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  1. another two vehicles just for populating target areas, artillery command & control & recon vehicle on MT-LBu. 1V14 and artillery radar on MT-LB chassis SNAR-10 known as 1RL232
  2. I suppose you will be the one that will test it for the first time
  3. If ever we will have a 'Post Acolyptical Walking Dead Steam Fallout' mod for SF2 I want a squadron of this in my private army. The early 1980s recession was a severe blow to many countries. The Iranian revolution was also causing the rise in oil prices pushing the already high rates of inflation in several major countries including the Federal Republic of Germany. German government sought help in other European countries, the United States without success. Unexpectedly in 1984, Helmut K. signed an agreement with the German Democratic Republic that guaranteed safety for the West German economy and led to an agreement on the conditions for German unification in 1985. After reunification, many western assets strengthened the NVA arsenal.
  4. T-54 T-55 model 1971 and some crappy improvements from the dunes. T-62 T-62 model 1972 of course, regarding all differences between models, I picked the most visible differences to be featured in certain models...
  5. in 3d max check, KeyFIlters should be 'on' scale ...or all to make sure. Do not scale mesh. You should open mesh on vertex select all vertex - start animation Key set to (1) - move to key (10) - scale (and move) vertexes to required (100%) size hit set key on 10. close mesh. Should work. Also, the mesh should be ready. Do not attempt to edit polys, vertexes, or anything after the animation is set - otherwise, the animation will be lost. Even simply going to UVmaping menu after animation will reset and screw the animation. You can only edit via modifiers - edit poly/mesh. Do not mind lod viewer - in many cases, it will not show animation properly. You have to test animation in-game.
  6. Can not be underwater. But we have fake topwater torpedoes. I think it was added to ODS30 Nimrod.
  7. Yey indeed! WIP... Need also some good reference photos for panel lines, stencils, and all that crap on the skin...

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