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de Havilland Sea Venom FAW.21-22-ECM

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de Havilland Sea Venom FAW.21-22-ECM

Sea Venom FAW.21 - Improved version, equivalent to Venom NF.3. 4,950 lbf (22.1 kN) Ghost 104 engine, AI Mk 21 (US APS-57) radar. 167 built.
Sea Venom FAW.22 - More powerful (5,300 lbf (23.6 kN)) Ghost 105 engine, giving improved high-altitude performance. 39 new built.
Sea Venom ECM.21-22 - Six FAW.21s modified from 1957 for ECM purposes. ECM.22Equivalent of ECM.21, based on FAW.22. No armament.


In 1956 Sea Venoms, alongside RAF Venoms, took part in the Suez War which began on 31 October. They were from Nos. 809, 892, 893 Naval Air Squadrons
based on the light fleet carrier HMS Albion and fleet carrier HMS Eagle.
The Anglo-French invasion, codenamed Operation Musketeer, took place in response to the nationalisation of the Suez Canal by Egypt's leader, General Nasser.
The air war began on the 31 October 1956 signalling the beginning of the Suez War. The Sea Venoms launched many sorties, bombing a variety of targets in Egypt in the process.
By 1959, the Sea Venom began to be replaced in Royal Navy service by the de Havilland Sea Vixen, an aircraft that also had the distinctive twin-boom tail.
The Sea Venom would be withdrawn from frontline service soon afterwards. The type continued to fly with second line FAA units until the last were withdrawn in 1970




3 new planes
26 skins
decals, weapons, pilots




- Veltro2k model
- Baffmeister FM
- Spillone104 sound, inis tweakings, testings
- Stary pit
- Wrench original templates, hangar templates
- paulopanz skins, decals, screens




- put all in your mod folder




- hangars 1024 x 726








NOTE: an update for Suez '56 campaign pack is in the makings, not only Seavenoms, stay tuned!


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