the data.ini of the aircraft that makes this so.
  3. Thank you, I tend to fly HUD only, and this will be most useful to me.
  4. Ah I see. That explains a lot. Thank you.
  5. It actually appears to be more complicated than your explanation. Whilst I believe that you are absolutely right that adding a new sound file to the Sound.ini, correctly numbered, will enable the new sound in the game, there must be another way of doing this. The reason being that there are a mere 28 sound files notated in the sound.ini that I extracted, and yet there are about a 100 sound files in the sound folder, all of which seem to work when required. "Ambient2" wav file is in the sound folder, it is requested by the Aircraft Carrier ini , but it's not in the Sound.ini, and yet it plays when required. So there's clearly another secret way of activating new sound files.
  6. Thanks ULLY. That's what I needed to know. The PCM Codec for WAV gives me 705.6 Kbps, 44.1 khz, 16 bit mono. And that worked for the file when I named it the same as the original. So you can go that high. Some simple files are just 11khz. I figured it best to save the adjusted file with the same specs as the original. Gepard: No, I inspected the details of the original sound file, and saved exactly the correct Codec. I needed to list it as Ully has now explained. Although renaming it as the original worked. Thank you
  7. I got the "Ambient2" sound effect with the CVN-75; you know the 6 minute one with the tannoy barking. Loved it. Added it to all the Aircraft Carriers. But I thought it was a bit loud, and after a lot of firkling in a movie editing programme, I got the sound lowered to a decent level (In comparison to the aircraft engine etc), got the correct Audio Codec and saved it as Ambient0. Then I put it in the sounds folder, told the carrier where to look for it, and... nothing. It only worked when I renamed the sound file to Ambient2; i.e when I replaced a file that already existed. I don't quite understand this, because people seem to be coming up with new sounds for their add-on packages, and all you do is drop the sound in the sound folder, and it works. Is there a Sound.ini or something where you legitimise a new sound for the programme?
  8. I've been following the KNOWLEDGE BASE tutorials on how to place carriers in campaigns, and occasionally came unstuck because one important factor is not mentioned: IF YOU DON'T ATTACH YOUR AIRCRAFT TO A SQUADRON, YOU CAN'T FLY. The reason is that when you go to the in-game Campaign screen to create a campaign, the only way to choose the USN aircraft you have placed in the campaign is by its squadron. And if you haven't attached your aircraft to a squadron, it won't be in the list to choose. So you could have perfectly attached your carrier station to the terrain, perfectly attached your carrier to a station, and perfectly attached your aircraft to a carrier. But without the squadron it all comes to naught. I found this out recently because I wanted to try the F-35C in carrier ops, and after a few struggles, now I can. I made myself an aide memoire which shows how everything links, and thought I'd share it. Pay particular attention to #4, you probably know the rest. STR/WOV/WOE ADDING CARRIERS TO CAMPAIGNS: (Based on a WOV campaign) 1. LOCATE CARRIER STATION: TERRAIN FOLDER - TARGETS INI 2. ATTACH CARRIER TO STATION: CAMPAIGN - DATA INI 3. ATTACH AIRCRAFT TO CARRIER: CAMPAIGN - DATA INI 4. ATTACH AIRCRAFT TO SQUADRON: CAMPAIGN INI #1. LOCATE CARRIER STATION: TERRAIN FOLDER - TARGETS INI [TargetArea085] Name=Dixie Station (Matches Base Area in #2, and Base Area in #3) Position=774000.00,352000.00 (Can be altered. Use Mission Editor to determine coordinates) #2. ATTACH CARRIER TO STATION: CAMPAIGN - DATA INI [CarrierUnit008] CarrierType=CVN-65 (Folder name in OBJECTS - GROUND OBJECTS) CarrierNumber=65 (Matches Carrier Number in #3) BaseArea=Dixie Station (Matches Target Area Name in #1, and Base Area in #3) #3. ATTACH AIRCRAFT TO CARRIER: CAMPAIGN - DATA INI [AirUnit011] AircraftType=A-6A (Any USN aircraft) Squadron=VA-192 (Can be called anything, but should match first part of Unit name in #4) BaseArea=Dixie Station (Matches Target Area Name in #1, and Base Area in #2) CarrierBased=TRUE (Make sure it says this) CarrierNumber=65 (Matches Carrier Number in #2) #4. ATTACH AIRCRAFT TO SQUADRON: CAMPAIGN INI [USNUnit005] UnitName=VA-192 Golden Dragons (Can be called anything, but should match squadron in #3) UnitID=11 (Matches [AirUnit011] in #3) StartDate=03/30/1972 (Make sure all elements have same date overlaps) AircraftType=A-6A (This will then show in Create Campaign page)
  9. Sorry for late reply. Been away. I tried this, but got a crash to black before I got in cockpit. Am I supposed to renumber the other Nose system entries, now there's a new SystemName[001]=NoseSteer? Because there's about six other items in the original list. The Panther I'm using is the one that comes with the Korean War Pack.
  10. Easy way to change the color in the HUD is to alter the HUDcolor entry in the avionics.ini of the aircraft in question. I use yellow, because it works well over blue skies and green earth, and desert. So to get yellow Avionics.ini [HUD] HUDcolor=1.0,1.0,0.0,1.0 If you want other colors, you just need to experiment I believe the first three numbers in the HUDColor entry refer to Red, Green, Blue. I have Red 1.0, Green 1.0, but Blue 0.0: Red+Green makes yellow. So if you want a blue HUD, it would be 0.0,0.0,1.0,1.0. The fourth number probably refers to intensity, or something, just leave it at 1.0. I presume using numbers lower than 1.0 for the first three entries would enable you to concoct subtle variations in color
  11. CVN-65 Enterprise

    It's a terrific visual model. Lights and meatball a real bonus. But the deck aircraft drop the frame rate hugely. I would also like to know how to remove them for greater frame-rates.
  12. UllyB, that's very kind. I'm using the Korean Terrain with the SF1 Korean War pack, and I have to say I get massive frame rates with it. But I was curious about how this other scenery would play. I read up the article Wrench wrote and I wasn't sure whether it was still too complicated. I mainly fly Panthers and Cougars of aircraft carriers, so I wouldn't want to lose that facility, but please tell me more.
  13. Thank you, yes I could do that. There are some nuke effects available in various packs, and it's just a matter of testing them out. I made the mistake of climbing into the Sabre Jet a few days ago, and I'm having so much fun, I can't be prised out of it. Good to have it confirmed that the Lexx stuff exists no more, though. It saves banging one's head against a wall for too long.
  14. The genie data file requests "LKT003effects". There is mention of LKT003effects in some forums pertaining to LEXX's NUKE EFFECTS. But there is no LKT003effects in the downloads of the latest Weapons packs available for SFP1 download. Nor can I find any mention of LEXX's NUKE EFFECTS as a download here. So I'll draw a line under this now, and move on.
  15. Okay, thank you. Not as obtuse as I imagined.

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