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  1. New Aircraft

    Attached is the Caudron R11 cockpit LOD, plus the aircraft. The only changes to VonS's latest files: - Position of ww1PilotNew3 (original XYZ coordinates have been commented out with //) in the DATA ini - HideExternalNodeName=Tub in COCKPIT ini I'll let you guys tweak the coordinates so the cockpit displays ingame. Caudron_R11 Cockpit.rar
  2. New Aircraft

    Finished building the Nieuport 28 cockpit this morning.
  3. New Aircraft

    Thanks for the links - the cockpit shots were helpful.
  4. New Aircraft

    WW1 trench lighters were often made from expended rifle cartridges. The perforated sleeve would slide up to shield the flame from wind.
  5. New Aircraft

    Started surface mapping the Bleriot XI Type 2 this morning. As Crawford pointed out, few Bleriots were identical due to significant detail variation. Therefore, the model is a hodge-podge of details grafted on to an airframe based on the Italian Bleriot shown above.
  6. New Aircraft

    Worked on the cockpit for the Nieuport 28, one of my favs.
  7. New Aircraft

    Maybe Crawford or VonS can find an ini tweak for cigarette smoke?
  8. New Aircraft

    Spent four hours creating the bracing and control wires.
  9. New Aircraft

    "Borrowed" the rigging wires from the Moraine-Saulnier Type P to start rigging the Bleriot.
  10. New Aircraft

    Thanks. Again, Crawford was an immense help with researching details for this aircraft.
  11. New Aircraft

    Made good progress this morning on details.
  12. Ill Met By Moonlight

    Agreed. A lot of talented people have made the sim what it is today. Speaking for myself, it's a fun hobby that delivers a lot of satisfaction.
  13. New Aircraft

    Tested the latest set of files for the Caudron R11, but the gunners didn't track targets, let alone fire at them. So, until I look through my backups for the earlier files - which DID track/fire at targets - I'm working on the Berg D1 and Bleriot 11. Crawford: Thanks for the research photos - they were a BIG help with the control wire pulleys!

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