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FJ-3M Fury Skins Pack 1 for SF1


You will need the columns5's FJ-3M Fury mod to Zur's F-86 Sabre for these skins here:



Five FJ-3M Fury clean skins:


1 = VF84 - FJ-3M - Repaint of pappychksix/Wrench's VF-84 skin.

1 = VMF232 - FJ-3M - Semi-Fictional Repaint of David "USAFMTL" Slavens' FJ-4B DBF skin.

1 = VMF312- FJ-3M - Repaint of pappychksix/Wrench's VMF-312 skin.

1 = USN Blue Camo - Fictional - FJ-3M - Repaint of Mitch's F-86F_German skin.

1 = VMF122 - FJ-2 - Semi Fictional Repaint of VMF122 standalone skin I have but I don't know where I got it or who the original author is. If anyone know's whose skin this is, please tell me so I can credit them. VMF-122 actually used this skin on their FJ-3's. I wanted an FJ-2 Fury to compliment the Navy Blue Phantoms, Banshees, Skyraiders, etc. of the Korean War era. So I downgraded a FJ-3M to an FJ-2.


DECALS: These skins use a mixture of default and other Fury skin decals. As I can't release other peoples decals without their consent, you will need to find some of the decals in other Fury releases. PM me if you need help with these.


For the VF-84 and VMF-312 skins, use the decals from pappychksix's Fury Package here:

http://combatace.com/files/file/2255-fury-package/ ... OR ... Wrench's SF2 FJ-3M Package here: http://combatace.com/files/file/12233-fj-3m-fury-by-zur-and-co-for-sf2/


For the VMF232 skin I have NO idea where I got the decals to use for this skin. But probably from pappychksix/Wrench's Fury packs. Choose your own.


For the USN Blue Camo fictional skin, use which ever declas you like. I used TW default decals for my skin and probably some from pappychksix/Wrench's Fury packs.


For the VMF122 skin ... I have a stand alone VMF122 skin I repainted. I think I used the decals from this original skin. I used VMF232 numbers, but you can use whichever you wish. The problem is the original skin doesn't have a readme and I can't find where I got it from. Anyone who know's the original author please pm me where it can be found so I can post that information here.


These skins are fairly clean as I'm not very good at weathering so feel free to add your own dirt. To repaint some of these skins such as the VF-84, VMF232 and VMF312, I had to paint over the existing paint to eliminate the old panel lines and rivets. Unfortunately, this means I also painted over the great weathering on these skins. I apologize to the artists of the original skins.


They were made using my F-86 Sabre/FJ-3 Fury templates. They are in .bmp format, 2048x2048 for SF1 but they might work in SF2 with a bit of tweaking. You can of course make them smaller if your computer can't handle the large size. If you have trouble making them smaller, pm me and I'll see what I can do.



There is included a clean drop tank skin for those that wish to use it. Just drop it into your existing Tank_F86 weapons folder. Overwrite when asked. Also a clean skin for the FJ-2 Navy Blue VMF-122 Tank-FJ2.


INSTALLATION: Unzip to a folder/place of your choice. Copy, Move, Drag-n-Drop or do whatever you wish to get the skins folders into your FJ-3M aircraft folder. If you want the blue FJ-2 VMF-122 drop tank, you will have to add the Weapondata entry to your install's weapondata.ini and run the weapon editor. Drop the Tank_FJ2.bmp and Tank_FJ2.lod into your weapons folder.


They were inspired by:














and MANY others who've contributed skins and mods to this wonderful plane.


If I forget or miss anyone who deserves credit for anything I release, I apologize. I have no intent to abuse or misuse anyone's property or claim it as my own. Please contact me to correct any error.


I'm releasing this under the Combat Ace Fair Use Agreement. Use it anyway you wish for personal use. For any other use, please contact me first.


If you find any problems with this release, please PM me. If you improve it, please PM me a copy.



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Correct me if I'm viewing this wring but it looks like your using the 86 as a proxy?


If you are... there actually is a -3M Fury floating around here somewhere...   :happy:

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You might be right.  There are a few versions floating around.  But the only SF1 FJ-3M I found in the SF1 download section is the one I pointed to.  Seems there used to be more, but maybe just my failing memory.


Seems to me I have a few versions from SF1 through SF2.  Trying to keep track of the correct skin for the correct plane gets confusing.  For instance, I have SF1 skins for the F-86's with the gunports cutout of the lod.  No painted-on gunports for those planes. 


But some SF1 Fury's don't have the gunports cut into the lod.  So I have skins for those with gunports painted on.  


Then there are the different SF2 planes with the same problems, etc...


Either way, great planes and I get a-hell-of-a-lot of enjoyment out of them.  Thanks for them.


Anything new in the wind?

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Anything new in the wind?


Sadly I hung up my 3D-design ambitions...   I just ran out of time and interest ultimately.


My last foray was the F-86-H which I largely completed the lod-1 model and then donated it to the community to take the rest of the way across the goal line.  AFAIK it's in someone hands to be finish?

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