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PGMs and Counter Mesures

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I have been away from SF for a while now.

(I know, I know, I've been bad) ;)


Any way, I've seen that many new PGMs, ECM pods and flare and chaff despensers have been developed for SF.


My Q is, how do they work in game?

Does ECM effect inbound missiles?

Do chaff and flairs have an effect?


I understand that PGMs will go for teh selected target.

But do they have any limitations? is there a deference between them or do they just fly to the target box with 100% acuracy?


What parameters are there to play with?





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I don't have a lot of experience tinkering with the PGMs in SFP1, as I've been mostly flying WoV for the last few months. I can tell you about the ECM & CMs, though.


The ECM works quite well, as you can (occasionally) actually hear an acquisition radar lose lock when you toggle/cycle it, if your A/C of choice is equipped with a RWR. It's jamming strength is set by a value in it's, or the aircraft's, data.ini file.


Chaff likewise will cause a missile and or acquisition RADAR to lose lock. It has an RCS parameter whose value can be tinkered with. Flares may work too well at times, usually when an AI opponent uses them to foil an IRM shot that you carefully set up! Again, there is a heat signature parameter with a variable that can be set to mimic realistic (or fantasy!) values.


The values are set in the countermeasure.ini file, which resides in the objectdata.cat and must be extracted from there (using Sky Pat's SFP1E extractor, which I believe is available on this site's download page), and placed in the Objects folder.


The parameters are:




RadarCrossSection=100.0<----- (measured in square meters per bundle)










HeatSignature=100.0<------ ( µm as value? )






I hope you found this useful!

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That sound quite good.


I guess I'll need to get teh latest weapons pack to start trying those out.




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