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Red Pilots Pack by The Trooper

This is a full SF2 conversion of the Soviet/Russian/Warsaw Pact Pilots set by The Trooper


All pilots are now in their own individual folders, ready for use in SF2 (any and all versions). This is mainly for those Old Hand ™ that have not converted over, and for the New Folks ™ that may want something better to look at than the stock pilot figure


Also included, is a new "RedAir001" by Eole (which is light years better than the craptastic one I did several eons ago).


Trooper's full instructions are in the zip; in SF2 adding new pilot figures remains the same as in 1stGens. So, be ready for use of the 3W Cat Extractor to pull any and all data inis for editing.


As there are no individual images of the pilots, to make the best choice for use, open the folders and simply view the skin bitmap.


With thanks to The Trooper; and Stratos and Eole, who gave me the push to assemble and upload this.


Kevin Stein


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