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I just got some new reference material. Google Books used to have online previews of these with about fifty percent of each book available but they recently took them down, so I went looking and found these used editions for a reasonable price and in good condition, they may have been library reverence books. If any modders want some information from these books feel free PM me about it.


I intend to eventually get the 1989 first edition and the 2006 fifth edition. 



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    • By Gepard
      In November 2016 my book "Mi-24" was released by the german publishing house MOTORBUCHVERLAG.
      And so it looks. 207 pages full of informations and photos. (Weight 1.050 gram, for our american friends more than 2 pounds.)
      Written in german language.

      Some guys asked me here in the forum, whether there would be an english edition.
      And here it comes:
      published by Schiffer Publishing in January 2020
      Price 39,99$

      the history of Mi-24 development, from the first steps of the "flying Infantry fighting Vehicle" concept,
      over the Mi-24 prototypes
      to all Mi-24 versions (21 at least).
      A walkaround and detailed description of the Mi-24.
      The armament, including short development history of guns and missiles used by Mi-24s.
      The Mi-24 tactics developed for the war in Central Europe (written after east german Mi-24 combat drill manuals)
      The soviet tactics in Afganistan and the fight against the Stinger.
      A short comparision between Mi-24 and  american attack helicopters of the timeframe (AH-1, AH-56, Sikorsky S-67 Blackhawk, AH-64A)
      The Mi-24 in worldwide use with focus of Germany, but of american use of Mi-24 too.
      Hope you enjoy it!
    • By KJakker
      Found this site for the building plastic models of USAF Aircraft.
      I thought that people here at CombatACE might be interested in it because of what is in their download section.
      Look under "Technical Orders" in the "Type-Specific" page.
      There are manuals for about forty different aircraft that have been flown by the USAF.
      Edit: Updated the links.
    • By Centurion-1
      Yeah so, I was feeling a bit bad about the A-37B languishing on my HDD and actually thought that it needs a new, proper cockpit. To that end, I would very much need the flight manual, so I was wondering if anyone had this particular one? If not, I'll just buy it myself!

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