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  1. Well, flying in FE2 always brings the modding addiction out in me so I'm currently working on a mini, ver. 9.9 update of the FM pack before I tinker with my early WW2 install for SF2. Included will be the atmospherics tweaks posted above (as well as some subtle changes to clouds), also some more subtle changes to balloon explosions, for consistency, and lockout speeds will be included for control surfaces on the following early aircraft (Caudron, Taube, Longhorn, Shorthorn, HF.20, HF.20u, Pfalz E.I, MS type G 25/45/60hp, MS type H, MS L early one-seater, MS L early two-seater, Pfalz E.II, Pfalz E.III, MS type N, Fokk. E.Ia (Parabellum), Fokk. E.II (Spandau), Fokk. E.IIa (Parabellum), MS L late one-seater, MS L late two-seater). Will also include some tweaks to the AI for the Pfalz Parasol since it sometimes tries to climb too quickly, and aileron and rudder sensitivity have been further reduced on the Alb. D.II Oeffag. Should be enough for a mini-update. FM tweaks for the Snipe and some two-seaters that I've never touched on CombatAce will follow later in a bigger ver. 10.0 update. Von S Improved atmospherics Improved mesh numbers and other entries in the flightengine.ini (will provide a mid-range and higher-end flightengine.ini) - these tweaks are particularly good for sightseeing and expansive vistas More tinkering with balloon explosions Let's not forget the observer with parachute tweak for immersion
  2. New Aircraft

    Yes they flap in the wind and look quite nice. Von S
  3. The future of First Eagles

    I appreciate the randomness of the mission generator too. One word of advice - if using the various formation.ini files included with my FM update pack, be aware that the one for lowest congestion/scarcity of aircraft, that often creates lone-wolf single missions, may sometimes crash FE2 (perhaps FE1/FEgold too) depending on the mission type selected. While not a big problem, it's worth being aware of. I particularly like lone-wolf missions for the early war, with hardly any aircraft in the sky for miles and miles, as historical. I will see if I can somehow combine commands included in the missioncontrol.ini and formation.ini files, for a future ver. of the FM pack - although I will be somewhat busy with my early WW2 install for SF2, for a while. Happy flying, Von S
  4. Been tinkering some more with the environsys files for FE2, also for WW2 and Cold War installs in SF2 - will eventually include this with a ver. 10.0 of the FE2 FM update pack. Have now gotten a more subtle blue color for noon and afternoon skies in FE2, and a slightly more subtle horizon color (always thought the default blue was a little too saturated). Will also tinker further with explosion effects for observation balloons soon...ideally I'd like to get an effect between the one included around ver. 9.0 of my FM pack, and the very small effect included around ver. 9.5. Notice also the nice spiral that the downed Mosca MB-bis is making in one of the pics. - that's one of the many things I love about FE2 - destroyed aircraft follow the physics of flight - no scripted crashes in FE2/SF2 that use only a limited number of patterns. There was also a Spad A.2 that went into a flat spin after being flamed but I didn't have time to take a pic. in the excitement of the battle. Happy flying, Von S P.S. These pics are with dx10 on (from the BootCamp side of the Mac).
  5. Can't comment specifically on the A-10 but the physics largely depend on the aircraft type. Lighter aircraft with a large wing area (think WW1) will usually turn in the direction of the rudder movement and also go slightly nose up, particularly with all-flying rudders that lack a vertical stabilizer. Heavier aircraft made of metal instead of wood might display more yaw but less movement, initially, in the direction of the rudder turn. Plus there are further variations - which depend on rudder sensitivity and max left/right movement of the rudder (for example, rudders on Tomahawks and Kittyhawks being more sensitive than on something like the Jug). By sensitive I mean more rudder-induced directional change, initially, than only yawing left/right. Rudder sensitivity, directional or yaw-related, is probably the most irritating thing to tweak in the data inis, but the results are worth it. Happy flying, Von S
  6. Had some free time to try out gTerl's latest ver. 2.1 of the Caporetto terrain on the Mac and this map is great. This time I booted into the Mac side of the Mac Pro (2013) so the pics. below are from FE2 in WineSkin. Some things to tinker with for those running FE2 in WineSkin on a beefier computer - freely increase the resolution from 1600 x 900 to 1920 x1080 in the options. ini file as I did, force DX9 on (with the "True" command) - since WineSkin doesn't like DX10 for some reason - and force v-sync off. Average fps are around 50-60, not bad considering that the Mac side doesn't even take advantage of video crossover so I was only using 6 GB of vid-ram on a single FirePro card, plus I'm running it in the WineSkin wrapper too. Obviously it's better on the Windows side but I think it looks fine even at medium graphics settings as in the pics. below, and it's easier to set up left/right stereo sound on the Mac side for further immersion. Von S Nothing worse than seeing your flight mate going down in a fireball (I was flying the E.III here since the E.II, my favorite, is not available historically in the Italian theater) Managed to get a pesky Bullet even though the E.III is slower The Bullet's pilot eventually bailed out, with no parachute, once it turned into a fireball Managed to put another fellow into a stalling flat spin but didn't bother to strafe him gTerl's 'dromes are worthy of some nice sight-seeing Note to self, do not admire enemy airfields in FE2 in the future (two Nieup. 12 were coming in for a landing apparently, or had snuck up somehow) I prefer getting two-seaters from below, just in case the observer is a good shot He glided off and eventually made a fairly smooth landing Didn't bother tangling with the other Nieup. 12 but got out of there as soon as possible, to admire more of the scenery NOTE: some of the trees in the pics. are from Geezer's enhancement pack for the Italian terrains, available under the New Aircraft thread (can't remember the page now) - also used is the higher quality flightengine.ini file from my FM update pack, still giving decent frame rates if the graphics settings are kept at medium, in WineSkin.
  7. New Aircraft

    Unless Geezer embedded the latest pilot models into the earlier pages of this "New Aircraft" thread...I don't think they were officially released. Have PM-ed you what I have (of the newest WW1 pilots) in my Pilots folder in FE2. The Stachel model is there too. Von S
  8. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Review.

    Good info. gents' - this will probably be my (new) future joystick, and as far as I remember it has the twist rudder function too which should come in handy. I still use the Logitech Attack 3d, with the numbers 4 and 5 buttons mapped for left/right rudder. The Attack 3d developed some looseness eventually with the down axis (down elevator), but I managed to solve that with a bit of broken toothpick glued into the loosened plastic socket for the down axis , giving me about 10% down axis by default which now translates to level elevator in FE2/SF2. EDIT: I think there's a (Chinese) knockoff of the Extreme 3d Pro available on Amazon (can't remember the long name of that model now), that also includes force feedback and the twist rudder, but I'm apprehensive about tossing out 50 dollars on a no-name imitation. Happy flying and patching, Von S
  9. The mini-modular approach, yes - I've got a similar set up and it's a more workable way of "doing WW2" in SF2 instead of the all or nothing approach I usually take with WW1 in FE2. Small theaters, smaller groups of aircraft per theater, etc. for WW2 in SF2 - this way I can tweak/tune the FMs in packages and at least have something that looks like a WW2 install. In terms of overall impressions...yes, SF2 works best for the jet age...but the FMs for prop aircraft in SF2 are just fine and can be hammered out well enough (although it is time consuming). Another peculiarity worth being aware of is that, unless entire data inis are revamped, don't assume that real hp/engine watt numbers will give the same "real" results in SF2 right off the bat - I've had to engine-up several of the FM tweaks in my Cold War prop and 1937-1941 packs, and then to put in place speed caps, max. Mach no. caps, etc. This gives, for example, more realistic climb rates and zoom climb lengths, together with tweaking of climb data for airfoils, etc. Another rule I learned...easier to re-tweak FE2 data inis for SF2 than to retrofit SF2 data inis into FE2 (your mileage may vary on this). Can WW2 SF2 surpass IL-2 WW2 (both the 1946 sim and the newer IL-2 packages)?...probably not at this point - but if installed in small modules it's workable for the casual WW2 flyer and, honestly, I've never had more enjoyable WW2 dogfights than in SF2 - and that's saying much since I'm usually a WW1 guy . Von S
  10. Windows 10

    Yes Win7 is probably the high point of Windows, I'm keeping a copy of Win7 Ultimate Edition around if I really need it. Install updates slowly in Win10 and it shouldn't break too many things with games and sims. Haven't tested the ENB dx9 extension with other sims but I will try it out with Wings Over Flanders Fields - will be interesting to see if it improves frame rates there too. Might also test it with Rise of Flight - since that sim uses dx9 too. EDIT: ENB dx9 extension does not work well with WOFFue, gives corrupt landscape textures and lowers framerates - best is to use the standard dx9 dll that comes with WOFFue. Didn't bother testing with ROFue since it probably wouldn't be of any benefit. Von S
  11. Windows 10

    Glad the info. was helpful, a similar procedure is good to apply, if necessary, to SF2 too - although it might not be necessary for SF2. Also, if having other trouble with FE2 on Win10, I recommend running it (and SF2) in Win7 compatibility mode. Happy flying, Von S
  12. A few more tweaks and then maybe one more biplane for the 1937 - 1941 FM package...perhaps Stephen's Polikarpov I-15. Included MaxG limits for the Mk.1 Gladiator and did a quick Chinese skin too (thank you Paint3D ) - should work well now for mto and pto installs in SF2. Happy flying, Von S
  13. Some tests under way...tweaking the FM for Geezer's Mk.I Gladiator, available for FE2, to work well in SF2...will include this eventually with my 1937 - 1941 FM pack. Doesn't hurt to have a biplane or two in that package. Top speed around 410 kph at around 4200 m alt in SF2, and a climb rate around 10 m/s or so, estimated, if you climb at a speed of about 200 to 220 kph. Not bad at all for a 1930s aircraft. Too bad I can't remove the cockpit canopy since it doesn't open/close anyway, and I think the model is lacking damage tga files, but no big deal - it's a fun aircraft and can hold its own against 1930s monoplane types (I'd say it's better than the early monoplanes). Von S
  14. Thank you for this great skin - wasn't even aware of Stephen's I-15 model...might tinker with the data ini in the future so that I can set this one up in my SF2 Pacific theater install...should be a good complement to the Chinese-flown Polikarpov I have running in that install, and it doesn't hurt to have at least one biplane in that late 1930s' theater. Happy flying, Von S
  15. Hi Stephen, yes the shadows-off part is a long story. I have them set to "medium" in SF2 since I installed it directly onto my Mac Pro 2013 (trash can model) in BootCamp - but FE2 I used to run originally on my Mac Mini (2012) with an integrated vid card (Intel HD 4000) where it was a good idea to keep shadows turned off to improve fps. Now that I've transferred FE2 to the Mac Pro too, I'll eventually get to turning on the shadows - but will probably leave shadows at medium settings since they look fine that way. I just hope I didn't set shadows to false in the general ini files for my 200+ aircraft that I fly in FE2 since that will be a slow process to turn shadows back on. Also I might leave shadows off for any FE1 era aircraft since, as far as I can tell in SF2, SF1 era aircraft with shadows on sometimes cast a strange, thin, long line to the ground (I think this was addressed somewhere in the SF2 or FE2 threads a while back, that it's actually the pilot's shadow that should be turned off on older aircraft, not the aircraft shadow itself). Will look into it eventually. Von S

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