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  1. Sily question - this new FM has all the tweaks showed above?
  2. Those big german flak towers ate great! Don't remember wich terrain has it.
  3. No problem. I can live with that.
  4. WIP - Hispano-Nieuport NiD 52

    Fantastic! Looks almost a triplane.
  5. At last!! Fantastic and award winning work!!! But something is missing like the ejection seat. Look the image below. it´s on all single seats. The fuselage color is going inside the cockpit.
  6. Check every single object on Types.ini inside Terrains folder. They must have their counterparts in terrain folder or Ground Objects one. If not, the game will crash.
  7. To be honest, as my game on W10 is running smoothly, to make this update atractive, should be a low price as I said and some extras like FAC missions, Transport missions, water take-off/landing abillity or things like that. Unless is useless...
  8. Spanish Civil War - Heinkel He.51

    By the way, the He 51 had a reflector gunsight.
  9. Spanish Civil War - Heinkel He.51

    The Chirri only needs a telescopic sight and FM. Stephen1918 could make a cockpit, I hope.
  10. I´ll pay with two conditions - No more than 20 bucks and simple install without mess up with my games.
  11. Spanish Civil War - Heinkel He.51

    Geezer's Cr.32 Chirri is exceptional but WIP with some small detail and cockpit to be done. Very promissing.
  12. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Wonderful! I see on the shots that you don't allow the shadows for the plane. You have to do test the shadows to avoid any open mesh to cause those awfull ropes.
  13. Spanish Civil War - Heinkel He.51

    Both Gladiator and Cr.42 were never used on SCW. Sad...
  14. Spanish Civil War - Heinkel He.51

    Thanks so.much Stephen1918!!! Superb work as ever!! The cockpit is awesome. Don't forget to finish the NiD-52. Greetings from a huge fan!!!

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