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  1. Denis, don't forget to add the drop tanks into the model. Masterpiece!
  2. Could be a Chilean version as well? They were used in clandestine ops in Malvinas/Falklands War.
  3. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Estoy sorpreso! Es magnifico!!!
  4. Some 4th Generation upgraded planes were offered to Argentina as a stopgap until the 5th Gen has been chosen. The Kfir C.10(?) was one of then.
  5. Well, I guess that TW, to make its product more interesting, will add some new features like new plane/s or terrain/s. My guess...
  6. Easy to fix. On the plane's DATA.INI set the plane airbase size =SMALL.
  7. Thanks guys! The plane is the YAP's Ki-43-III. I'll try the ini edit trick. Post results later.
  8. In the Autopilot mode I mean.
  9. Folks, what makes my WWII plane climbs vertically like a rocket after leaving the runway? Is it an DATA.INI mess or what? Is there a fix? Cheers!
  10. I have no doubt to say. That cockpit is the best of all so far!!!!
  11. Both Gunsight and AGGunsight share the same name. That's why.
  12. Some years ago I made something unthinkable. I pick some SFP2 archives and DLLs, droped into SFP1 and ran ok! The graphics looked the same from SFP2. The worst part is...where are they? It's possible.
  13. They are the most wanted addon planes of all.
  14. Great! Believe or not I did the same sometime ago. But your work is far better! Cheers!

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