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Cockpit for the SPAD 7

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Cockpit for the SPAD 7

This cockpit will repace the SPAD 13 cockpit used until now to make the stock SPAD 7 into a flyable plane. I can't find out who first converted the stock SPAD 7 into a flyable plane by using the cockpit from the SPAD 13. It seems to have been done several times over the years. The most recent version I could find was by Sinbad in 2012.

I have used parts of the cockpits I made for the SPAD 11, SPAD 16, and SPAD A.2 to make a completely new cockpit for the SPAD 7 which fits the fuselage better and has the correct number of guns. The new cockpit features fully functional gauges, throttles, rudder control, and stick. This cockpit should work with all the SPAD 7s (SPAD7_150, SPAD7_180,etc.)

NOTE - About 10 years ago, Gr.Viper made a SPAD 7 by converting the SPAD 13. MY cockpit will not work for that version since it uses the SPAD 13 plane with a revised FM. (If your SPAD 7 has two guns on the fuselage, then you are using GR.Viper's conversion and this cockpit won't fit.)

Installation Instructions for both FE1 and FE2
Do this for each SPAD 7 you want to convert:

If you have already have a flyable SPAD 7 using the SPAD 13 cockpit, delete the "cockpit" folder if it exists, and delete the SPAD7_COCKPIT.ini file. Then open my "SPAD_7" folder and place all the files - 1 folder and 1 ini file - into your folder.

If you still have the stock version, Open my "SPAD_7" folder and place all the files - 1 folder and 1 ini file - into your folder. You will also have to add the following line to the plane's ini file.



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