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Until the developers can post something at CombatAce themselves I am going to link to and quote from several of there pined threads.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cold Waters?

Cold Waters is a tactical and strategic submarine simulation game where you will take command of a nuclear submarine in modern naval combat (Cold War era). The scope and game play is heavily inspired by the Microprose classic "Red Storm Rising".

Release Date?
At this stage we estimate that Cold Waters will likely be ready by the middle of 2017, although this is subject to change.

Pricing has not yet been finalised.

Is Cold Waters Turn-Based like Atlantic Fleet and Pacific Fleet were?
No. In Cold Waters combat you control your submarine in real time. Also in the campaign, you navigate your submarine around the map looking for enemy forces to engage (or avoid in the case of hunter-killer groups) in real time. There is no turn based aspect whatsoever. 

What submarines are playable?
At release:
- Skipjack
- Permit (Thresher)
- Sturgeon
- Narwhal
- Los Angeles

For post-release we are investigating the addition of playable submarines from other navies such as the Royal Navy (British) and French.

Can I control ships or aircraft?
Not at the moment. Cold Waters is focused around commanding your submarine.
With some modding it would likely be possible to add playable ships.

Soviet Subs Playable?
Not at the moment. However making them playable should be very easy with modding and it is very likely that we will make an official "Soviet" campaign at some point.

What can be modded in the game?
All data describing vessels, aircraft, weapons, countermeasures, sensors, sonar model, campaigns, campaign missions, campaign events and single missions can be edited. In addition all language and messages are exposed for translations or adding your own flavour to the content in game. Some graphical elements such as interface colours, in-game images and sprites can also be modified.

Users should be able to tailor vessel and weapon characteristics to their liking and author single missions as well as entire campaigns themselves, and we can't wait to see what you'll create.

Will Online Multiplayer be available, PvP or Co-Op?
Multiplayer is a large and time consuming feature to add to the game. So we can say with 100% certainty that it will not be available in the initial release. But depending on how Cold Waters is received by the community and how much interest there is in multiplayer it certainly is something that we might consider at a future time.


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