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  1. I dare. The WWII and Vietnam ace the all-time hero Robin Olds. Are you testing me? You´ll loose!!!:)
  2. Vietnam aces Steve Ritchie and Chuck de Bellvue. They were great!! Hats off!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Spanish Skies

    Don't forget the gunsight tube Geezer. Please!
  4. This one of the few models with not a single flaw. Simply perfect. Thanks!
  5. @Wrench

    We missing you bro!!! Welcome back!
  6. It´s for real. Remember that SFP2 has some planes, like the WOI2´s Spitfire, that plays on friendly and enemy sides. Each one with its respecive hangar screens placed inside skin folder.
  7. Welcome old mate!! SFP2 ia a world better.
  8. New Aircraft

    Hope it's not the infamous Gitanes. It smells veeeery bad!!!
  9. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Muy feo... No devia volar muy bien. Como estan los Fw190s? Los quiero mucho!!!

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