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Mig-21 F/MF/R Fishbeds in Iraq. SF2. vol.1

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Mig-21 F/MF/R Fishbeds in Iraq. SF2. vol.1

Iraqi Air Force Mig-21F, MF and R versions.
This pack includes some pilot files, weapons and skins.


All skins are new made by me based on comrad's great template http://combatace.com/files/file/14482-mig-21-mfsm-temps/
I repainted few things and added few new (like on F skin).


All national markikngs are painted. Only decals are serial numbers.


Ive added new PTB-490 liter fuel tank.
Also "pilot" folders are added.
fake pilot SPO-3pod is rapainted to match R version skin.
SPO-3 fake pilot by Spillone104
Fakepilot mod is needed to run MiG-21R.


It includes ini files; loadouts, avionics, cockpit etc. Those files are edited little - mostly changes in weapon stations.


INI files are borrowed from MiG-21 Complete pack by ataribaby http://combatace.com/files/file/9488-mig-21-complete-pack-sf2-18/
FM is (i think) medium setings from Fubar512 settings.


Cockpits and avionics are from Paladrian MiG-21 set
AmokFloo for KV1 seat


Decals are set to randomization=TRUE and using standard TW decals set.


Have fun
Jarek Hereda.


If i missed someone work here sorry for that, It was not intensionaly.


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      All skins are new made by me based on comrad's great template http://combatace.com...-21-mfsm-temps/
      I repainted few things and added few new (like on F skin).
      Pack includes only skins. There is no ini files, for decals etc. So it can be easly configured for your use. Just replace old ones or just create new folder fornew paint.

      Have fun
      Jarek Hereda.
      Submitter yakarov79 Submitted 06/30/2017 Category MiG-21  

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