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  1. This is a feature that automates your flaps. The F/A-18 has it, and you mostly notice its effect when you come in to land on the carrier, and as your speed decreases, suddenly your flight-path pipper shoots up the screen, and your nose punches up. I was rather concerned about how fierce this effect is - I cannot imagine the flaps operate that quickly in the real plane? Anyway, I went into the Data file and found that the ControlRate is what determines the speed of flaps operation. The current setting was 2.0, so after a little experimentation, I found that if you lower the figure to around 0.5, it's a lot smoother transition. The entry looks like this, and you fix it for all Flaps [LeftFlap] SystemType=HIGHLIFT_DEVICE CLiftdc=0.215 CDdc=0.0123 Cmdc=0.01 DeltaStallAlpha=-2.83 AreaRatio=1.000 DeploymentMethod=AUTOMATIC_AERODYNAMIC_LOAD Setting[1].Angle=10.0 Setting[1].DeployValue=144.0 Setting[1].RetractValue=154.3 Setting[2].Angle=45.0 Setting[2].DeployValue=128 Setting[2].RetractValue=128 MaxDeflection=45.0 MinDeflection=0.0 ControlRate=2.0 .........................................................CHANGE TO 0.5 AnimationID=6 ModelNodeName=LeftFrontFlap I did the same for the F-35C, which had very similar entries, although I have no idea if the real F-35C has this feature Surprisingly these entries are also in the F-117. I Used to think the sudden pitch-up was the "Wobblin Goblin" effect, but it's actually auto-flaps kicking in. I was going to adjust these, but I read that the split full-span trailing-edge-flaps in the real F-117 do not act as flaps in landing, which is why the landing speed is often quite high at around 180 Kts. So to make things more realistic, I took out all four of the auto-aerodynamic-load entries completely. Now I land the F-117 at as low as 160Kts with an AOA of near enough to the specified 9.5, without flaps. It feels really good. Anyone has further knowledge about this stuff, or where to find it, please let me know.
  2. Thank you, Caesar. Mille Grazie. This works a treat. The FlightControl entry in the Data File shows MaxG=7.5 for the AI, so I put in 7.5 and 7.4. I did push the envelope a bit in my test and got a MaxG of 10.5 showing. But I was pulling back wildly and trying to force it. I believe that if I just tried to fly normally, I wouldn't reach that figure. Before, the slightest accidental pull too hard and I was at 23G. But yes, plenty to play with. So thank you, it will now be a pleasure putting this aircraft through its paces. And if Fubar came up with this originally, thanks to him too.
  3. I've been trying out the FA-18 and CF-18 aircraft - same thing actually as all the main files are identical - and I'm horrified to find that when I roll though 90 and pull hard away from the target, I can reach 23G without blinking. Which means I just died. Is there an adjustment to avionics, cockpit, data files etc that will enable me to put a max G of 9 for the aircraft?
  4. Just noticed a slight flaw: If your wingmen have the TVEOGB by default, they'll try and fire it. In the mission debrief, I got all three wingmen firing the TVEOGB once each... and naturally not hitting anything. Meaning they were not firing a real weapon and doing some damage. Best to make loadout read: Loadout[06].WeaponType=LGB Loadout[06].Quantity=1 Then you just have to add the TVEOGB for yourself for each mission.
  5. I abandoned the multi-FOV concept. But this is how you get a TV screen that you can call up after your last Bullpup has gone, based on the advice given above. I write all this stuff down so that if I need to do it again later, I have a script for it, and I figured that I might as well share it in case anyone else wants to do it. Any suggestions gratefully received. TVEOGB for A-6A INTRUDER 1. Make Fake Weapon and put in WeaponData.ini Activate with WeaponEditor in usual way. Data Stolen from LA-313 Optical Viewfinder [WeaponData253] TypeName=TVEOGB FullName=TVEOGB Optical Viewfinder ModelName= Mass=1.000000 Diameter=0.010000 Length=0.010000 SubsonicDragCoeff=0.000000 SupersonicDragCoeff=0.000000 AttachmentType=NATO,USAF,USN SpecificStationCode= NationName=USAF StartYear=1957 EndYear=1985 Availability=2 BaseQuantity=12 Exported=TRUE ExportStartYear=1957 ExportEndYear=1985 ExportAvailability=2 WeaponDataType=0 RailLaunched=FALSE Retarded=FALSE FinStabilized=FALSE SpinStabilized=FALSE EffectClassName= DragAreaMultiplier=1.000000 WarheadType=0 Explosives=0.000000 FusingDistance=0.000000 ClusterBomblets=0 ClusterDispersion=0.000000 GuidanceType=4 Accuracy=80 MaxTurnRate=3.000000 MaxLaunchG=4.000000 LockonChance=80 LaunchReliability=90 ArmingTime=4.000000 SeekerFOV=60.000000 SeekerGimbleLimit=60.000000 SeekerTrackRate=20.000000 SeekerRange=12000.000000 ReleaseAnimationID=-1 EODisplayFlags=0 CEP=6.000000 2. Add New TVEOGB weapon bay to A-6 Data.ini Data stolen from F-117A internal bay [TVEOGBStation] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=6 (Next number along) StationGroupID=4 (Next number along) StationType=INTERNAL AttachmentPosition=0.0,-1.2091,0.1200 (centralised) AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 LoadLimit=10 AllowedWeaponClass=LGB AttachmentType=NATO,USN,USAF NumWeapons=1 3. Add FLIR and DLIR to A-6 data.ini Data stolen from F-117A //Sensors--------------------------------------------------------- [DLIR] SystemType=LASER_DESIGNATOR CameraFOV=2.500000 SightTexture=AVQ26_lock.tga CameraPosition=0.700000,3.500000,-0.245 CameraYaw=0.000000 CameraPitch=0.000000 CameraRoll=0.000000 EODisplayFlags=268763136 MaxSeekerRange=27.000000 SeekerGimbleLimit=180.000000 DualFOV=TRUE SearchFOV=10.000000 SearchTexture=AVQ26_track.tga [FLIR] SystemType=EO_CAMERA ModelNodeName=TV CameraFOV=40.0 SightTexture=FLIR.tga CameraPosition=0.0,4.0,0.5 CameraYaw=0.000000 CameraPitch=-15.0 CameraRoll=0.000000 EODisplayFlags=268697600 MinExtentPosition=-0.124,7.331,-1.007 MaxExtentPosition=0.124,8.683,-0.721 4. Attach FLIR, DLIR and TVEOGB Weapon Bay to Fuselage in A-6 Data.ini [Fuselage] ....... SystemName[011]=FLIR SystemName[012]=DLIR SystemName[013]=TVEOGBStation 5. Make Weapon Bay active in A-6 loadout.ini ....... // Station 6 = TVEOGB Station ...... Loadout[06].WeaponType=TVEOGB Loadout[06].Quantity=1
  6. Well I've had some success. I stole the FLIR and DLIR from the F-117 and installed them in the A-6A Intruder Data File. I then created a new TVEOGB weapon pylon in the same Data file using the same details as the F-117 Internal pylon, but remembering to make the pylon numbers correct. I wasn't sure about how to make a specific weapon entry so I just made it an LGB pylon. Then I made an empty TVEOGB folder, and installed an entry for it in the weapons ini. Funny thing is that I couldn't get my TVEOGB weapon showing up, but I kept getting an LA-131 Optical sight installed on my new pylon. Well wow. That optical sight is great. It centers on your target. Then you flick to Bullpup and fire. After your last Bullpup, you flick back to the LA-131 and watch the Bullpup home in onto the target. The LA-131 field of view is quite tight - 30 degrees - but you could adjust it. Or!!!!! you could make another weapon - the LA-131W - with a wider field of view and attach that to another new internal pylon. Now you can flick between wide-angle and close-up. Like I said: WOW So thanks for for all the advice, particularly from yakarov79
  7. Thanks for all this. I shall experiment forthwith.
  8. It works really well, but I've put my RWR at lower right, just above the enemy text panel, and resized to make it the correct aspect ratio. Plus it is solid. My figures: [Display006] DisplayType=RWR PosX=0.87 PosY=0.65 Width=0.12 Height=0.19 Alpha=1.0 InitTime=2.0 I will experiment more. This has made my day.
  9. When you have a TV weapon selected like a Bullpup, you have a TV display on the Radar, and when you fire the weapon, you see it heading for the target on the display. However when you fire your last Bullpup, the TV screen switches off. Is there a fix to keep the TV screen on, until the weapon hits? I noted that in the F-117, with EO type GBUs, the Screen stays on, even after you have fired your last GBU. But I cannot find anything in the data.ini of the aircraft that makes this so.
  10. Thank you, I tend to fly HUD only, and this will be most useful to me.
  11. Ah I see. That explains a lot. Thank you.
  12. It actually appears to be more complicated than your explanation. Whilst I believe that you are absolutely right that adding a new sound file to the Sound.ini, correctly numbered, will enable the new sound in the game, there must be another way of doing this. The reason being that there are a mere 28 sound files notated in the sound.ini that I extracted, and yet there are about a 100 sound files in the sound folder, all of which seem to work when required. "Ambient2" wav file is in the sound folder, it is requested by the Aircraft Carrier ini , but it's not in the Sound.ini, and yet it plays when required. So there's clearly another secret way of activating new sound files.
  13. Thanks ULLY. That's what I needed to know. The PCM Codec for WAV gives me 705.6 Kbps, 44.1 khz, 16 bit mono. And that worked for the file when I named it the same as the original. So you can go that high. Some simple files are just 11khz. I figured it best to save the adjusted file with the same specs as the original. Gepard: No, I inspected the details of the original sound file, and saved exactly the correct Codec. I needed to list it as Ully has now explained. Although renaming it as the original worked. Thank you
  14. I got the "Ambient2" sound effect with the CVN-75; you know the 6 minute one with the tannoy barking. Loved it. Added it to all the Aircraft Carriers. But I thought it was a bit loud, and after a lot of firkling in a movie editing programme, I got the sound lowered to a decent level (In comparison to the aircraft engine etc), got the correct Audio Codec and saved it as Ambient0. Then I put it in the sounds folder, told the carrier where to look for it, and... nothing. It only worked when I renamed the sound file to Ambient2; i.e when I replaced a file that already existed. I don't quite understand this, because people seem to be coming up with new sounds for their add-on packages, and all you do is drop the sound in the sound folder, and it works. Is there a Sound.ini or something where you legitimise a new sound for the programme?
  15. I've been following the KNOWLEDGE BASE tutorials on how to place carriers in campaigns, and occasionally came unstuck because one important factor is not mentioned: IF YOU DON'T ATTACH YOUR AIRCRAFT TO A SQUADRON, YOU CAN'T FLY. The reason is that when you go to the in-game Campaign screen to create a campaign, the only way to choose the USN aircraft you have placed in the campaign is by its squadron. And if you haven't attached your aircraft to a squadron, it won't be in the list to choose. So you could have perfectly attached your carrier station to the terrain, perfectly attached your carrier to a station, and perfectly attached your aircraft to a carrier. But without the squadron it all comes to naught. I found this out recently because I wanted to try the F-35C in carrier ops, and after a few struggles, now I can. I made myself an aide memoire which shows how everything links, and thought I'd share it. Pay particular attention to #4, you probably know the rest. STR/WOV/WOE ADDING CARRIERS TO CAMPAIGNS: (Based on a WOV campaign) 1. LOCATE CARRIER STATION: TERRAIN FOLDER - TARGETS INI 2. ATTACH CARRIER TO STATION: CAMPAIGN - DATA INI 3. ATTACH AIRCRAFT TO CARRIER: CAMPAIGN - DATA INI 4. ATTACH AIRCRAFT TO SQUADRON: CAMPAIGN INI #1. LOCATE CARRIER STATION: TERRAIN FOLDER - TARGETS INI [TargetArea085] Name=Dixie Station (Matches Base Area in #2, and Base Area in #3) Position=774000.00,352000.00 (Can be altered. Use Mission Editor to determine coordinates) #2. ATTACH CARRIER TO STATION: CAMPAIGN - DATA INI [CarrierUnit008] CarrierType=CVN-65 (Folder name in OBJECTS - GROUND OBJECTS) CarrierNumber=65 (Matches Carrier Number in #3) BaseArea=Dixie Station (Matches Target Area Name in #1, and Base Area in #3) #3. ATTACH AIRCRAFT TO CARRIER: CAMPAIGN - DATA INI [AirUnit011] AircraftType=A-6A (Any USN aircraft) Squadron=VA-192 (Can be called anything, but should match first part of Unit name in #4) BaseArea=Dixie Station (Matches Target Area Name in #1, and Base Area in #2) CarrierBased=TRUE (Make sure it says this) CarrierNumber=65 (Matches Carrier Number in #2) #4. ATTACH AIRCRAFT TO SQUADRON: CAMPAIGN INI [USNUnit005] UnitName=VA-192 Golden Dragons (Can be called anything, but should match squadron in #3) UnitID=11 (Matches [AirUnit011] in #3) StartDate=03/30/1972 (Make sure all elements have same date overlaps) AircraftType=A-6A (This will then show in Create Campaign page)

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