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SF2 NAA F-100G & F-100H Pack (What If...) by Cocas & Co.

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SF2 NAA F-100G & F-100H Pack (What If...) by Cocas & Co.

SF2 NAA F-100G & F-100H Pack (What If...) by Cocas & Co.            11/15/2017

= For SF2 (Full-4/5 Merged Reccomended) =

*Note: you =MUST= have, as stated above have, at minimum, a Full-4 merged install, as this mod
makes use of many stock items, most importantly, various cockpits from the F-105 Thunderchief
from SF2V/E.  Therefore, it's =vitally= important that your game version(s) have access to these
cockpits. Many decals used herein also reference the stock 3W F-100s. Make sure you have them as

The is the release of a new "What If..." aircraft for USAF and Export users, the F-100G and F-
100H Super Sabre. Like the F2J Super Fury,  these are expansions of the F-100 series, adding more
capabilites for air-to-air and air-to-ground.

This package includes both aircraft, with skins for various Export customers. It should be noted
that each skin has a set date to "turn on", using the SF2 default start date switch.

The package is broken down into...

= F-100G, single seater:

NMF, 417th TFS, USAFE (Hahn AFB)
SEA 3 tone Camoflague, USAFE (Bitburg AFB)

NMF, Ala 12, 161 Esc.

Overall Greeen Camo, Esk 727 (skin changes from NMF to Green in 1971)

NMF, 1 Hikotai

also a "Plane Jane" NMF skin for those wishing to create other users.
= F-100H, 2 seater: 

NMF, 510th TFS, PACAF (Clark AFB, PI)
SEA 3 tone, 90th TFS, PACAF (Bien Hoa Air Base, RVN)

NMF, Esq.51

3 tone camo, 335 Mira

NMF, 10 Hikotai

The JASDF skins (F-100G & H) include several other squadron badges, for those wishing to switch
or expand that air force. Those from the G should also work on the H, and vice versa, with a
little ini editing.

All markings are decals, and decal randomization is TRUE. Weapons used are all stock 3W items.
Skins are in jpg format, and damage textures are DDS. All other parts (pilots, seats) are
supplied. Each skin has it own specific hangar screen. With the fact all markings are decals,
other users can be created quite easily.

The Standard Animation Keystrokes (tm) is used for the Caonpy (Shift/0). 

As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read

Happy Landings!
Kevin Stein

-- for Cocas Aircraft Factory --


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