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  1. this could be a very useful tool. For setting positions, angles of weapons, pilots fake pilots, etc.... but in that case, lodviewer should read data ini file ? for coordinates? edit: of course, no sweat...we can do this old way...
  2. Hope not before SF3 is released 🤪
  3. It is not really NVG. It is just a simple filter build in max file to give you 'feel' of 'nvgish'. Present also in latest F-16 cockpits, Harrier NA and Plus and some of the helos.
  4. I can mess around valiant in free time....
  5. Those two are not worth any effort applying to that website... I believe it is worth to wait for V bombers here.
  6. Some months ago i was thinking about reworking F-35 also. Stopped after few atempts on skin and decals. Uv mapping is your enemy here. Guess I will wait for new F-35B.
  7. I only bring back my ''theory' when someone is dreaming about importing objects from mobile games...which is pointless. Plus point is - there are much more important thing to upgrade/update than models.
  8. Can be... but we have XXI century and knowledge of communications, cooperation, outsourcing, emails, twitters, faces, and books.. etc...With little effort, even game developer can contact the modding community.
  9. Are you aware that without engine upgrade, features of your dream Su-34 are futile? Without proper A/G engine capabilities...same results will be achieved with any other model. Let's make a deal - I will make you Su-34 with cockpit...you give me game engine update.

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