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Mod is quite functional but I'm constantly tuning it. Will probably make another topic once I've made it all satisfactory. Meanwhile I hope it is a chance to get more ppl into modding this game!

List of changes:
- expanded ship names to include some what-if ships.
- Turret arcs and elevation angles edited on all warships when necessary iaw navweaps.com
- ships' healthpoints redone based on displacement. BB/BC is disp/1000, CV/CVE is disp/500, CA/CL is disp/400, DD is disp/135, SS is disp/120. Result value is close to game default but more variations and generally tougher ships. CV points is significantly higher, intention is to add some "tank" to the "glass cannon" and still able to launch planes after taking hits.
- All ships AAA strength x4. Result is AI heavy bombers about 3/4 chance of success, medium bombers 2/4 chance, attack planes 1/4 chance, vs 1 BB 1 CL 1 DD group. Rough about.
- Air strike coverage x 0.1. If a seazone had air strike coverage 1, it is changed to 0.1, in order to reduce abstract air strike events and reduce chance of heavy "one shot one kill" bombers.
- All ships have sonar and can detect and get targeting info on subs. BB main gun becomes no.1 sub killer.
- Sub torpedo salvo reduced, Type VII/IX max 2 torp salvo, Triton 3 torp salvo (AI can still fire 5 or 6), Type XXI 4 torp salvo. (Wanted to set XXI to 3 torp salvo as well but it locks up the AI action turn.)
- All ships purchasable from week 0 except Type XXI sub which is week 1 Dec 1941 when merchant tonnage bar raised to 700k.
- DDs torpedo loadout doubled as to have some spare after sub hunting.
- Experimental H-41 class BB changed from H-39, 68800ton, 16.5" guns, increased muzzle V, 6 planes, heavy flak. Way too strong, but meanwhile is fun to see working and a data points reference.

-TBD: uncensor all in game art. As someone lacking fundamental aesthetics and skill, hopefully a proper skinner would jump in. Ah well.

Credit to tj666 for the uncensored KM flag on warship 3D models. At least a part of it is done!

To use the mod: backup the folder "AtlanticFleet_Data" in the game directory. Extract mod contents and overwrite.




Edits made by a hex editor and Unity Assets Bundle Extractor

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