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  1. Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF.13

    Another superb package!
  2. Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF.11

  3. In the main.ini of the terrain: [AllowedMissionTypes] FriendlyMissionTypes=SWEEP,CAP,ESCORT,STRIKE,RECON,INTERCEPT,SEAD,ANTI_SHIP EnemyMissionTypes=SWEEP,CAP,ESCORT,STRIKE,RECON,INTERCEPT,SEAD,ANTI_SHIP
  4. "The Old Grey Ghost of the Borneo Coast"
  5. Here is some info from one of my own Campaigns, the awacs appears flying every mission. The important info is in bold. Have a look on how it differs from your Campaign. [AirUnit005] AircraftType=E-2C Squadron=VAW-11 ForceID=1 Nation=USN DefaultTexture=VAW123 StartNumber=0 NavalUnitID=001 ShipID=1 CarrierBased=TRUE BaseMoveChance=0 RandomChance=100 MaxAircraft=4 StartAircraft=4 MaxPilots=4 StartPilots=4 Experience=100 Morale=100 Supply=100 MissionChance[SWEEP]=0 MissionChance[CAP]=0 MissionChance[INTERCEPT]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT]=0 MissionChance=0 MissionChance[CAS]=0 MissionChance[SEAD]=0 MissionChance[ARMED_RECON]=0 MissionChance[ANTI_SHIP]=0 MissionChance[RECON]=0 MissionChance[NAVAL_SEARCH]=0 MissionChance[NAVAL_ATTACK]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT_JAMMER]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT_DECOY]=0 MissionChance[CRUISE_MISSILE]=0 MissionChance[EARLY_WARNING]=100 UpgradeType=NEVER [NavalUnit001] UnitName=USS Enterprise Carrier Group ForceID=1 Nation=USN RandomChance=100 MaxObjects=6 Experience=100 Morale=100 Supply=100 Intelligence=0 RetireDate=7/1967 StartPosition=592000.00,618000.00 ObjectivePosition=592000.00,618000.00 HomePortPosition=800000.0,600000.0 MinFleetSpeed=10.289 Ship[01].Type=CVAN-65R Ship[01].Name=USS Enterprise Ship[01].Number=65 Ship[01].Texture=USNGrey65R Ship[02].Type=CGN-25 Ship[02].Name=USS Bainbridge Ship[02].Number=25 Ship[02].Texture=CGN25 Ship[03].Type=Oiler Ship[03].Name=USS Virgo Ship[03].Number=1 Ship[03].Texture=AE-30 Ship[04].Type=DD-931 Ship[04].Name=USS Morton Ship[04].Number=948 Ship[04].Texture=Gray Ship[05].Type=DD-931 Ship[05].Name=USS Manley Ship[05].Number=940 Ship[05].Texture=Gray Ship[06].Type=GearingFRAM1B Ship[06].Name=USS Fred T. Berry Ship[06].Number=858 Ship[06].Texture=USNGrey And this is in my Squadronlist.ini(this should be in your PilotData folder). [Squadron423] Name=VAW11 DisplayName=VAW-11 Nation=USN Damn underlines again. And in the aircraft data ini: [MissionData] NationName=USN AircraftRole=TRANSPORT AircraftCapability=DAY_AND_NIGHT ServiceStartYear=1972 ServiceEndYear=1997 Availability=RARE Exported=TRUE ExportStartYear=1981 ExportEndYear=2020 ExportAvailability=VERY_RARE PrimaryRoles=EARLY_WARNING SecondaryRoles=NAVAL_SEARCH NormalMissionRadius=200 MaxMissionRadius=400 Ceiling=8778.2 MinBaseSize=MEDIUM CarrierBased=TRUE CarrierParkSpan=10.09 CarrierParkAnimationID=8
  6. The "Rusty B", HMS Bulwark 1966
  7. Glad you decided to continue. The terrain looks superb.

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