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  1. UllyB, that's very kind. I'm using the Korean Terrain with the SF1 Korean War pack, and I have to say I get massive frame rates with it. But I was curious about how this other scenery would play. I read up the article Wrench wrote and I wasn't sure whether it was still too complicated. I mainly fly Panthers and Cougars of aircraft carriers, so I wouldn't want to lose that facility, but please tell me more.
  2. Thank you, yes I could do that. There are some nuke effects available in various packs, and it's just a matter of testing them out. I made the mistake of climbing into the Sabre Jet a few days ago, and I'm having so much fun, I can't be prised out of it. Good to have it confirmed that the Lexx stuff exists no more, though. It saves banging one's head against a wall for too long.
  3. The genie data file requests "LKT003effects". There is mention of LKT003effects in some forums pertaining to LEXX's NUKE EFFECTS. But there is no LKT003effects in the downloads of the latest Weapons packs available for SFP1 download. Nor can I find any mention of LEXX's NUKE EFFECTS as a download here. So I'll draw a line under this now, and move on.
  4. Okay, thank you. Not as obtuse as I imagined.
  5. No I don't know anything about that. So I'll pass. Too obtuse for me.
  6. Actually, I appear to be wrong about the launch time. It's the deck length that matters. I was using one of those straight deck carriers in Korea, and by moving the start point of the cat backwards, I got a much better speed off the end of the deck with a fully-laden Panther.
  7. Yes, sorry, I am getting it mixed up with the Nuclear Genie that the Scorpion carries. What I should have said is: "With regard to air to air nukes, I've used the AIR-2 Genie with the F-89D Scorpion. What usually happens is that you launch at about 10 miles and 3 enemy aircraft just suddenly turn into fireballs and plummet". I saw Falcon and Nuclear and put them together in the wrong way. I'll leave now.
  8. So what's the effect look like? I've used the 4A and 4B Falcon with the F-94B Starfire. What usually happens is that you launch at about 10 miles and 3 enemy aircraft just suddenly turn into fireballs and plummet. Then you get a mission completed message. I assumed that was it. Is there like a white flash or something like you see on the famous video of the test launch?
  9. I'm using the Korean Air War Complete mod by Edward in SF1/SFG, 08 patch. I'm getting a weird effect in the F-2H2 Banshee cockpit. You start off way above the windshield, and you gradually sink down to a more normal view, and then after you've started moving, the cockpit seems to settle to its optimum position. Is this supposed to emulate you climbing into the cockpit? How do I get rid of it? Incidentally, the F-9F5 Panther has a faulty nose wheel. When you taxy on the carrier and use rudder to turn right, the wheel turns left. In an old post, I remember reading how to fix the catapult launch time on a carrier. It said something about the default of 1.0 being too quick, and in order to slow it down, it was recommended to change the duration to 4.0 seconds. I always thought this was a fix to enhance realism, and it worked fine with Vietnam and modern jets like the F-14. That is until I noted how badly the Panther wallowed off the carrier with a full load, and how the AI jerked their noses up or hit the water, when I recently went back to Korea. Then I realised actually what the launch time did was decide what speed the aircraft left the deck. So a lower launch time figure sends the aircraft off the deck with a much faster speed. Bingo! Now my Panther flies off correctly. You learn something new every day with this Sim.
  10. Ah the 2008 patch of WOE. I have that. But it's just Europe. There's no Korea. If I download the Full Korea on WOE will it give me the scenery you are talking about?
  11. Wings over Europe, I get, but I don't know what 08 level is. I'd better look in the downloads.
  12. These terrain images are all SF2, right? Mine in SF1 don't look anything like. Korea is really hilly, and there's only one season.
  13. I installed the F9F-5P photo-recon aircraft, and fully expected the Tanks to show up. But they didn't. So I used the forced-attachment method that Geary suggested. Now I know the Fuel Tank code is FT, which I didn't before. Anyway this worked, and the P now has tanks. Thank you all. Wrench: I have the F9F-6 Flight Manual, but I'm one digit away from what I needed. And it's swept-wing. So thanks for the library list. When I first saw TankPanther in the download, I put it in ground objects, because I thought it was a North Korean Tank. Oh well.
  14. Now I remember why I assumed the F9F-5 Panther had wing tanks: It's obvious, isn't it? The Panther pack contained a TankPanther file that you had to put in the weapons folder. So naturally I thought: these must fit on the Panther. I also wondered which racks the tanks would fit on, because I use a loadout card on a kneepad, so I can remember what I'm carrying, and I like to make sure the graphic puts the correct stores on the correct racks. So I searched on the internet for F9F-5 wing tanks, and arrived here: http://www.airvectors.net/avf9f.html And there's this lovely graphic of the wing tanks on the inboard rack which the text says was "wet" for drop tank usage. Trouble was, I hadn't noticed we had skipped to the F9F-2, and I should have been looking at the F9F-5. Numbers never were my strong point. I thought you'd find that funny.
  15. Gentlemen, thank you all. Geary: I haven't used the photo panther, but I believe your specific station method will work, and I will give it a whirl and let you know. Wrench: I must have got misled by Wikipedia or something. They usually list all the variants of an aircraft, and then at the bottom give stores carriage. So they probably stated two drop tanks, but omitted to say that it was for the P only. I will try and find the source that misled me, so that I can be more specific.

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