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XvT/BoP Imperial Operation: Traitor's End

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XvT/BoP Imperial Operation: Traitor's End

XvT/BoP Imperial Operation: Traitor's End 3/12/2017


This is the 12th set of a total of 20 mission sets/TODs that cover the time from from just before the Battle of Yavin, to just after the Fall of the Empire.


With the end of the Uprising, and the destruction of it's leaders, things have (almost) returned to normal in these outlying sectors. In this set, you'll be resuming normal duties protecting Imperial interests, and running down the last remenants of Zaarin's forces in concert with Admiral Thrawn's efforts in several nearby sectors.


These are to be used/placed into your ...Balance of Power/Combat folder.


All missions have been edited for fairness & balance (hopefully!), due the the enhanced AI and weapons effectivness in XvT/BoP. All have new briefings and descriptions. I've added LOTS of radio messages to act as "in game hints" and to further plot lines. Please pay attention to them, as some may save your life or your mission critcal craft.
Also, when possible, other craft in the mission can be selected for Player use, or for multi-player.


As always, =PLEASE= read the install instructions. Of course, the usual "Notes" and other nonsense. There's also, for the first time, a "Hints" section. Don't read unless you want to cheat...remember the Secret Order WILL know this!!


Please note that this mission set =WILL= require one or another of the available Ship/Craft Patches.


When flying the Missile Boat, pay attention to the notation in all briefing descriptions:


Do NOT empty Bay #1 (where rockets or torpedoes are) otherwise you'll loose access to any missiles loaded into Bay #2. This is a fault of the XvT engine, as the MIS, with it's dual bays, was not designed for use in this game.




Kevin Stein


original set for TFCD by Michael Raven circa 2000


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