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this as to stop

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Things like this will always happen. !!!!   It will continue as long as there are issues which need to be debated and some people who do not want to debate issues like gun laws. We all have different views and some want to discuss them openly whilst others can't see the others viewpoint  and simply try to shut down any argument by censorship............. It's not fair but it happens. !!

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free speech means that the government will not impede your right to speak your mind what ever it may be. You could say the most reprehensible things and will not go to jail for it (so long as it does not cause actually harm such as yelling fire in a movie theatre, or state you will kill someone).

that said, free speech is also free for those that can afford it. the ones who own the presses (or in the case of youtube sites) can control what goes gets said in their forums. what was true locally in the age of newspaper and nationally in hte age of TV is now true globally in the internet age. sucks, but thats life. when enough people get mad enough about it, they will go to another method of viewing videos, youtube will lose dollars and etiher change or wither away.

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I don't agree with guns at all but I can see the argument for and against them.

I would hope that all of us here at Combat Ace are wise enough and adult enough not to try to shut down someonelse's thoughts and ideas by asking the admin staff to ban their arguments or censor their views in their posts. This is of course providing they are not extremist and do not advocate violence towards others. !!!

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