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Want to Make Some Changes - But Not Sure if it can be done

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Hi community,


Please bear with me here, long post follows.


I have installed and uninstalled several of the Thirdwire sims over the years, mostly because like any good IT geek I regularly blow away my computer and rebuild it. Over the years though, I have found SFP2 Europe to be the most enjoyable, at least for me. With my latest install, I would like it to be very modded, but I'm not sure if it can be done. I would like to have just a single campaign that covers a Soviet invasion of Western Europe in the early '80's; say between 1980 and 1983-4. But the things that are throwing me are the aircraft and objects in the default sim. I am also happy to be corrected about any of this by the way.


For example, I cannot recall F-100's or F-105's being based in Europe at that time. The same for some of the early MiGs such as the -15, -19 etc. Also, what the community here lists as 4th generation fighters (Sepecat Jaguar) I can recall seeing actively in England in the late 1970's. By the way; this is not a criticism to the modders here, more Thirdwire. I have the option because of this community to put these aircraft in.


So, my main question is if I pull aircraft out, and put in new ones, will it break the default Red Lightning campaign? I would rather be mixing it with Floggers etc, as would have been the case. Same applies to having up to date SAMs. SAM activity seems not aggresive enough to me. I would also like to *attempt* to build a new similar campaign, but from a Soviet perspective.


Final question, I've searched the forums, but can I reduced the text size for the radio messages that appears in the top left of the screen?


Once again, many thanks in advance to this awesome community.



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but can I reduced the text size for the radio messages



pull the MessageSystem.ini from one of the cats -- iirc, the FlightDAta.cat. Place it in the /Flight folder (create if you ain't got one) and edit the top section. Make sure you HAVE the font you want, as the game engine searches for it. Again, iirc.


If you remove ANY stock aircraft or objects of any kind, ALL stock campaigns will turn to junk

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Thanks for the help Wrench, very much appreciated.


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