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Ankor's shading mod help

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I found this post from last year and admit that I am now completely left behind in Offline-land by the headlong rush to the online world, filled with such unattainable joys as WoFF and Cliffs of Dover. I baulk even at the online activation of games, so I now need to make the best of what I've got and take a retrospective look at mods and addons for my clunky classic sims like the Microsoft FS series, CFS, BoB2, and IL-2. 

I'm at the start of a steep learning-curve with this, however, so without having to locate, read and download everything concerned with my current topic of interest.... the "ETO" mod for CFS3.... I'd like to know to begin with whether Ankor's DX9 'shader' mod is available in isolation (and from where) and whether it can be applied to the sim, on which I have all the old commercal addons such as D-Day and WoP installed. This so I can at least improve the appearance of the aircraft models to start with... the 'fisheye lens'  has always bugged me.

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Thanks for putting me on the right track, pal :ok: 

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