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Mig21 SM_MF Croatian AF.7z

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Mig21 SM_MF Croatian AF.7z

roatian Air Force 21st Fighter wing Mig-21 SM\MF grey check skin. as requested ..


Seperate install of stock Mig21-MF set to friendly as its Croation AF a\c.




Extract contents,then copy and paste or move to your mod folder of choice.

allow overwrite of files.

Then go fly..




Skin Folder


Effects Mig29ab


croation 21st squadron entry..


open your sqadron.lst

scroll to bottom,add entry below,change XXX to match your sqd list numbers



Name=21st Fighter SQD.

DisplayName=21st Fighter SQD



Shift and 0 open canopy.


Thats about it...


Subject to Combatace.com freeware policy




Skin by me Russouk2004

Decals By me

Mig21 ....Thirdwire.

Pilot Red7011 By Diego IIRC

Mig21KV1 Seat Not known

Cockpit....Not known..


Edited by russouk2004
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