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The next game from "Steam and Iron"

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Liking Steam and Iron quite a lot by consistently beating the Grand Fleet to a pulp:D

Meanwhile Naval Warfare Simulations, developer of SAI is making the next game called "Rule the Waves".




Rule the Waves will be a development of the SAI system where the player will control the naval program of a major power from 1900 to 1920 or so. The player will design and build the ships of his navy within the limits of the naval budget, and also have some influence on foreign policy. Interaction with other nations will be simulated with tension levels, which will be affected by foreign policy events and to some extent player decisions. Eventually, when tension gets high enough, a war will break out and the resulting naval battles will be fought out in SAI using the ships the player has designed.

RtW includes research, which will affect design of new ship classes. The player starts with a predreadnought fleet and will then eventually through research be able to build more and more modern ships. But the Kaiser or the erratic naval secretary must be kept happy, and you never know when you need to send a cruiser squadron to the colonies to avert a crisis(or provoke it, if that is in your interest).























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This reminds me of and old game PTO (I think it was called) can't remember off hand.

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