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  1. Soviet-Polish War addon?

    Good luck and take your time.
  2. Swambast, I think we are talking about different things. I agree with you about everything. Don´t take me wrong.
  3. Don' t ask me where I read this but I can assure you I did.
  4. No. For Copywrite law if anything is 30% or more diferent from the original can be considered as a new. The hard part is estimate how 30% is changed.
  5. If you did 30% or more of changes on model it can be consider a new one. If not, make the credits and go on. It's a sort of "abandonware".
  6. Should be great to keep that skin wich is super!
  7. Congrats! Very very good work. The most convincent modern pilot so far.
  8. Soviet-Polish War addon?

    This will be great.
  9. What a surprise!!!! Looks very good. A much needed plane for sure. Hope it has a dedicated cockpit. A millions of skins to be done!!
  10. Soviet-Polish War addon?

    I meant your own map in this very topic. Usefull for 3 scenarios at least - Soviet/Poland 1919, Blitzkrieg 1939 and WW2 Eastern Front 44/45.
  11. Soviet-Polish War addon?

    Not an "Off-topic" but the first time I saw this Poland map I immediately think on a Blitzkrieg 1939 scenario.
  12. Soviet-Polish War addon?

    Nice topic!! As for the aircrafts, some still missing like Ansaldo A.1 Ballila and Breguet XIV for example. The Breguet I have it´s prety much old. Good job!

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