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IAI Dagger A

The remaining Israeli Nesher aircrafts were refurbished and exported to the Argentine Air Force in two batches, 26 in 1978 and 13 in 1980, under the name Dagger, comprising 35 Dagger A single-seat fighters and 4 Dagger B two-seat trainers.


They formed a new unit, 6th Air Group, and were immediately enlisted with the help of the 8th Air Group (Mirage IIIEA) and the Peruvian Air Force, already a user of the Mirage 5, due to the escalating crisis with Chile of that year.


During the 1982 Falklands War, they were deployed to the southern naval airbase of Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, and an airfield in Puerto San Julián and despite the distance to their targets and lack of aerial refueling capability, managed to make 153 sorties against both ground and naval targets on the 45 days of operations. In the last role, they damaged HMS Antrim, Brilliant, Broadsword, Ardent, Arrow and Plymouth. Eleven Daggers were lost in combat (nine by AIM-9L Sidewinders fired from Sea Harriers and two by surface to air missiles).


In the 1979 contract with IAI, the Argentine Air Force stipulated that the Daggers would be equipped with new avionics and HUD systems to take them to the Kfir C.2 (and beyond in some subsystems) standard. The program, named Finger, was underway in 1982 when the Falklands War broke out. With the war over, as some of these systems were made by the British Marconi Electronic Systems, they needed to be replaced after an arms embargo was imposed by the UK. The replacement of such systems took the planes to the final Finger IIIB standard mainly by replacing the British equipment with French-built Thomson-CSF.




- a new plane

- 10 new skins (2048x2048), including Cap. Raùl Diaz's very own plane - decals

- ini edits from stock Nesher




- Ludo for Mirage templates adapted by me

- fake pilot antennas from Falklands mod (included)




- You need SF-2 Israel to use

- put all in main mod folder and overwrite

- that's all




This mod was sitting on my HD from long time (in fact the skins were made in bmp), but it was kindly requested from a friend








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It's amazing to have the opportunity to see a pure delta in flight. It's an old plane and almost a flying museum.

But they are so beautiful.
These pictures are from the Base of Puerto San Julian in 1982, during the conflict.
If you pay attention you can see the fuel tanks with Peruvian camouflage. Newcomers to Argentina. They were sent immediately to help in the conflict
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Thanks for that Paulo! Very very good skin as usual. I have a question - I tried to fly an antiship mission just like the Argentinians did, very low level bombing. All of my squadron planes did a kind of dive bombing pattern, wich seams to be unlikely. Is there any way to set this flat low level strike pattern as default? Wich file controls this? Thanks. :biggrin:

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Wilches In this video you can see as an attack occurs. by Deltas.
at 02:10 you can see a dagger making a run shot


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