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A Very BIG Thank You

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I would just like to say a big thank you to all of you guys out there in the modding community that are doing such a good job of keeping this sim alive.


I've not had a lot of time to fly, but recently I downloaded and installed the Korean War mod, and boy, is this payware quality or what! Honestly, I believe that you guys have done a better job on Korea

than even TK could, if he had ventured that far.


I'm hoping that as I'm getting older, and things are starting to slow down for me a little, I might be able to get around to making some mods for this simulator.


The past 5-6 years I've been doing a lot of stuff with FSX, and now also with FSW by Dovetail. Because the formats of the two sims are so similar, I'm not sure what I would need to learn to start modding

for Strike Fighters. Big life change coming up again soon.


Once again, thanks to all for transforming this sim for us all. Your work is greatly appreciated.



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Yep, it's what keeps the game going. One desire we all have though is the source code, then we could truly do pretty much anything. Unfortunately, TK is adamasnt about not giving it away even though it's been stated that they don't have any current plans to keep working on PC editions of the series. Maybe we can take it as good news and consider it a sign of TW still having hopes for the PC series, or the simply doesn't want to, who knows?

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Actually there's a thread around here somewhere that it was mentioned how TK didn't mind us using the source code as long as we didn't put it in payware.


I could be mistaken though.

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