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Luftwaffe joystick Knuppelgriff KG 13 repro WWII

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This is a Luftwaffe flight stick reproduced is resin and aluminium. It sports 5 completely wired buttons. The trigger springs up into a safety. The overall length is 65cm, about 25-26 inches long. The stick is perfect for a DIY flight stick project which I never managed to get to. I originally purchased the grip from a well-known German sim equipment maker. The stick has never been used.


I have it up for sale on Ebay starting at $199 which could be a bargain for someone. However, I'm just looking to cover my original purchase price against a strong Euro. $325 and it's yours now.



Am willing to cut the alu post to your specifications to reduce shipping costs. Actual shipping costs, no gouging. Pick up in Phoenix, AZ area welcome.

Any questions? Please inquire.



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