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  1. Portuguese P-42B

    Muito gira!!!
  2. Holy crap! Hope it don't take too long!!
  3. Mue, you're the master!!! Waiting the fix. Thanks a lot!!!!
  4. Perhaps it works only on stock planes...
  5. Ok. Tonight I will do it.
  6. Some aircrafts cause CTD and as I said everything set as DecalLevel=0, numbers, letters or roundels, does not shows. Even so, what a marvelous improvement!
  7. Another breakthrough and making history!! Super bravo! Is there a way to read DecalLevel=0? Some roundels not shows up.
  8. Awesome beast. Looks like those Crimson Skies crates.
  9. One of the most iconic series off all. In some ways even better than Thunderbirds.
  10. Gents, during the 60s and for many years the US sent many high altitude reconnaissance baloons to east asia spying soviet activities. Russians employed the aging Tu-128 Fiddler to intercept them, but its success were very polemic. My point is - Could it be reproduced in SFP2?
  11. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Super! Can´t wait!!!
  12. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Mira http://gunsight.jp/c/english/cockpit-e-3D.htm
  13. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Lindo! Take some care on windshield as it was rounded, not flat face. The add front armor for the pilot a thick bulletproof glass was fitted inside the cockpit on the same way as the J2M3 Raiden.

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