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  1. https://store.thirdwire.com/project_sf2_exp2.htm https://store.thirdwire.com/project_sf2_exp1.htm
  2. Speech Enhancement

    Very nice. Would like to hear more female voices anyway... Very good addon.
  3. yes ... few you can find in the download section. On the other hand. What is your interest? What kind of mods you are interested. What are you expecting from mod? Then go to download section and get some, check, play. and so on. If you just came across SF2...might be you need to read the knowledge section of this forum...So you will not be surprised or disappointed. The thing with this game is.. mods are modable. So you can change anything in existing mods. to your expectations. But this is a different story. Get familiar with the game and modding structure. As for the campaigns.. some good mods have good campaigns within.
  4. bad thing we don't have proper anti-ship/submarine warfare... dipping sonobuoy, towing MAD, dropping depth charges....
  5. Yes, it is annoying. After years I've made one ultimate solution - unfortunately, it screws campaign thing (I haven't played campaign since 2010 so am fine with it now) . Thing is. All stock modified by me aircraft has a different name of a folder - example standard Canberra B2 changed name RAF_CanberraB2. and so on. Literally, I have no stock named aircraft - no way game will overwrite this. If the game decides to overwrite it will just create new folders of stock planes..but no harm to my modded ones. Same goes with my ground objects...no stock name. Yes, it is a strange thing but I'm fine with this. And I have everything the way I want. And the game will not fool with me anymore. But this is my solution. I
  6. yes or just change name of the present LOD and copy those from zip file. In case you want to move back to the previous one you will have a backup at hand.
  7. Tornado GR.1 Desert Storm

  8. Tornado GR.1A

  9. You want drones and target tugs also ?
  10. Just another targets Hello! long time!
  11. maybe someone can take over?

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