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  1. The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience

    Just a reminder that "The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience" Alpha V1.0 is now available on Steam.
  2. Just thought I should let everyone know that the people behind Stage9 the Enterprise-D virtual reconstruction that got shutdown by CBS have reformed into Messy Desk Interactive. Their new project, which seems to have the informal blessing of "The Orville" creator Seth MacFarlane, is an interactive recreation of the shows titular ship. Just announced as of Tuesday, 9th July the official release date for "The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience" is the 23rd of July, 2019, 8:00 am PDT. See more links below the video. "The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience" on Steam. Messy Desk Interactive YouTube Channel r/MessyDesk on Reddit Messy Desk Discord Link "The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience" Facebook Page. "Messy Desk Interactive - Virtual Recreation" Facebook Page. https://twitter.com/MessyDeskGames http://www.orvillefangame.co.uk/
  3. In that data file none of the weapon stations have ASM listed under AllowedWeaponClass=. Try this minor data file edit and see if you can load Harpoons now. CF-188B_DATA.ini
  4. Would please you attach the data and loadout INI files for the aircraft in question so I can take a look at them?
  5. I just found out about these and thought I would share. https://apollopreliminarydrawings.com/
  6. The "Ymac=" entry for each wing listed just below the relevant "Chord=" entry appears to be the distance from the center line the given Wing, Outer Wing, or Stabilizer's Ymac is located. Maybe the ReferenceChord= is used as the base reference for the wing and the "Chord=" on each wing is the wing's chord at the distance the "Ymac=" is and/or with intact slats and flaps in retracted or extended position? You might find this thread useful as well. Maybe it should get added to the Knowledge Base.
  7. Well here is the Wikipedia definition of Chord (aeronautics). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chord_(aeronautics)
  8. USS Cod (SS-224) - Naval Legends

    Also here is a link some TDC info. https://maritime.org/tech/tdc.htm
  9. Wrench, did you try the "Lost your Access Code?" link in the Third Wire Download Center? Also have you changed your E-mail address since you purchased DLC 29? I think the address and access code are linked.
  10. I just did that for someone into flight sims that I have been talking to on a discord server. This is what I found, the full cost of all components purchased separately is $431.65 while the all in one pack is $99.99. That is a deal for someone just starting out on with SF2. In fact it is less than three of the regular install components or the and some $70 to $80 cheaper than the total price of just the DLC. Also, if you already have all of the included components. You can get access to the complete pack for free.
  11. Midway 2019

    Speaking of TBD's I thought I would share this.
  12. The "T" tab in the upper left corner or using the R key on the keyboard does it now.
  13. GroundObject decals do not work. Hull numbers and ship names can not be viewed.
  14. I have not had any issues with the player being the lead in a bomber formation either. The only problem is that there is not a way to make your flight drop bombs together in formation on command.
  15. YGBSM

    Interesting photo. Maybe some of your remember this parasite fighter test...
  16. Some other great photography from 1979.
  17. With regard to the B-58 I noticed some data file issues and as such I have been working on adjusting the hit boxes, collision points, and engine thrust points, as well as adjusting a number of other location points to match your model and trying to make the numbers match the data from the B-58A manual. If can send it your way if you are interested. I noticed that you have a FB58FT2k external fuel tank referenced in your data file but I do not see it in the download. The nozzles for the afterburners do not have an animation assigned to them. Animation number 5 for the shocks on the right main gear also does not seem to be working. I also think there might be some issues with the cockpit as when I have adjusted the cockpit to allow me to see out the cockpit windows my head seems to be partly inside the top hatch of the pilots canopy. Looking at photos of the B-58 I think the shape of the front cockpit canopy and windows might be slightly off. Hit box positions before and after my adjustments. Before... ...after. Before... ...after.
  18. Question in geography

    Eastern North America. You are looking east at a slightly southern angle. Lake Ontario is at the lower right with a sliver of the easternmost tip of Lake Erie just above it. Just right of center about one quarter of the way down you can see Cape Cod. See this link for some more info, STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE OPENING CREDITS.
  19. Some interesting history videos I found.

    WW2 Warships Still Serving 2019 - Part I WW2 Warships Still Serving 2019 - Part II
  20. I found an interesting channel on YouTube and thought I would share some of the videos. I have heard about some of these before but I still learned some details that I was unaware of. Note: The Intro can be a bit loud so beware headphone users. The story of the S.S. Stephen Hopkins. The History of the First Combat Helicopter Rescue. Battle of the Bulge: Duel at St. Vith, Belgium Note: He makes a slight range error in the excitement of telling this story. The range should be 25 Yards = 75 feet. The Night Witches Icarus versus U-352
  21. If you will let me I would like to try my hand at updating the data files for the HAWK system.

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