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  1. Further to the above, I can now confirm that the F-35c lands perfectly on the Harry S Truman at 136Kts without falling through the deck.
  2. Further to the above, I swapped out the Harry S Truman and replaced it with the vanilla CV63. The A-7E lands perfectly every time without falling through the deck. Landing speed of the A-7E is around 130Kts. Maybe that's too fast for the Truman to cope with. The A-6a intruder lands at around 118 Kts, so it is slow enough to land on anything and not fall through the deck.
  3. In my experience, the A-7E has a tendency to fall through the deck on the Harry S Truman, so I fly air force missions with the A-7D instead. The A-6 Intruder never falls through the deck. Can't think of any other aircraft that has ever fallen through the deck. F-35C, F-14 all land perfectly.
  4. Will this update also bring SF1 up to windows 10?
    At last, an interceptor with a radar display just below the HUD. Magnifique!
  5. To avoid struggling to bend the "ROCKET" label, you could always go the good old air force way of using a 3-letter abbreviation, so it reads RKT - GUN - BMB. I usually do that to fit stuff on the HUD where appropriate.
  6. Thanks. I'll stick with my fix then. ;-)
  7. You know when you get an intercept mission, and you look at the map and it's 119 miles half-way to waypoint 3, and you're wondering why they didn't scramble fighters from one of the 8 airfields between you and the bad guys? Well is the best way to fix it, to go into your aircraft data file and reduce the range figures by at least half? Or is there a more sophisticated way?
  8. Talk about sledgehammer to crack a walnut. If you are talking about a fixed gunsight, you can put any mark, any digit, any letter, any graphic, on screen via the avionics file. And you can make it any colour, any size. Make sure you're 70.dll, and this is how you place a fixed gunsight on screen [HUDModeAA] (Or whichever mode you want it on) Symbol[01]=HUD_Guncross [HUD_GUNCROSS] SymbolType=Image ImageFilename=cockpit\HUD\A-7A_GUNCROSS (what the file is called and where you put it) ImageSize=0.025 (Decide how big it is) ImagePosition=0.00,0.00 (First co-ordinate -left/right, second co-ordinate -up/down) HorizontalAlignment=CENTER (co-ordinates relate to this center/center position) VerticalAlignment=CENTER Make the image position where you want it. e.: -1.45,0.17. That's left of centre, and down. You have to steal the guncross from some other aircraft and put it in your cockpit/Hud folder correctly named OR [HUDModeAA] Symbol[01]=HUD_GunsightText [HUD_GunsightText] SymbolType=TEXT TextPosition=-0.0,-0.19 (Central, but up a bit) HorizontalAlignment=CENTER VerticalAlignment=CENTER TextFormat=O (Letter "O") So your gunsight is an "O" Move it around using co-ordinates. How to change HUD Colour and font: [HUD] HUDColor=1.0,1.0,0.0,1.0 (Red, Green, Blue, intensity)(What I have there is yellow) BoresightOffset=0.0,0.0 ViewportTopLeft=-0.40,-0.37 ViewportBottomRight=0.40,0.45 GunBoresightAngle=-2 RocketBoresightAngle=-5 [HUDFont] TextFontName=Digital SF (This is a cool font. I'm also fond of Arial Narrow) TextSize=20 (How big you want it) TextBold=False (You can put "TRUE" and have it bold) You're welcome.
  9. Okay, thanks to Cliff this works now. There was nothing wrong with the file. I mistakenly put the LOD file directly in the aircraft folder, and not in the cockpit folder. It's the first time I had got a LOD, so assumed it went alongside all the INIs. My bad. Apologies all round.
  10. Thanks, Cliff, but I'm not going to get into Hex editing. I was hoping that someone had already fixed it. There is no upgrade as I only downloaded it last week. It seems that I'm the only one who noticed it since 2006.
  11. I installed this on the vanilla A-4C, but the distance counter reads from right to left rather than left to right. So 107 miles reads 701, whilst 89 miles reads 980. Do you have any advice on how to fix this?
  12. Like I say, I'm not sure the ships wouldn't bump into each other. But if you look at the below aide memoire it shows how everything connects in a campaign for Navy pilots. So I assume you would add ships as if they were carriers. You could give them new carrier stations as in stage #1. But that would probably mean they wouldn't show, because I believe only 1 carrier can be active in a campaign. You could try adding as in stage #2, and that's where I think they'll go bumping into each other STR/WOV/WOE ADDING CARRIERS TO CAMPAIGNS: (Based on a WOV campaign) 1. LOCATE CARRIER STATION: TERRAIN FOLDER - TARGETS INI 2. ATTACH CARRIER TO STATION: CAMPAIGN - DATA INI 3. ATTACH AIRCRAFT TO CARRIER: CAMPAIGN - DATA INI 4. ATTACH AIRCRAFT TO SQUADRON: CAMPAIGN INI #1. LOCATE CARRIER STATION: TERRAIN FOLDER - TARGETS INI [TargetArea085] Name=Dixie Station (Matches Base Area in #2, and Base Area in #3) Position=774000.00,352000.00 (Can be altered. Use Mission Editor to determine coordinates) #2. ATTACH CARRIER TO STATION: CAMPAIGN - DATA INI [CarrierUnit008] CarrierType=CVN-65 (Folder name in OBJECTS - GROUND OBJECTS) CarrierNumber=65 (Matches Carrier Number in #3) BaseArea=Dixie Station (Matches Target Area Name in #1, and Base Area in #3) #3. ATTACH AIRCRAFT TO CARRIER: CAMPAIGN - DATA INI [AirUnit011] AircraftType=A-6A (Any USN aircraft) Squadron=VA-192 (Can be called anything, but should match first part of Unit name in #4) BaseArea=Dixie Station (Matches Target Area Name in #1, and Base Area in #2) CarrierBased=TRUE (Make sure it says this) CarrierNumber=65 (Matches Carrier Number in #2) #4. ATTACH AIRCRAFT TO SQUADRON: CAMPAIGN INI [USNUnit005] UnitName=VA-192 Golden Dragons (Can be called anything, but should match squadron in #3) UnitID=11 (Matches [AirUnit011] in #3) StartDate=03/30/1972 (Make sure all elements have same date overlaps) AircraftType=A-6A (This will then show in Create Campaign page)

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