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  1. Your tempting me. When I just started flying SFP1 I'd have jumped at the opportunity. But I've gotten decent at hitting stuff with the fixed sights. So I guess I'll hold off until the next time I blow a few missions in a row because I can't hit the broad side of a hangar.
  2. Hi Say What!, your reading this out of context, I wasn't trying to say that Israel has no nukes, it most probably does. I was trying to illustrate the difficulty in answering this question, since even their existence must be inferred from circumstantial evidence, it is doubly difficult to infer what exact form the air dropped delivery systems took.
  3. As you state, It is not even possible to prove that Israel has nukes. It's all speculation. While what is known about the Jerrico missiles can give you an idea of the limitations within which a nuclear warhead would need to be designed, for aircraft, the options are much wider in size weight and shape and it's much harder to speculate. Perhaps we can speculate that Israel at this early stage of it's nuclear program would start by trying to copy French or US designs. Same as with it's fighter program. As we have nothing to go on, I'd go with designs based on French nukes as a hypothetical scenario.
  4. That would be great, I hesitate to start messing about lest I break something. Especially the whole upgrade issue with the different skins for different years.
  5. Thanks, really adding fidelity to the game. When I try to select one of the modded skins in campaign, no serial is available. Is this a limitation or a bug? Thanks,
  6. Well I guess I'm not the only one seeing this. I guess the none visible damage is possible, when I had a close pass with a Vampire and he exploded, I was listed as wounded despite not suffering any hits or visible damage in that mission.
  7. The Kadesh campaign involves quite large numbers of guns only jets slogging it out in intense fur-balls. It is a bit difficult to tell who hit whom with what, but it seems to me that there may be an overdose of midair collisions. I've noticed that sometimes, when I overshoot the target and make a very close pass, it explodes, wile I stay intact. It may have been hit by someone right at that moment, but I didn't see him. Here are a couple of screenshots of two AI plains having a very close encounter, the vampire explodes wile the Mystere looks intact, I don't see any tracers, so I don't think someone else shot him. Before After Anyone else notice such strange behavior? Or just too many collisions in general? Later, Ziker
  8. I posted this already but can't find it. So excuse me if there's a double post. The SF2 Expansion Pack 1 is out. With Operation Kadesh for SF2 Israel 1956. It's available on the Thirdwire site It's time to work on your gunnery skill, no missiles to save you in this campaign. I'm happy to report that Mystere IVA squadrons can now be selected in the 1976 six say war campaign as well. Enjoy,
  9. More Pics of Suez WIP on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/album.php?aid=417495&id=187224385202 MIG 15 and Vampire make first appearance.
  10. Excellent! Really loving the more detailed skins. I wish there was a way to get the campaigns to use the correct skins for the correct period automatically. Thanks guys.
  11. Hi jombni, I've got my HUD set at Normal. I've seen at least one more person with this problem. Aren't you getting it? Regards,
  12. Lost, Subtitles after installing patch. Anyone else getting this? Thanks,
  13. Really liked this one in WOI, will it work in SF2 I? Thanks,
  14. I used this in WOI and it's really great, can it be used in SF2 I? Thanks,
  15. OK, I see the problem isn't only on my end. Just did a bug report on the ThirdWire Forum. Thanks

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