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  1. It's one of those snippets of information that should be in the knowledge base, but isn't. So Kudos for remembering it, even if you didn't invent it. And my deep gratitude in you remembering it, because it has now made flying in Vietnam so much better for me. I have SF2:NA.
  2. Gosh this actually works. It seemed too simple to be true, but it is true. For me, this IS the solution. Brilliant. Kudos. You Sir, are a genius.
  3. I too was disappointed with the black tanks on the A-6A. I couldn't figure out how to fix it, so I installed a cockpit in the AI version of the A-6A that comes with SF2. I use the Razbam cockpit in the A-6A and the old TK A-6A cockpit in the A-6E. Installing cockpits in AI aircraft is a technique that's been with us since SF1 began. There's even an how-to-do-it guide in the huge SF1 Knowledge database.
  4. KJakker: Good idea for a project, if you wish to invest the time. But hit boxes are only of relevance to enemy air defenses. Like I argue, they have little relevance to Air to Air combat. The problem with SF is that modders have taken the game far beyond its original humble beginnings. We've got lots of fantastic modern aircraft, but the game was never designed to accommodate them. The game was designed for 60s aircraft. The BaseRCSModifier was not introduced until several years after the game release to try and stop a gap. The problem may have been that too many pilots were being slaughtered by enemy ground fire. I remember flying the EF2000 in SF1. Intercepts and Fighter Sweeps were easy. I was master of the skies. When I got a bit bored with that, I thought I'd try and find a newer Russian aircraft to test my mettle against. So I downloaded an Su-35 and instantly got the cockiness beat out of me. Since it turned up in SF1, I flew the F-117 a lot. I love the aircraft, and the SF2 version is superbly detailed. I enjoy stepping up to 20,000 for cruise, stepping down to 15,000 at the target, dropping the GBUs at the correct slant range, turning back for home, making sure that I don't bank more than 30 degrees. Don't know if that matters, but just following procedure is fun. I even send my wingman home when I know I'm on course and no engine failures. One night, I decided to put a couple of MiGs on patrol in the target area. I thought it would be fun avoiding them. Next thing I know, I've bought a missile and am on fire. But I'm in a Stealth aircraft, how can that be? Air to Air engagements are dominated by the aircraft that has the longest range radar and the longest reaching missiles. I doubt the target's RCS has any bearing. Thanks for discussing this
  5. Okay, so this is my stealth test I created a mission to attack an airfield in the Libya Terrain which spans the years 1980-2011. I chose 1984, scattered weather, afternoon, heavy air defense. I first flew the mission in the CF-188A Canadian Hornet (1983-1989), whose BaseRSCModifier is struck out. Theoretically it is therefore the base hit-box size. I then flew the mission in the F-117 (1982-2008), whose BaseRCSModifier is 0.00005. The target was an airfield, but instead of hitting the runway, I just flew back and forth across the airfield at around 500ft to see if the ZSUs or BTRs would shoot at me. On my first pass with the Hornet, my wingman shouted "He's firing", perhaps because he was drawing the gunfire. I passed unscathed and then did a second pass. All airfield defenses were now firing, and I was shot down. In the F-117, I did pass after pass and no-one fired at me. I targeted a ZSU and flew directly towards it. I flicked between target and cockpit, and noticed that as I passed overhead, the ZSU tracked me. I actually saw the guns traverse, but he didn't fire. I had first noticed this in SF1 and actually altered the F-117 BaseRCSModifier to a higher figure so that if you flew too low over a target, you could be hit. I got the safe height set to about 10,000 ft. I did this because otherwise there was no danger in an F-117 mission, and I wanted a challenge. So the conclusion is that the BaseRCSModifier which determines the size of an aircraft hit box actually works to counter enemy air defenses. That's the good news. The bad news is that it makes little difference in countering attacks by enemy aircraft. Using the MiG-25PD Foxbat, I can target an F-117 at 80 miles. The R-40RD AA6 ACRID C, SARH missile can be fired at the F-117 from approximately 34 miles depending on speed, aspect etc. That's how it is. We went through all this in SF1, little has changed in SF2.
  6. MIG-31A update and fixes By PaoloPanz

    Well, this is brilliant. Beautiful external model. It was a stroke of genius to use the F-4E cockpit, because it feels just right in this aircraft. Amazing amount of fuel it carries, and the aircraft handles as though it is really heavy, which is perfect. Thank you for this terrific aircraft. My apologies, but I noticed that the side mirrors show the fuselage missing, so I fixed that in the data entry. I also noticed that some panels in the cockpit file had cyrillic lettering added, but they didn't show in the cockpit. Was that something that was going to be done, or have I made a mistake in downloading? I got out my cyan eyeliner and just touched up the cockpit panel, so it looks a little more Russian. Sorry about that. I couldn't help myself.
  7. The Mig-31M was in the 4th Gen section. I got it from there because I was looking for contemporary Russian jets against which to fly the EF2000 and F-22A, and it had it's own section. I didn't look in the Cold War section where the MiG-31A resided, because I didn't imagine I would find a modern post 2000 Russian jet there, and I already had one. So thanks for pointing it out.
  8. I have downloaded this too. Thank you. I'll see how well it does against "Stealth" aircraft. Clearly the MiG-31M I'm using has a strong, extremely long-range radar. It has a serious Phoenix-rivalling AA missile in the R-37 Arrow, and it has a sensitive RWR receiver that can pick up enemy radars from a great distance. I'm not familiar with the MiG-31A capabilities, but then again I wasn't familiar with the MiG-31M's abilities a few days ago until it kept blowing the F-22 I was flying out of the sky
  9. Supplementary answer is that there is only one MiG-31 entry in SF2 Downloads, Cold War, Russian aircraft. Where do I find your Veltro2k version? It would be interesting to compare avionics and data files
  10. So let's get some parameters clear. The RWR shows an enemy aircraft when he has painted you, and not before. He should not show if he is at a distance greater than his radar ranging. The radar paints an enemy aircraft that is within the radar range of the painting aircraft. That should trigger his RWR The size of the RCS determines at what distance the aircraft can be successfully painted by another aircraft. Is this all modelled accurately in SF2, is a major part of the question. The F-117 has an RCS of a gnat's bollock. So I shall start from there.
  11. ****************MiG-31 Foxhound M/BM for SF2******************** 1.NOTE, original BM came without the creators ReadMe so I included the ReadMe from latest mod version and that's MiG-31M since creators are basically the same I see no problem 2.CREDITS; ------- Credits ------- MiG-31M Model - Jv44kt,Erwin_Hans FM by Lindr2,Erwin_Hans Sound by MarcFighter,Erwin_Hans Cockpit by - Jv44kt,YEYEYE,Erwin_Hans HUD by Lindr2,Erwin_Hans Radar Screen by Lindr2,Erwin_Hans Skin by Jv44kt Also,special thanks to Lindr2's datebase. And Thanks to all CAer's help!
  12. Well people put likes to your posts, so I childishly thought I would retaliate. mio caro bambino
  13. I'm just printing out the links on stealth, and I came across the one about negative values, and I had to laugh because of some of the recent posts in this thread, lambasting me for suggesting exactly that. Yes, we all know things change. That's why I'm trying to get a handle on the situation. It's all been useful information, and I'm hoping to be able to fly the MiG-31 and not be able to target the F-22 or F-117, so I'm grasping at straws. However, I wonder if anyone else has flown the MiG-31. Out of the box, it had no HUD because the avionics file was lacking the [HudMaterial] section and most of the entries were for non existent items. The RWR was not wired up - incorrect associations again. No LST file. DTV not working in the MiG-31BM, plus all of the above. But it's lovely when you can pull it all together because of what you've learned on here.
  14. Caesar wrote this "But, as has been indicated, it helps to have ridiculously small numbers to affect detect-ability. Some aircraft used negative numbers, which basically meant you couldn't lock them up, regardless of distance or radar power, and that is totally unrealistic " SF2
  15. Yes all this was extremely useful. The problem was a lack of RadarFamilyName in the MiG-29. Now I know what to look for. You have been most helpful. Thank you.

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