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Typhoon 1B [Bubble Top] Flight Model

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This FM is for Veltro2K's Typhoon 1B bubble top, available here: https://combatace.com/files/file/14738-hawker-typhoon-mk-ib-bubble-top/

Besides the FM/Data.ini, you will also find a new cockpit.ini with a position adjustment and a new loadout.ini.

I've also included a couple of WW2 bombs as well as a  bomb pylon that's being used to address a model issue, more info below.


The Typhoon had a very thick wing, with a thickness/chord ratio similar to the Hurricane. To get started on this FM I imported some of the data from my Hurricane FM and it seemed to work quite well so I ended up just making a number of edits to get the desired behavior. Actual high quality data available is quite sparse so it's based on mostly anecdotal information. Turn rates are better than the P-47D-40 but similar to the Tempest and FW-190 so you will want to keep the speed up. When doing a Soviet style turn time test I got about 24sec. Some adjustments have been made to the Sabre engines WEP table so the Tempest will be getting that update as well. The maximum roll rate for the Typhoon was rather poor at about 55deg/sec at 250mph. Quite a large "spread" in the various speed charts I was looking at. With this one you can expect about 345mph at sea level and about 395mph at 18000ft. In general, its about 20-30mph slower than the Tempest at all altitudes.

BOMBS: Two bombs included, one 500lb-MC and one 1000lb-MC. These came in various Mark numbers but I don't see much point in having more than one of each. In general, the MC [medium capacity] series had an explosive/total weight ratio of about 50%, with different fin, fusing and attachment set-ups for the various marks. From some relatively light weight research, it seems the MC series was developed in 1942 and became available in 1943. No idea what the end service date is. The Typhoon data.ini has a length restriction for the bombs to make the later TW UK bombs unavailable.

BOMB PYLON: To address a strange weight distribution issue when carrying bombs, I've put together a work-around. The bomb pylons are installed as no weight, no jettison, specific station Drop Tanks!  When doing a strike or anti-ship mission the new loadout.ini will include the bomb pylons as well as the new 500lb-MC bomb. This setup works fine but just remember, if you ever want to change the loadout manually, don't forget to include the pylons when carrying bombs.

If desired, engine exhaust and prop inertia effects can be activated by removing the double slashes from these entries:

ExhaustEmitterName=//CleanExhaustEmitter and MomentOfInertia=//8.0

Here's the data.ini and assorted bits: Typhoon1B-0.95.zip

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