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Cure for Micro-stutters in IL-2 & LOMAC

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Are any of you experiencing micro-stutters in some games? Such as LOMAC or any of the IL-2 series? If so, there's a possible cure, one that I can honestly say worked for me: Adjusting your video card's latency value.


I'm sure that some of you may already known about this for a while (right, Buff?), but for the benefit of those that did not, here's a link to a thread at Guru3D detailing the problem, and the cure: AGP/PCI LATENCY


After reading the thread (and downloading and installing Guru3D's PCI Latency Tool as per the directions provided), I was quite surprised to not only find the expected latency value of 248 assigned to my GeForce 4, but also saw that my Promise ATA adapter was hogging the PCI bus as well, with its value set to 240!


I experimented with AGP values between 64 and 128, and set the values of the other PCI devices at 32. The results? No more micro-stutters in IL-2 or LOMAC!


I strongly suggest that you give this a try.

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Doesn't work for everything though. :sad:

I tried it once for something & it didn't make a blind bit of difference - think that I ended up disabling fast-writes iirc.

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