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Sky High

Black Planes

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Forgive me if this is so rudimentary that I should know it, but I have recently installed Von S' great tweaked FM pack, and created new planes with the new plane and data inis provided, but am getting black planes with no skins. For example, I copied my Fokker Dr1 and renamed it Fokker Dr1_150, put the relevant plane.ini and data.ini in the plane folder, and the Dr1_150 is flyable, but it is entirely black. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

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You have to rename the Data.INI and the Config.INI. Such as "Fokker Dr1_150_DATA" and "Fokker Dr1_150". Also in the new "Config.INI "file rename the data lines at the top under [AircraftData]


AircraftFullName=Fokker Dr1_150
AircraftShortName=Fokker Dr1_150
AircraftDataFile=Fokker Dr1_150_data.ini  <------------------- here
LoadoutFile=Fokker Dr1_loadout.ini
UserList=Fokker Dr1_UserList.ini
CockpitDataFile=Fokker Dr1_cockpit.ini
HangarScreen=Fokker Dr1_hangar.JPG
LoadingScreen=Fokker Dr1_Loading.JPG

The Dr.1_150 can use all of the other stock Dr.1 files

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Thanks for your help, Quack. I have done as you say, but the problem remains. Strangely, I have often done this before, without problems, but several of these new FM's are just not working out for me.

It has also come to my attention that not only have I a black SPAD 7 (220), but it's pilot is also missing.

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Hi SkyHigh,

Your install procedure as posted in your first post is correct; for all "new" plane sub-types not present on CombatAce or in the stock install of FE2, make a copy of the plane folder, then rename it as per the directions in my FM pack, and drop in the general ini file and data ini file from my plane sub-type folder that corresponds with the one you made.

The Jacobs Dr.1 is a perfect example; when done with your install, you should have a "FokkerDr1_150" folder that contains my FokkerDr1_150_Data.ini file and the FokkerDr1_150.ini too. However, in order to get the plane showing up with a skin, you will have to extract either a skin from the object 3 cat folder of the sim (Jasta 7 skin for the Jacobs Dr.1) - or download one of the custom skin sets from CombatAce and include in the new plane sub-type folder that you made, in this case in the "FokkerDr1_150" folder.

Same procedure works for the 220hp Spad 7, the Pfalz E.II, the 200hp Alb. D.5a, the 135hp Fokk. Dr.1, etc.

Pilots are missing if you haven't installed Stephen1918's new pilots, and also his armed observers.

All the helpful links are located over here:


You will find skins for the Dr.1 there, for the Spad 7 types, also for observers and pilots. The easiest way to figure out if you are dealing with a CombatAce model or stock aircraft, or one of my generated sub-types, is to look at the data inis listed per theater in my FM update packs. If you see that a data ini and general ini file are located in a folder, that means that a sub-type not available in game has been created.

NOTE: I forgot to include the Alb. 200hp (D.Va) in a separate folder in my ver. 9.0 update folder, but in the consolidated ver. 8.9 folder you will see it listed correctly under its own nested folder for the western front, while its latest data ini is in the western front folder in the ver. 9.0 update.

Happy flying gents',

Von S :flyer:

Edited by VonS
Edited typos.
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