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  1. If the rolling radius trick won't, it must be TAG=0 terrain issue.
  2. Turbo Mentor you mean...
  3. Only with their permission. As for the A-6, the cockpit alone worth the buy. The plane is ugly and TW´s is a lot better.
  4. Searching planes

    Nice reading M8!
  5. Searching planes

    Fokker D.VI cockpit
  6. Searching planes

    For those interested https://airdromeaeroplanes.com/FokkerD-VI{3-4scale}.html https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Fokker_D.VI Who knows????
  7. Searching planes

    Thanks guys! Perhaps Stephen1918 fill this gap one day.
  8. Gents, I could swear that I saw the Fokker D.VI and the Sop Salamander somewhere to download. After a systematic search I found nothing. Am I crazy?
  9. Never mind! I do neither!!!
  10. Hey Gepard, what do you think on make an overfly London video? Should be awesome!
  11. ...with those beautiful seaplanes all around!

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