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4.0 was released today by accident, It was suppose to be released tomorrow. I found a link for it at SimHQ. 140 Meg in the merged install, not sure about the stand-alone.

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Be very careful about installing this, apparently it may be corrupted.


Wait until you hear an official word from Ubi.

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I'll wait for the *Real* patch,


I've been burned before...


Wait all you want, IT IS the real patch. Just wasn't suppose to go live until tomorrow. I downloaded it before I read any forums ("Just the one that said the patch is out" and then I didn't read anyting just lookin for a link.) at the French site check six. The clouds and flight models are great. Haven't done much flyin, and probably won't as I don't mess with this thing that much anymore.


Once the cat is let out of the bag, you'll never get it put back in. Grab it and enjoy Oleg and companies work. It's amazing. :grin:


Besides, it's still alive link on the 1C site and Check Six site. So can't be too bad. If anything I feel kinda bad for Oleg as they stole his thunder.


NEW UPDATE: :victory:


From reading the forums at ubi, the new patch will be recompiled to be version 4.01, but will be able to be installed over the so called leaked patch. So if your waiting, time will be as usual 2 weeks from tomorrow. :lol:

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