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  1. For example, In the Nations.ini: [Nation006] Name=RAF DisplayName=Royal Air Force Alignment=FRIENDLY PilotNameList=NamesBritish.lst RankList=RanksRAF.lst CallsignList=CallsignsUK.lst Formation.Fighter=USFighter Formation.Attack=USFighter Formation.Bomber=USBomber Formation.Transport=USBomber Formation.Tank=USTank Formation.MobileAD=USAD PilotTrainingStandard=EXCELLENT GenderRatio=0 DebriefSuccessMusic=DebriefSuccess.wav DebriefFailMusic=DebriefFail.wav DebriefKilledMusic=DebriefKilled.wav SpeechFile=Raf SpeechTextFile=USAFSpeechText.str Medals=MedalsRAF.ini MedalTextFile=MedalsRAF.str ActiveDate=1948 In CallsignsUK.lst: [DefaultCallsign] Red Yellow Blue Green [CallsignSet001] Red Yellow Blue Green This is to use the British speech in the multi language file.
  2. "Strike Fighters 2 Complete Edition" free for contributors. What a nice surprise, from TK, , on this dreary Monday.
  3. WWII airfields

    There is also this, which again, I cannot remember who posted it. UK_Airfield_V2.7z
  4. WWII airfields

    Here is something I have. I can't remember who originally posted it. WW2 Airbase.7z
  5. Like others here, I am retired(2 and a half years away from state pension), but have contributed what I could afford, at this time. Let's hope TK does something that greatly enhances the sim.
  6. Gloster Meteor FR.9 - Repack -

    Excellent package.
  7. Who wants to be a Millionaire? No. 601 (County of London) Squadron (RAuxAF) , the "Millionaires" 1956.

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