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  1. To avoid messing in the news thread, dear users, please report all 'strange' things here. Keep in mind that few guys get into modding those stuff barely a few months ago..and we have what we have. Somehow we are quite proud of what we achieved in a short time. As you may know, (or not yet) many aircraft have new skins, also new decals sets. We put a lot of effort to double-check everything. But I guess we overlooked few things. So I am asking you to point out bugs and beetles. So we can improve ODS 30 more and more. The same thing applies to weapons. If something is not working (and we already have reports of few bugs) let us know we will fix it. We might be able to help instantly with some quick fix...or we will collect data and proceed with some minor updates. Also If you are in possession of some unique and spicy knowledge about units, aircraft, serial numbers/tactical numbers, nose arts, weapons that we missed - let us know. This might help and will be much appreciated. Do not treat this thread as some kind of a wish list...As a very peculiar collective, we are fixed on how aircraft should appear in-game and we will still continue that way. So if some aircraft is not flyable - perhaps it has no dedicated cockpit. And as long as the situation will not change said aircraft by default will not be flyable. But...we are open to suggestions.
  2. this is a polite way of screaming, no anger at all. Delicate, friendly scream.
  3. this: (add to your aircraft data.ini // to turn off 'feature') //[PilotEject] //SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT //PilotModelName=A10US80 //CanopyNodeName=A_10_PILOT //SeatID=2 or this: SystemName[012]=//PilotEject will solve the issue. At least temporary.
  4. Keep in mind that if you need help with UVmapping and skins...my paint barn is currently empty.
  5. this is a very 'light' cockpit, judging from those pics...
  6. Mirage F1C-200

    Excellent job.
  7. Excellent work again. Any chance to have bump maps in 4096x4096? Uploaded somewhere.

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