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  1. The Pfalz artwork is nearly done. Shots taken at high noon in Gterl's excellent rework of Gepard's Vosges map. While intended for FE2, Crawford says the environmental tweaks look equally good in FE1, so the ENVIRONMENT file used in shots below is attached. Thanks to VonS, Quack74, Panama Red, and Coupi for the file tweaks. 7-26-18 ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.rar
  2. Got the Pfalz D3 (not D3a) screens done, plus some interesting "dogfight at dawn" shots.
  3. Two more examples of final packaging; HANGAR and LOADING screens for the Caudron R11.
  4. After a LOT of hard work by VonS, Crawford, Mike Dora, and Jeanba to develop new FE2 files, we have a batch of Pfalz and Nieuports that are almost ready for release. What remains is a lot of final packaging work for me to do - the new screens above are but one example of stuff that remains to be done. Shots below illustrate some of the final, time-consuming adjustments. I obtained correct dimensions for the Pfalz D3a wheels in 3dsmax, and then loaded the numbers into the data file but the result looked like the aircraft had flat tires. It took several adjustments to finally get a dimension that looked OK, but the numbers were LARGER than the wheel! Go figure.
  5. Dawn Patrol Screens

  6. New screens for the Nieuport 24.
  7. Finalizing the new Pfalz and Nieuport aircraft is taking longer than we anticipated, but we ARE making progress. Below are shots from a Dawn Patrol photo session, also shots of a test N21, N24bis, and N27.
  8. New Aircraft

    Mike Dora just posted some outstanding shots taken at Old Rheinbeck Aerodrome. One more plugs into the theme for the new series of FE2 aircraft.
  9. New Aircraft

    Working from some excellent references provided by jeanba, I'm developing skins for French N27s stationed in Italy in 1917/18.
  10. New Aircraft

    Progress shots below of an experiment, showing Nungesser's Nieuport 24. We are trying to figure out a way to run multiple versions of one aircraft ingame, each utilizing dedicated artwork, or decals, or both.
  11. New Aircraft

    It's taken a looooong time to develop new FMs for the new aircraft, in addition it takes me a long time to make the models and skins. Having said that, the Pfalz D3 and D3a, plus the Nieuport 17 and 23 are nearing completion. For variety, we also worked on the Caudron R11 and it is also nearing completion. All have been developed for FE2 to take advantage of dds format artwork, which reduces workload on the game engine. Crawford succeeded in converting the art to bmp format so he could run the aircraft in FE1. All releases will include a graphics pack of templates and baseline artwork, similar to my earlier releases of the Gladiator and CR42, plus developer notes from VonS and Crawford included with the aircraft release. Once we push the aircraft listed out the door, we will continue work on the Nieuport 24, 24bis, 27, and 28. Eventually, every Nieuport sesquiplane release will have a Lewis gun armed version - it's less confusing to complete baseline aircraft first. Then, the Pfalz D8 and Halberstadt CL4 will be refined and finished, followed by the Breguet 14 bomber. Models inwork for next year are Bleriot 11, Sopwith Triplane and Pup, and Berg D1. More dawn patrol shots below.
  12. New Aircraft

    We keep working on file improvements to the many Nieuports. Things have progressed far enough to make new hangar and loading screens.
  13. The Caudron R11 is nearing completion. Shots below of test session. The guys have tweaked the R11 gunner skills as our references say the best graduates of the Cazaux gunnery school were assigned to R11 units.
  14. New Aircraft

    This morning, checked out the FM adjustments to the Nieuport range of aircraft WIPs. VonS, and especially Crawford, have slowly ground their way through the hodge-podge of old files to develop new ones to match the new 3D models. The aircraft now destruct fairly realistically, given the limited effort I make when developing new 3D models. They do outstanding work. Also tweaked the artwork for the Vickers guns - they were a bit too darkish. As shown in the Sopwith Triplane shot, most machine guns are various shades of dark gray, not black. Shots of Br14 show the revisions to the Vickers artwork. For you camo buffs, the Br14 is finished in the Michelin factory pattern - there were several others as each contractor had their own interpretation of French government guidelines.

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