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  1. years ago we had some ideas with Killerbee when working on flight line objects pack...He uploaded pack, around 4 years ago, however, I do not remember what other things were in that pack...Definitely he put floodlights back then..and we discussed some strobes..but not sure if it was finalized. (can not check at the moment...so ..just giving ideas where to look at..) so check that pack...maybe something is there.
  2. Depends on point of view. Easy things can be difficult. F-117 is quite a complex model....but guess I never modeled one...so I don't know for sure.
  3. You mean that guy does not deserve respect then... If he wished not to share, show or finish his work....just make peace with it. Move on. There are plenty of other models. No one gonna dies because there is no specific model in-game.
  4. There is always a need for a new better-looking one. This gives the player a chance to chose suitable model for his own game. I prefer quality than quantity.
  5. F-22 is equipped with Launcher LAU-141/A - which launch missiles off the rail, not throw away from the bay. That is why LAU-141/A is fitted with motor plume deflector which prevents damage to the side of weapon bays when launched Another story is in main weapon bay which is fitted with LAU-142/A AVEL (AMRAAM vertical launcher) this launcher carries and ejects AIM-120 missile before launch.

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