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  1. F/A-18 Korea (1997~Windows 95/98)

    Ha! me too. Loved this game. Whole F/A-18 series. Back in days.
  2. F-84F Armée de l'Air Skinpack (3W)

    Bravo !
  3. SU-30SM

    another rip-crap
  4. SF2 F-4C-67 Phantom II, Hawaii ANG

  5. Dassault Mystère IVA

    Love it. Thanks for your effort. And refreshing oldies. Keep going.
  6. As I said many times before. Research. Provide modder with all available info on the subject. This makes life easier. Just in case someone wants to help. Not only demand.
  7. Like the previous SA-3 system, I am trying to make a new complete system for SA-2,4,5,6,8. Radars, support, TELAR, etc... really sideline projects, in slow progress, but it is ongoing.

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