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  1. yet, you were asking in your 1st post about the real thing in Shooting Star and Sabre. So I pointed out that no HUD in that period.
  2. Make fake weaponstation for rhino with viper's 370gal tanks. And do not load them on rhino. But it will be available for 16 if you choose to use it as your wingman. I am doing this walkaround in some of my helos to have mixed flights (fully equipped) huey/cobra or cobra/loach etc..
  3. no not this....I will try to figure out which one. I think most understand what is HUD and what is simple reflector/gyro reflector sight. You also admit that you know the difference...so why build confusion. you have jet aircraft and piston engine aircraft, aircraft...both can fly...but you feel the difference.
  4. come on.. no HUD back then. Map, height, speed, timing, and training. It is nicely described in one of the Meteors' books, can not remember right now which one.
  5. a lot of the thingies/differences are in small details, like tail hook doors/or no doors, intake scoops, front gear doors, wing fences, chaff dispensers, etc etc. I will search over the weekend for what I have. A good source is 'Intruder. the operational history of Grumman's A-6' published by Shiffer. Also, Tailhooktopics blog is a reliable source...https://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2015/09/grumman-6a-vs-6e-intruder.html - must read as many 3d models are based on late A-6..
  6. I can send you max file, (Friday/Saturday)
  7. generally, they are going to the mother's womb for a big deal...small things can be dealt with on-site.
  8. did something like this for a stock drumstick. VA-85 for 1965 CVW-11 deployment. Decal camo on two airframes amid 17 white/greys. And also for TRAM in ODS30.. yours is VA-165 in 1989. I think they painted one more in sand shades.
  9. just some time ago I started Vietnam war squadron deployments. So got some reasearch. no 2 and 7 - are you planning A-6B and A-6C too ?
  10. Mirage F1CR standard F4

    Very nicely done. @ludo.m54 check data for weapon stations in data ini. you are missing some StationID= numbers in sequence...(11,12...and some more) resulting that the last working station is No10.
  11. eh... but if you have two PCs - on one you can play a campaign on the other make mods
  12. @GKABS this is a nice list...but remember you pick aircraft with many versions...so going into F-15E may lead (or should ) into C and D. A-6 and its all versions would be a nice upgrade (although there are some small differences in models like part of the wing for EA-6B...) etc etc. We have quite a decent F-5E. from Centurion (?) right? Viggen is a good choice too! And new improved Tomcat would be great! Side note .. we might have this year refreshed radar nose saber dogs. I am still hoping for Su....any Su to shoot at. I heard some rumors about zipper somewhere someone or this is my imagination. I started to make lines and rivets on KC...yes @daddyairplanes that KC... and since I destroyed countless times my new ground objects..it is time to make new ones... nah...community could also do that..but did not. So... But yes probably a lot would buy said DLC... - which leads me to my biggest complaint about flight sims - for developers air war is only 'fighter aircraft' while in reality air war is won by unsung heroes in transports, recon, elint, sigint, AWACs, tankers, and generally support crews. Imagine flying a 30-day campaign flying only in unarmed sparkvark or compass call. Only a player with balls would do that I have seen worst. I did skins for A-6 - the thing is you have to compromise here and there...

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