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launching a missile animation

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I recently noticed that some missile, when launched, they are going up, instead of "falling" until their booster kicks in. Maverick (AGM-65A and AGM-65B). Their settings is the stock ones so I wonder why is that. Other missile fall as they should. Any idea ?

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I also noticed that F-102 and F-106 baydoor animation won't work for the A.I. The missile goes through plane when released. Why doesn't it work for F-102 and F-106 but for bombers do? Tu-16 and TU-22 A.I. "know" to open the baydoor before releasing bombs.

Could this issue be solved by a syntax or something. I saw at SF2 series that there is an line command : AutomaticDoor=TRUE. I tested and it won't work for SF1.

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