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  1. New Aircraft

    This morning, I started work on the camo skins for the Breguet XIV.
  2. VonS' latest release includes revisions to the FLIGHT folder that further enhance immersion. If this interests you, an additional mod will improve appearance even more. Stary's HDR shader tweak, for DX10 or higher, will add shaders that deepen the colors a bit making them appear a little more realistic. Its subtle, but noticeable if you look for it. HDR Mod 1.01A.7z
  3. VonS' new effects are gorgeous.
  4. Still working my way through all the files and Readmes, but I can already tell this is a major improvement. Well done!
  5. CaudronR1100043.JPG

    Good shots!
  6. The guys are doing Sterling work on the R.11 files, while I work on the skins. Progress shots below.
  7. Wow! Outstanding work - very impressive. Perhaps gterl, Stephen1918, or Wrench can give you some useful advice, as my only experience with maps has mostly been tinkering with colors of already existing artwork. One thing I have learned is, if you are working in FE2, you can convert the artwork to dds or jpg format to reduce workload on the game engine. Back when TK was responding to comments at his website, he once remarked that the biggest performance limitation was processing graphics. Shot below shows how much reduction in file size there is for dds or jpg format, so there would be a corresponding reduction in your tile artwork for the game engine to process.
  8. New Aircraft

    Mike Dora suggested the R.11's resolute looking gunners exemplify the French slogan at Verdun: "they shall not pass."
  9. New Aircraft

    Gterl and I are working on some file exchanges, which prompted me to dust off some old mountain ground objects and resume work.
  10. New Aircraft

    OK - try this revised LOD. 6-8-2018 R11.rar
  11. New Aircraft

    Wow! I must have sent you guys an early experimental LOD. I'll make a new one tomorrow.
  12. New Aircraft

    Yeah, I can fix that when I update the 3D model. I'm waiting to see what else you guys find that may affect the 3D model.
  13. New Aircraft

    Third Wire's 3D model instructions require flexible guns to point forward, to provide a reference for the game code. Making the guns point aft is accomplished by the entries in the data file. Shot below shows the guns point in the correct direction before exporting the 3D model as a LOD. I do not know what causes the gunner problem ingame, but the model is set up correctly. This has worked correctly before, with the Halberstadt CL4. Perhaps the entries in Laton's old CL4 data file might help you figure out the problem? HalberstadtCLIV_DATA.INI
  14. China War 1937

    Lots of character!

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