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China Asset Pack (CAP)

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This weekend, Deka Ironwork Simulation (DIS) in collaboration with Eagle Dynamics (ED) will be delighted to introduce the China Asset Pack (CAP). This project targets at bringing the modern Chinese assets/weapons into DCS world as AI units. Currently, the following units are confirmed:

J-11A (AI) [Completed]
JF-17 "Thunder" (AI) [WIP]
052B Destoryer DDG-168 "Guangzhou" [Completed]
052C Destoryer DDG-171 "Haikou" [Almost Completed]
054A Frigate FFG-538 "Yantai" [Completed]
YJ-83 Anti-ship Missile [Completed]
YJ-62 Anti-ship Missile [WIP]
9M317 Surface to Air Missile [Completed]
HQ-16 Surface to Air Missile [Completed]
HHQ-9 Surface to Air Missile [Completed]
PL-5EII Air to Air Missile* [Completed]
PL-8 Air to Air Missile [Completed]
PL-12 Air to Air Missile* [Completed]
WMD Multi-function Targeting Pod* [Completed]
RKL609 ECM Pod [Completed]
AKU-170 Adapter for R-77 missile on J-11A [Completed]
PF-12 Adapter for PL-12 missile* [WIP]

*Launch platform JF-17 might not be included in initial release.

CAP will be added to DCS World free of charge. Our future goal is to add more AI units into the package, although details and dates are still uncertain.

During the development, we have received help from some players as they have provided the initial 3D model of three warships. With assistance from ED, the LOD, damage model, animations and model corrections are almost finished. We have also completed ships' weapon systems.

Since it's a fan package for free, and the JF-17 developement needs to be focused on later, we may slow down the progress of adding other Chinese asset as AI. But if any of you are willing to help or contribute, that would be awesome and absolutely welcomed!









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