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hi all 
my hard drives got corrupted then  wiped then while booting after recovering them ,  the one with all my FS2 / FE2 stuff got the CLICK of DEATH trying to chkdsk for the thousandth time!
so i was whining on the phone to my brother & he said have you tried WAR THUNDER so I did & it's GREAT in SIM mode it is amazing !
& they just brought out a 64bit  CDK pack to get into the game engine !
that lets the community users add 3D PLANES !!
So I thought of All the HARD work that has already been finished here so many great 3D models are already made 
so maybe if you have something you would like to share with flight simmers in WAR THUNDER  you could port them over also they are up to  Korea already but only a few like mig15 Sabre meteor f8   
but there is so much that can be done 
WW1  is not touched yet 
and 60's 
there are always about 40,000 online at any 1  time so your contributions would make a lot of flight simmers very happy bunnies !
although i must say I spend most of my time in the TANKS part  of the game but that because there is no WW1 yet but IT IS TRULY AMAZING!
& totally free !!??  

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