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  1. For dog sake. Do you really need to quote the whole post with all those screenies? We have seen that nearly a year ago...While allenjb42 post was enjoyable at the time ...your quote is not. Definitely not. Really hard to see a point of copying those pictures and asking questions while you could use a private message system - which works perfectly fine on this forum. not to mention ...You did not bring anything valuable to the screenshot thread from yourself. as for screenie.. my new substitutes for the most common stock ground objects...
  2. except for fuse, there is not much of a difference between earlier models. RD1 and TD1 were introduced in 1983. R-40RD1/TD-1 was equipped with 'radio - optical' fuse. Not sure if this is the correct translation, but that how it is in Russian language. Doubt that warhead was heavier. I believe it was still the same as RD / TD. And that is stated in one of my books. 55kg. different fuse - 'Bekas'. one of the better sources for Russian info was website ракетная техника or something like this. Do not remember the web address now. Of course, it is in Russian. But plenty of good info. edit: and Russian magazines are quite very informative. A lot of technical info, drawings - a very professional approach to topic. poping up in ebay quite often.
  3. you can check torno Fw-190-Ta-152 topic - he did a fantastic job on spinner/propeller.
  4. You need to leave Su-35 for the enemy only. Those planes are intended to be shoot at - not to fly.
  5. eye candy only. many of us are putting it in loadouts for the sake of 'kosherness'.
  6. most of the guys here had no experience when started tinkering with SF. Remember - if you are not modding you are not playing at all.
  7. Yea. If done properly legs, hands, etc could be very entertaining in-game.. But as you said..If not interfering with gauges/display readings. Was thinking about this...in future pits...We will see. What an ancient game you brought to life on those screens!
  8. you need original 3dmax file of the cockpit - then you can play with it. Add pilot legs or even any other limbs...but this is already creepy) You can not import lod file and edit it. Or - actually, you can import lod file (I am not gonna tell how and what) but it will still not bring you any closer - as a max file from imported lod is generally unusable. personal use or not - would be at least appropriate to ask modder of the original file.
  9. Should not be a problem. Have decent memories with Robur also! Considering I was born and raised in Eastern bloc... recently I'm leaning forward some "red side" models more often. meanwhile... Planning to do LAK-2 variant next. also have 4 door cab...(good for Tanklöschfahrzeuge - did NVA use them ?) if someone desires some specific version....bribe accordingly and we will see what we can do.
  10. worry do not. I have 4x4 bottom also.
  11. But he can still enjoy the 'old' version. Which is quite new (considering how often new mods are popping up) perhaps 2 weeks

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