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    WWI aircraft & flight-sim enthusiast, particularly my WOFF PE/UE backport (ver. 4.18, fully "FrankenWOFFed"), and retired FE2 modder.

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  1. Rise Of Flight Screeshots

    "Morane-Saulnier Type H" trick successful in the PWCG ver. 16.x.x - allows the Entente to fly the Fokk. E.III disguised via any of the relevant, available MS Type G/H skins for RoF. Pleased with the results - more info. and a link to download the tweak available under my AI/DM mod. (consolidated) post for RoF United. Cheers all and happy early campaigning in RoF United, Von S
  2. Brief update to this thread - a small FM Addon Package (Ver. 1.2) has been included for BH&H2 under this post. The package includes an early variant of the Aviatik B.I (replaces the stock B.I and is a bit more historical with regard to top speed, etc.). For the WOFF UE/PE version of the same addon, please see the relevant link under this post in the same thread. Cheers all, Von S
  3. Opentrack

    I sometimes use FaceTrackNoir with my backport WOFF PE/UE 4.18 and BH&H2 (latest patch 1.20) - profiles available at the following link. Perhaps the settings are similar or interchangeable with OpenTrack. Cheers, Von S
  4. trueSKY

    As far as I know, trueSky is an Unreal and/or Unity engine plugin - good luck plugging that into modified CFS3-era code. And even if possible to plug in, it would probably result in a nasty FPS hit with the legacy WOFF code. Best is to enjoy the painterly 2D clouds present in WOFF as is - patch 1.17 of BH&H2 brought in some nice cloud enhancements that can also be ported to WOTR, and to WOFF UE-era installs, via JSGME packages. Cheers, Von S
  5. And let's bump up this thread with a few fresh screenies from the new year - I hope to find more free time in the future to return to modding occasionally for FE2 since this, I think, is still one of the best WW1 flight sims when fully modded. Graphics look fine, the FMs are in many ways more realistic/balanced than in RoF - and nothing beats the hands-on action of FE2 with its good AI. While the WOFF series may be the gold standard for campaigns, FE2 really is the go-to sim for quick combat or single missions. And where else can you fly the Morane Saulnier Type N (with the exception of the now ancient Red Baron II/3D). Happy flying all, Von S
  6. Thank you for this Harry - one of these days I will roll your improved/refreshed preload.xml file into my various enhancement packs and tuner packages for WOFF/WOTR, since I currently have an older preload.xml file in those - WOFFers/WOTRers can of course replace the slightly older preload.xml file available in my various tuner/enhancement packages with your newer one, if they like, prior to loading said packages via JSGME. Happy flying all, Von S
  7. Technically not a mod. update - but I have now included my tinkered/subtle settings files, for BH&H2/WOTR and WOFF UE (up to 4.18) - and that I use with FaceTrackNoir (Ver. 2.x.x) - under the following post. More info. provided under that post, as well as in the included "Read Me" file. Cheers all, Von S
  8. FaceTrackNoir (Ver. 2.x.x) "Subtle Settings" located at the link provided below the pic. Settings files provided both for BH&H2/WOTR and WOFF UE (to ver. 4.18). Please look over the included "Read Me" file for more thorough details regarding the two settings files. In short, they are subtle and complement well the padlock view provided in the WOFF/WOTR series. Cheers all and happy tracking & padlocking in WOFF/BH&H2/WOTR, Von S FaceTrackNoirWOFFnWOTRsettingsVer1.0_VonS.zip
  9. Great opening reports gents - looking forward to more. An excellent initial entry Raine - I particularly like the interlude about Mr. Cust (reminds one of the clumsy Mr. Toad from Wind in the Willows). Happy DiDing all, Von S
  10. Hello, I am assuming that the AI increases/decreases mixture often while flying, in conjunction with reduction of throttle - depending on altitude. This is (maybe) one of the reasons why they drop speed more quickly since they reduce both power and throttle to the engine at the same time. Possibly try choosing "auto-mixture" if there is such a setting in the in-sim menu - might help to stay in formation more easily with a large flight - instead of manually toggling with mixture at different altitudes. Also worth experimenting with, if you prefer manually to tweak mixture - is to turn off one of the magnetos while you reduce throttle - that might be another trick worth exploring, to reduce speed more quickly. Don't forget to turn the magneto on again once you have decelerated. I need to find more time to fly WOTR -- from memory, I remember also turning off the battery when flying, and only turning it back on before landing, etc. Flaps I tend to avoid using but instead use the one-magneto-on trick when landing - helps to cut power noticeably. Other little oddities that I remember doing - no need to fly at more than 85% mixture, even when flying low - doesn't add any power and only wastes fuel. You might however want to set to 100% (rich) when landing - if you are worried that your engine will conk out. Cheers, Von S
  11. Hello, recommended is to scroll towards the bottom of the following post - where you will find two links to performance tips for the Hurricane and Spitfire in WOTR - much of the info. is applicable to the BF-109 too. Cheers, Von S
  12. And so it begins - nice to see more mature WWI pilots (such as the crew from The Blue Max) and some hailing from exotic regions, for DiD IV - will see if I can find enough free time perhaps to join once "1916" rolls in gents' - currently still busy with work and all that jazz. Be careful with those under-powered crates if flying some of the early war FMs for maximal enjoyment in 1915. Looking forward to reports of aircraft barely taking off and (very) long hauls to the front, particularly when the winds are in the opposite direction. And keeping my fingers crossed for a dogfight or two between the early Morane Parasol L and Pfalz A.I early war variants - congratulations to all, beforehand, if you manage to overtake and/or land hits on your opponent in such scenarios. Happy DiDing all, Von S
  13. A good compromise therefore with the guns mod. may be to increase the various gun range entries by a value of anywhere from 10 to 30 meters or so above current values - which should keep the actual max. shooting ranges (for the AI) fairly close to distances specified/estimated in the initial version of the guns mod. Thinking out loud here but hope that the info. is of help. Cheers all and a happy new year to all fellow WOFFers/WOTRers, Von S
  14. Please find, available at the link below, my previously released mods. for RoF United Ed. - this time as a convenient, consolidated mod. package. Do read the included "Read Me" files, where available, for more info., particularly the "READ_ME_ROF_General_Info" file that is located in the root folder of the package when unzipped. This consolidated package is provided "as is," with no active support beyond the included explanatory files. Should I ever revisit in particular the AI/DM mod. for RoF United, fresh info. will be posted in this thread. EDIT: Jan. 19, 2022 Update - "Morane-Saulnier Type H Campaigning Tweak" now available below the consolidated mods. link (allows for the Fokk. E.III to be flown by the Entente as an M-S Type H in PWCG campaigns, ver. 16.x.x, in RoF United). [Revision Jan. 20 -- have fixed and included further improvements in the "AircraftInfo" file that is a part of the M-S Type H tweak. Also, don't forget to name your M-S Type H French and Russ. skins as "MS_H_French" and "MS_G_Russian," without quot. marks - for the correct skins to load if running the tweak.] Happy flying all, Von S ROF_ConsolidatedMods_VonS.zip MStypeHcampaigningTweak_VonS.zip
  15. Future plans ?

    Since there is no official sub-thread "wish list" for WOTR - permit me gents to use this one (briefly) as an ad hoc wish list --- here's wishing that WOTR will eventually get the early Mk.I Hurricane (with fabric-covered wings, two-bladed prop., no self-sealing tanks, and about 1000 HP). Possible also is that there was no WEP power option on the early Mk.I (c. 1937 to 1939), but I will let the WW2 specialists do further research into that. The early Mk.I would fit nicely for Battle of France scenarios, obscure pre-WW2 conflicts, as well as for situations having the occasional early Mk.I available for BoB too, for variety. Cheers all and happy WOTRing in early WW2 'crates (also happy holidays to all WOTRers/WOFFers), Von S

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