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  1. It could work as a 1945 scenario, with Germans in left side against Russian at right side. A never seen late-war map.
  2. Where´s my cigar... Congratulations and all the best!!!!
  3. The updated from 2017 is the one I need. Could you post a link please?
  4. Vending machines? Good idea for some "Easter eggs"!
  5. I guess it´s not. I took mine from here on SFP1 section.
  6. Gents, I´m looking for a FM update (SFP2 pattern) for the old PZL P.11c. Any help?
  7. Hope to see the IRIAF birds too. They have such beautiful skins, don´t they? ,
  8. Gorgeous! The wingtips should be much more rounded. Looks very squared. Congrats!!!
  9. What about the new Sukhoi series? Another 2 weeks*? (*) Five years

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