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  1. Fantastic! When I see all this gorgeous lakes I think on those wonderfull Italian seaplanes. Thanks!
  2. Polish Anatra DS Uploaded

    Hey Stephen, you took me by surprise!!! Thanks so much for the job! Fantastic!!!
  3. It´s worth the wait! Super!! The inside cockpit still needs to be mapped. I know it´s a Beta - just to remind. Congrats!
  4. About Galicja front

    Great info gents! Thanks for the effort.
  5. Folks, is there any a sort of "Order of Battle" or wich aircraft units that fought on Galicja front? Wich planes and units? More specific the german Jastas. Thanks!
  6. Cockpit for the DFW C.5

    Great!! Thanks for that!!
  7. Updated Eastern Front Terrain

    Front view
  8. Good timing! I enjoy it a lot. Thanks!!!!!
  9. Updated Eastern Front Terrain

    Take your time. You deserve a good rest! It´s nice to hear it from you.
  10. Updated Eastern Front Terrain

    BTW, I know it´s not the correct forum for that, but Stephen is there a chance to make this Anatra DS version? It has a new engine cowling,
  11. Updated Eastern Front Terrain

    I´m using the FE2.
  12. Updated Eastern Front Terrain

    Wow! The terrain still surprises me. So many new targets. Awesome landscape. Excelent framerate. No problems so far.

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