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  1. Just few photos from my closing to the end Tornado project . Here.
  2. Version with this RWR is just uploaded, so you can test it.
  3. It can't display negative values. Functions Cockpit SFP1_SP4.3.xls.7z
  4. Yeah, sure .... . BTW, your screenshot looks like Star Wars race ;-)
  5. Yep, I know, poor harrier pilot, but he should know plan of operation .... Anyway 10 kT warhead is better for this method, cause max range from explosion you can get in this way (just finishing loop and going away in diving) is around 10-12 NM. For 200 and 450 kT WE-177 B and C much better is hi altitude drop with retarded bombs.
  6. LOFT delivery. Strike team ... targeting ... .. drop ...
  7. I know, tried a year ago . 'Buy newer version' .
  8. Happens on 7, too. I just learned which operations he doesn't like and saving project before ;-)
  9. 7 and check controlers 1 more time before export.
  10. Tornado GR.1B (BETA)

    Version 0.9.5


    Keys: ---------- SHIFT+1 -> canopy open SHIFT+2 -> fuel probe SHIFT+3 -> weapon operator cockpit *********************************************************************** So, the most important part ... CREDITS: Fantastic five 1st. Nothing wouldn't be possible without these guyz : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ravenclaw_007 - weapons, documentation, 3d lessons yakarov79 - skinning lessons, testing, damages crusader - documentation, testing, avionics, HUD, air search radar baffmeister - flight model 76_IAP - 3d lessons Then Godfather of project: ------------------------------------------- fanatic modder - testing, documentation, flight model, engine datas, inspiration And last not least .. -------------------------------- coupi - hit boxes, damages, testing, GR.1B 12sqn decals and 617 Sqn decals. viper63 - testing, skins, loading and arming screens, pilots durasoul, logan4 - help with weapons, testing florian - some parts and ideas I used in my model from his German Tornado svetlin - testing stratos - testing .. and all previous Tonka creators. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH. And looser ;-) --------------------- Well, looks like I was the most lazy guy in this team ;-) guuruu - all bugs ***************************************************************************************** Dec 17th 2018 ============= GR.1B beta version 0.95 ------------------------- 0.95 1. Correct batch 3,4 cockpit. 2. TEWS RWR for testing. 3. Updated Sounds. 4. Corrected arming time for non-retarded nukes. CAUTION: There was issue in SOUNDLIST.INI in previous versions : [TornadoAB] <----- should be --> [tor_AB] I. Known issues: 1. Windscreen will be all new . 2. Temporary not correct twin bomb carriages. II. I'll add plane templates to final version. III. I would appreciate any help and opinion. ************************************************************* This is freeware; it CANNOT be distributed unless permissions are granted by myself. The original readmes, if any, and all other pieces of the package MUST remain intact. The names of all contributors, modders, suppliers, etc =MUST= be listed in any new readmes. This package and any part of it may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions. ************************************************************* THIS AIRCRAFT MOD OR ANY PART OF IT MUST NOT BE HOSTED OR POSTED FOR DOWNLOAD ON ANY OTHER WEB SITE WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION, OR USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE THAN THIRDWIRE FLIGHT SIMULATORS, AND MUST NOT BE SOLD OR OFFERED FOR SALE BY ITSELF OR WITH ANY OTHER FILES OR MODS. ************************************************************* Have fun Wojtek
  11. Desert Storm strike. LGB, Mk-13 and ALARM path cleaners ...

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