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I have problem when i want to choose a nation it shows me only empty...Nations disappear...

What should be problem? 

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little more information needed, like what plane, terrain, version of the game

might be in the decal ini tho, without all the rest of the info

check the decal ini of hte skin/aircraft in question and make an entry that states decal level 0, so theres a nation option



DecalLevel=0    <--------------------------------- THIS IS WHAT NEEDS CHANGED, IF ITS THE PROBLEM








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found the rest of the answer

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could you show a screenshot? (prt sc button, then paste into and save in MS Paint after closing hte game)

at this moment, you're telling the mechanic theres a problem with your car, and it makes a noise. need some more info there boss:dntknw: game version, big mods added (like Nato Fighters or ODS), windows version (some folks have problems with win10 it seems)

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