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  1. Same channel, today, "Conflict of Wings". Plenty of Vampires.
  2. Brilliant!
  3. I think it is to do with the weapons that the AI are carrying. The AI will not drop certain weapons, so they don't hit the target and fly on. This does not happen when the AI are loaded with "dumb" bombs.
  4. Here it is: amarillo_usaf.zip
  5. Brillant! There were a load of these stationed in Austria with the Soviet Air force, a few years after WW2. A welcome addition.
  6. Fantastic work!
  7. Outstanding modding!
  8. https://combatace.com/files/category/744-user-made-campaigns/?page=6
  9. Not that particular one, but this is good: https://documents.techno-science.ca/documents/CASM-Aicrafthistories-AvroCanadaCF-100.pdf

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