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  1. In 90% of cases where the WW1 types won't budge on application of throttle, there's a problem with the rolling coefficient values either for the left/right wheels, or the tail-skid. Those have been changed in my FM update packs whenever necessary - there are tweaked FMs available in the big (ver. 9.9) pack for the Longhorn and Shorthorn too - maybe check those over and see if they "un-stick" on application of throttle. Both types are underpowered as historical but should move - takes a while to get them rolling but eventually they are fine. I'll double-check the Long/Shorthorns in my pack later today just in case - currently still tweaking the Bleriot XI FM for the model Swambast is working on. (Technically, brakes should not be available on these types - maybe they are in some of the stock FMs but otherwise no brakes in WW1.) The modded Long-Shorthorn FMs also remove the old, blocky pilots and observers and replace them with Stephen's much nicer pilot/observer combo (see pic. in link): https://combatace.com/forums/topic/92692-i-have-problem-with-stephens-farman-hf20-unarmed/?tab=comments#comment-748962 Von S
  2. Those who enjoy reading WW1 aerial reports and other (mis)-adventures from that period might be interested in checking over Lady Harbury's Burlesque Studio - A Novel. It's a bit of an eccentric, but entertaining, novel inspired by some campaign episodes in the wonderfully immersive WW1 flight simulator by OBD Software, Wings Over Flanders Fields, and written in the style of the 1910s. The novel runs to about 330 pages in length and is in pdf/eBook format for convenient reading. It is pegged at 10 USD, typical price of a good, old-fashioned paperback in the 1970s and 80s. Link: http://ladyharbury.kissr.com/ Happy flying (and reading), Von S.
  3. Minor modification (revision 2) to FM upgrade pack ver. 9.96 - included in above post - have now included improved rolling coefficients for left/right wheels on the G and H MS variants. See above for details. Von S
  4. Searching planes

    It's a nice aircraft - there is a D.VI in the Plat. Ed. of WOFF, by the way. In the right hands (capable pilot) - it may be a more effective aircraft than the famous D.VII. Top speed on the D.VI is around 200-1 kph, so it's not bad at all - faster than the Dr.1 (of any engine variant). There were also engined-up experiments with the D.VI - Siemens-Halske, Oberursel Ur.III, etc. - 145 to about 160 hp - which should give it a fine climb rate and gentle stall characteristics since the same airfoils are used I think that are also on the D.VII. Somewhere in an interview Mikael Carlson mentioned that he would rather take the Dr.1 than a D.VII into a dogfight - perhaps the D.VI is the sweet spot between a twitchy and stable mount. Here's another looker - the (somewhat obscure) Fokk. D.V: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/aircraft/historic/fokker-d-v-d-5 EDIT: And another interesting link/post where the Fokk. D.V "geometry" is reconstructed - this should come in handy for any 3-d modelers out there interested in WWI models, both for actual models and in-sim models: https://airplanes3d.wordpress.com/2019/04/27/recreating-geometry-of-a-forgotten-wwi-fighter/ Happy flying, Von S
  5. Searching planes

    Sopwith Snipe (not Salamander) available here: https://combatace.com/files/file/13078-sopwith-7f1-snipe-early/ There is no Fokk. D.VI available as far as I know - only the D.VIII (under the downloads section) - the D.VII is stock by the way. For the different variants of the D.VII (BMW, OAW, etc.) - make separate aircraft folders, as per install instructions in my big FM pack - and then you can use the other two data inis supplied there as well - gives you the OAW ("standard") D.VII, plus the later, BMW variant, and the early, 180 hp D.VII used only in May/June approximately of 1918. There's a data ini in the pack for the D.VIII too, by the way - increases top speed on the D.VIII to about 204-5 kph as historical (among other changes). The stock data ini supplied with that 3rd-party D.VIII goes up only to about the mid-160s kph. Von S
  6. Gents', if I add the relevant info. for these objects into the "types.ini" file, and then drop the objects into the terrain folder - will they show up randomly around/on airfields?...or does this require specific positioning via coordinates in the "targets.ini" file as done by our terrain modders for FE2/SF2...for the objects to show up? Any info. appreciated, and thank you for these objects Stephen. Von S
  7. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    Thought I'd post a few more pics. here - using a generic, early MS G stand-in for the Bleriot - but have now flown the FM through a full, brief mission, patrolling around the Suez Canal (March 1915) - brief comments below, with pics. Von S Flight mates can keep up with you - I have given the "cover me" command prior to the pic. below, and it works well Doing a wide turn back across the canal as we pass 1300 m alt. Flight mate responds well to signal to go and land (recommended is not to give this signal below about 600-700 m alt., since the FM is for early war aircraft and pushes FE2 AI to its limits - with enough alt., the AI has enough time to prepare nicely to land the Bleriot) Almost at 2000 m alt. (took the entire patrol to get to that alt. - but is exciting to get that high in a Bleriot), as I do a wide turn from the other direction, and head to land at our field After landing, I did another couple of experiments (have read reports of Bleriots stalling and crashing after takeoff, after engine failure, and if the pilot was attempting a turn at too sharp an angle) - so I did just that, took off, flew a bit, and then turned off the engine as I was in a slightly steep turn, and climb - results in a strange stall that resembles a leaf falling And, depending on the physics that is at work during the stall, you may suffer structural compromise
  8. Welcome back to FE/FE2 gTerl, Yes I regularly fly FE2 (and WOFF Platinum Ed.) - that other WWI sim (ROF united) I hardly ever touch since these two are so much more immersive. FE2 is still great especially for the feeling of flight conveyed - it's remarkable how the data inis, with tweaking, still hold up, even though FE2 is getting on in years. Also the AI in FE2 is holding up really well. Currently I only fly the small enhancements provided on CombatAce for the stock Verdun and Cambrai terrains (different terrain patch colors, etc.) - and of course also your Italian terrains, and Stephen's eastern front and middle eastern terrains. For some reason I spend most of my time flying over Italy and in the middle eastern theater - I like the fact that FE2 is still the only WWI sim. that gives us some of these less well-known theaters, where we can fly some very obscure mounts. I fly all of your maps for Italy (the regular Italy map and also Caporetto) - so I would definitely download your revamp of Flanders too if you ever consider reworking it. Von S
  9. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    @Swambast, sorry for the (slightly) late reply. In terms of the wing shape - the top view and also (curved) side view - the pics. in the post that begin with "First crack at new curved wing mesh..." are superior - and we should go with those - the wings in the pic. posted later are too flat (side view), and also slightly too narrow of a chord on those as well. Yes, as suggested elsewhere by me in this thread - it's best to stick with that one version that you have posted immediately above this post - with that side view - and the top view would correspond with the model indicated in that black-and-white photo below the relevant side-view. The beauty of that version is that it will work well with the 3-cyl. engined-up Anzani, also the 6-cyl. radial Anzani - or even for that matter a 7-cyl. Gnome Omega rotary - it is therefore the most "flexible" version, as you've indicated. Here is the pic. I promised earlier today - the fuselage length should equate in real-world terms to 7.53 meters (without the rudder attached). The wingspan should be about 8.58 meters total (that equates to about 27.9 feet). And we should "cut" a small groove into the trailing edges of the wings, next to the fuselage, as so - to correspond with the model featured in the side view posted. Also extend the span by about one foot and a couple of inches (in real world terms) - for each wing. Span extension and approx. location of groove cutouts indicated in pic. below. The slight span extension will give us a good approx. of the 8.58 meters span that usually went together with those groove cutouts. Notice also the slightly longer chord of the wing required. (My hunch is that the original freeware model was attempting to model the shorter 7.79 meters span, which is about 25.6 feet approx.) (I'll see if I can find another few source photos to post - but I think we should already be fine with those two posted above my post.) Flesh-colored patches indicate linen, behind pilot seat, and cowling up front. Top lip of cowling should extend slightly over the wheel truss assembly, as a kind of scoop, covering the top part of a 6-cyl. Anzani. If a three-cyl. Anzani is used instead, cowling should stop at the wheel truss since the 3-cyl. Anzani will be mounted inside, rather than on the outside, of the squarish frame of the wheel truss assembly. Von S EDIT: Managed to find a good top-view drawing that corresponds with the side-view indicated in the post above this one. Also, look over this top-view as well (while this one is technically for a two-seater, I have indicated the shorter fuselage length and re-positioned the tail/rudder, etc., for a one-seater version). Red line indicates the new final length to the trailing edge of the rudder. Also take note of the repositioned cockpit, in black ink, for the one-seater variant. The orange/flesh toned coloring has covered up, with fabric, the position of the seating for pilot, and observer, of the two-seater variant. Cockpit position is now in the correct place for a one-seater version, giving the pilot a good downward view through the wing cutouts.
  10. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    Shape and curves of those wings look great! Will respond in a few hrs. with a minor illustration/suggestion - specifically in terms of the small cutout near the trailing edge of the wings, where they join the fuselage - as seen on some Bleriots of 1912-3 vintage approx. - also see the side-view of the top pic. in my post a few posts above this one (I think there's a small cutout there as well). It would also be good to do a measurement of the length of the fuselage, in your 3D program, and then to "convert" to real-world terms, in meters or feet. This will then help us to do a real-world conversion of the wing span too. For example, if we go with the cutout on the wings, we should aim for something that converts in real-world terms to about 8.6 meters wingspan (8.58) - since the older-style wings with no cutout are about 7.8 meters span. Fuselage should convert to about 7.53 meters in length. The Bleriot XI variant with 8.58 wingspan and 7.53 meters fuselage is the one to aim for, possibly with small cutouts in the wings - this will allow us to mount either the w-shaped, up-engined 3-cyl. Anzani on it, or the 6-cyl. radial Anzani (either engine will work fine since I've aimed with the FM model for it to approximate 50-55 hp or so, which takes into account both the rare, over-bored Anzani 3-cyl. and the 6-cyl. radial variant ). Von S
  11. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    Re-hauling of the MS Types G and H over the last several days (see last post of the FM package thread) has also resulted in a complete FM now for the Bleriot XI - won't release the Bleriot FM until the model is completed but thought I'd post info. on it below anyway, since it's relevant to this thread. Happy holidays all, Von S
  12. Mini ver. 9.96 FM "package" included here for download: Dec. 25, 2020 (revised Jan. 5) - Includes overhauled FMs of the MS Type G (60 hp) and MS Type H (70-80 hp) for the relevant theaters in which those were used. Also find included slightly updated paints/skins for the Types G and H (located inside the skins folder for the middle eastern theater). These overhauled FMs came about through extensive testing of the 25 and 45 hp "trainer" variants of the Type G that I included with one of the earlier FM packs (ver. 9.1). Have now "retired" those trainer types since they were largely test-beds for early war flight models. Accumulated tweaks have resulted in major overhauls of the Types G and H - and have also resulted in a completed FM for the Bleriot XI (based on the 60 hp MS Type G and reworked) - Bleriot FM not included with this package since that awaits completion of the Bleriot model. EDIT: Rev. 2 of this package includes fixed rolling coefficients for left/right wheels on the MS types G and H, which gets rid of perpetual roll upon dead-stick landing, with full down elevator held. Happy holidays and happy flying, Von S VonS_FMupgradeFE2_Ver996_Rev2_Jan5_2021.zip
  13. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    Very nice, I also like the front gear/engine support structure too - will allow for eny engine mount to be placed there, either the w-shaped 45 hp Anzani, or even the 6-cyl. radial Anzani 60 hp as in this pic. here (https://combatace.com/forums/topic/95551-two-seaters-rear-gunners-rarely-firing/?tab=comments#comment-776250). The beauty of the 6-cyl. radial is that it also doesn't rotate so we don't have to worry about animating a rotary engine, as we would with a 7-cyl. Gnome Omega for example. I look forward to further developments, as I'm sure will other Bleriot afficionados following this thread. EDIT: Interesting link with stats. on several early-war Bleriots at this link, for those who like checking some of the performance stats. (http://aircraftinvestigation.info/airplanes/Bleriot XI-2.html). Von S
  14. Happy holidays to you Sky High and Stephen, and to all fellow FE2 (and SF2) fliers! (Photo by Yannick Bammert, 2010, detail of 6-cylinder Anzani radial, 60 hp.)
  15. A few possibilities to try (even though I have to admit that I never bothered tinkering too much with gunner accuracy - since I've been focusing on FM tweaks instead): a) check the "Internal Guns" section of the relevant data ini file, for whatever two-seater aircraft you are modifying gunners, and look for something similar to the following (this is from the Rumpler C.I file, data for the gunner's weapon): GunTypeName=7.92MM_PARABELLUM_MG14_Gunner -----> change "Gunner" to "HGunner" since some guns, in the relevant Guns folder under Saved Games/TW/FE2/Objects/ contain "HGunner" variant files - those, from what I've been able to find, contain slightly greater ammo/bullet weight (AmmoWt), also greater accuracy GunnerID=2 MuzzlePosition=0.081,0.06,0.623 MaxAmmo=400 TracerLoading=5 BurstAmount=8 -----> possibly also double (x2) the burst amount, in this case 16 instead of 8 EjectShells=TRUE MinExtentPosition=-0.10,-1.9,0.6 MaxExtentPosition= 0.10,-1.2,0.7 b) under the "AIData" section of the relevant data ini, tinker with the following entries: GunnerFireChance=90 -----> increase this if necessary (value in percent) GunnerFireTime=2.5 -----> increase this if necessary (try x2, value is in seconds) GunnerAimOffset=0.0050 -----> for this one, see this thread (https://combatace.com/forums/topic/90596-gunneraimoffset-ai-parameter/); best values are between 0.07 and 0.09, apparently, for good deflection shots - have modified this in the tweaked FM package, wherever necessary, but doesn't hurt to double-check if still having trouble with gunner c) under the "AIData" section, include perhaps the following two entries (for min/max quality of the AI, to avoid novice AI and gunner AI): MinAIQuality=Veteran (or MinAIQuality=Regular) MaxAIQuality=Ace Von S

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